6 July 2010

Mals small mini rant...

I need to vent, sorry guys and gals.

Organsing the addiction hunt is hard to do, and it needs the cooperation of the vendors.

Now i have asked stores if they are ok, if the details for the stores are ok and if they are still taking part etc.

I take time out of hunting for you guys and gals, time i hold very dear as hunting is what i do. I took time out to label every single hunt item (so i know its right for you guys) and put in every single LM into each item (so i know i have the right order and no gaps). I then send this out one by one to each and every store owner so i know they have it personally from me.

I then get in contact with the owner of a store (which i shall not name), who when asked if she was ready to take part on the 15th. She replied with "not". Just that word, no other words.

When i delve deeper this store owner has known around 3 WEEKS about not wanting to do my hunt. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When i confront her about it, i asked her why the HELL she didn't tell me before i had taken time out to sort all the items and send them out, and that its gonna take even more work to get in contact with stand in stores, get them up to speed and to get the store infront changed over. She said I had direspected her and i should get some education. Well sorry but you and your store can go f**k yourselfs.

I have found a very awesome skin store to replace them, heres a one fingered salute from me time wasting muppets!