30 May 2009

OMG! It's another hunt HUNT!

You are looking for the nice little cupcake things :) NOMNOM

Start Location
Cupcake One
Cupcake Two(Dulce Secrets): Smell the pretty flowers.
Cupcake Three (A Piece of Candy) : If you can't see it, your blind.
Cupcake Four (Pema in Pieces) : Look up to the sky
Cupcake Five (Couture Chapeau ) : I am so the little mermaid, where's my red hair!
Cupcake Six (Dstinct Designs) : Again if you can't see it, get some glasses
Cupcake Seven (LeeZu) : Take a seat under the tree.
Cupcake Eight (caLLiefornia) : Click to join this cupcake, I best go back to looking at the plant.
Cupcake Nine (B&T Atelier Main Store ) : These are the funkiest boots ever!! Cupcake loves em too.
Cupcake Ten (Sugar Mills) : Take a seat by the sofa, or swing on a pillar, I can't decide.
Cupcake Eleven (passionate Neko) : Can I get some assistance please!
Cupcake Twelve (ORAGE) : Lady in Reeeeeeeeed, is dancing with me
Cupcake Thirteen (MM) : Do you think I will get a tan up here?
Cupcake Fourteen (Freyas) : All girls need a new handbag? Am I right or am I right?
Cupcake Fifteen (Susanti) : Are you feeling Lucky?
Cupcake Sixteen (Lapointe) :Don't move a muscle!
Cupcake Seventeen (Etoile) : A roll around in the hay perhaps?
Cupcake Eighteen (Freda's) : Look up
Cupcake Nineteen (Wetherbys) : 3 floors up, check out the shooooooes
Cupcake Twenty (Cilian'gel) : Ok I'm tired of dancing, time for a sit down.
Cupcake 21 (Petal Meg) : I love random cupcake givers!
Cupcake 22 (Loka Design) :Relax under the tree with a tray of cupcakes, but don't eat the wrong one.
Cupcake 23 (Trip with Tink) : Up up.... I can see the sky
Cupcake 24 (.::NOSOTR@S::.) : I feel like an angel, well a water angel. Remember to always check behind things.
Cupcake 25 (Clover) : This cupcake is a pillar of strength.
Cupcake 26 (Donna Flora): What a stunning picture, hold on, why is there a cake nearby??
Cupcake 27 (KS Creations) : I wish people would pick up there rubbish.
Cupcake 28 (Trinity Moon Designs) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 29 (Nishi Designs) : Look by the fire and see your prize.
Cupcake 30 (KK"s Designshi morena) : We all love plants by now in hunts!
Cupcake 31 (Shouted Couture) : Pretty in pink.
Cupcake 32 (Steam Bound) : Time to go tipping again!
Cupcake 33 (Special Jewells) : OOOOOO pretty, who paints with cupcakes?
Cupcake 34 (Naughty Furniture) :Time to chill out on the decking!
Cupcake 35 (Catbird Studios) : It's nice to see people putting away there cupcakes, they belong on the shelf.
Cupcake 36 (Holiday Bliss) : The love bunny can see it, can you?
Cupcake 37 (Wistful Pathways): NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 38 (Eolandes) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 39 (Ambermyst) : The most awesome cupcake I have ever seen.
Cupcake 40 (Shabo Houses) : Going up is the best idea I have had in ages. I need a new door!
Cupcake 41 (TempT) : He is biiiiiig and yellow *droooools*
Cupcake 42 (Kastle Rock) : The table, the best place for cakes.
Cupcake 43 (Dragon Lady) : Don't forget to take a card.
Cupcake 44 (Genesis) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 45 (G&N) : Take a seat, break some bread.
Cupcake 46 (RPE Love Gen): Eek I broke my bed, ate too many cupcakes, lets go choose another.
Cupcake 47 (RHA!) : Midnight, my favourite time, its when I get sent lots of goodies.
Cupcake 48 (Eluzion) : Pick up your cupcakes litter bugs!
Cupcake 49 (Lemania): Kiss this cupcake quick!
Cupcake 50 (Wet Dreams) : Sings 'Briiiiiidge over troubled water'
Cupcake 51 (Sam's Secret) : Man overboard, I mean cupcake overboard!!!! All men on deck.
Cupcake 52 (Electrix Pixels) : Cupcakes, the final fronteir, these are the voyages of the Star Ship Cupcake, to boldly go where no confection has gone before.
Cupcake 53 (Agent Orange) : Make sure you dry your cupcake properly, damn its raining.
Cupcake 54 (Maynards) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 55 (Lighthouse) : Sit, enjoy your fruit and drinks, it comes with a free cupcake.
Cupcake 56 (Heaven) : Sings 'Briiiiiidge over troubled aiiiiir*
Cupcake 57 (Great Royal Wife) : Take a seat
Cupcake 58 (Garden Oasis) : I love the great outdoors, but I don't want to stray from the path.
Cupcake 59 (VM) : Warm muffins and fresh cupcakes, nomnom
Cupcake 60 (Vibrant Eden): (fem)I wonder if you plant a cupcake, a cupcake tree will grow?(Male) unknown for now
Cupcake 61 (Tweakers) : Get toasty warm with your cupcake.
Cupcake 62 (Troubled Rebel): Cupcakes, Fragile, do not drop.
Cupcake 63 (Remembering Memorial) :NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 64 (Straight Up) : How tall is your cupcake?
Cupcake 65 (Kittenish) : SHOOO birds, MY cupcake!
Cupcake 66 (Pappilions) : Cupcakes are like me, they lurve gold.
Cupcake 67 (K.Aeon) : So many bangles, so little time!
Cupcake 68 (Federschneider Millinery) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 69 (Eclectic Apparel) : Mmmm i love pillow talk.
Cupcake 70 (RTD) :NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 71 (Dunhallow): NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 72 (DeCuir) : A sea view to calm the nerves after all this hunting.
Cupcake 73 (Cafe Casablanca) : Picnic time.
Cupcake 74 (XTC) : Make way for the VIP.
Cupcake 75 (Apple Blossom) : I love twilight, best time of the day.
Cupcake 76 (Ac Designs) : Take a seat.
Cupcake 77 (Seasonal Creations) : Very Illuminating (please wait for rez, it takes forever to appear)
Cupcake 78 (Tigerclaw) :It's freeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Cupcake 79 (Slow Rez) : Free food is my favourite kind.
Cupcake 80 (V&F) : Archways, don't you love there archetecture.
Cupcake 81 (Troublegum) : Retrooooo, i wanna sit on it.
Cupcake 82 (La Galleria) : Fine dining anyone?
Cupcake 83 (Calia's) Kellogs, keeps you regular.
Cupcake 84 (C'est Ca Furniture) NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 85 (MM Tinies) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 86 (Kiku) : Rope, harpoons and cupcakes???? WEEEEIRD
Cupcake 87 (In A Nutshell): Awww ktties in dresses!!
Cupcake 88 (Moonwisher) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 89 (Fabu) : Shoes, but don't confuse yourself with demo ones.
Cupcake 90 (Afflicted Clothing): NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 91 (Kakoue Shoes) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 92 (Chenille) :Who fancies a garden party?
Cupcake 93 (Rhiamon's Realm) : Im so tired I may hide under a table.
Cupcake 94 (Duh!) - All hail the daddy of the cupcakes.
Cupcake 95 (Salamanders Mall) : Check out the runway
Cupcake 97 (Forgotten Earth) : Perch like a birdy on a ledge!(says 97 on the cupcake though)
Cupcake 98 (Charmed) : Take a chair, check out the furniture.
Cupcake 99 (DW Designs) : Take a seat at my desk, just ignore the bats.
Cupcake 101 (Heavenly Treasures) : You'll find it in the kitchen, just hope the squirrel doesn't eat it first
Cupcake 102 (Coull Creations) : Docklands hold the location.
Cupcake 103 (Burning Chrome) : Whats your lucky letter?
Cupcake 104 (July) : Time for another food break! This hunts gonna make me fat.
Cupcake 105 (AFD) : This one has me stumped!
Cupcake 106 (Seasonal Creations) :Tartan, defo not my color!
Cupcake 107 (Katrena Creations) : Behold the giant kitty
Cupcake 108 (Euphoria) : This is illumiating!
Cupcake 109 (Frock You) : Time for the schroom show.
Cupcake 110 (C & D Designs) : Always check behind those pasky vendors.
Cupcake 111 (C & D Fashions) : Mini Dresses, my fav!
Cupcake 112 (Babies R Us) : Cupcakes are the building blocks of life!
Cupcake 113 (Cluck a Lot) : I'm a maniac, maniac on the floor!
Cupcake 114 (Thrifty) : Bad cupcake, go to the corner!
Cupcake 115 (Sirens Song) : Lovely sea view to go with this tea house.
Cupcake 116 (Holiday Central) : Don't climb up them, look under them.
Cupcake 117 (Enzo's Freehold) : The damsel of the sea has it. I think shes drunk!
Cupcake 118 (Marvela's) : Cupcakes and teleportation, not a good mix, I may get spliced in a malcake!
Cupcake 119 (Dangerously Sweet) : I need a new sofa after all this walking!
Cupcake 120 (The Hatter Is Mad): This cupcake has gone up in the world.
Cupcake 121 (Echo) : Bangles, I love them.
Cupcake 122 (Daini Ken Designs): NO SIGN OUT, COULDN'T LOCATE CUPCAKE
Cupcake 123 (ZE Designs) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 124 (Kalloni Mall) : Take a window seat and chill out.
Cupcake 125 (Sweeter than Candy) : Signs show you the way. Very easy.
Cupcake 126 (Eye mania) : Take a seat
Cupcake 127 (Demani) : Indoor golden trees? Ive seen everything now.
Cupcake 128 (Elements Inc) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 129 (Deviant Designs) : SHOOOOES, I would like assitance in buying them all!
Cupcake 130 (Nushru) : Maybe you should subscribe to the group and get a free gift
Cupcake 131 (Chez Gabrielle) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 132 (Sugar) : Take a seat, again!
Cupcake 133 (Evaki) : *Waves through the window*
Cupcake 134 (Lacie Days) :NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 135 (ICED) : Subscribe to this cupcake.
Cupcake 136 (Hopscotch) : Look up.
Cupcake 137 (Escapade Zoo) : Yummy cake for the kiddies tea party on the beach!
Cupcake 138 (Dionysia) : Take a seat, read about the grid wide hunt.
Cupcake 139 (Down to Earth) : Warm your hands but don't get burnt!
Cupcake 140 (Jena-ration x) : NOT NOR EVER WILL BE OUT
Cupcake 141 (Maggs and Albert) : Look Up.
Cupcake 142 (SWEET!) : Mattie looks after it, shes a good girl.
Cupcake 143 (Second Shapes) : Climb the stairway to heaven.
Cupcake 144 (Tango) : Get to the corner, its what you get for staring at Party Pumps,
Cupcake 145 (The Peapod) : This is a largish cupcake, if you dont see it for shame!
Cupcake 146 (Tree House Treasures): NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 147 (Black Pearl) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 148 (Teagan and Scorpy's) : Get to the corner you camoflaged cupcake!
Cupcake 149 (Tegan's) : You feeling lucky?
Cupcake 150 (Sea Maine): Panda bear welcomes you.
Cupcake 151 (Yellow Submarine) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 152 (Corner of Revolving Time) : Find the sign, it's not far behind.
Cupcake 153 (Riki Palace) : BAD LM, SOMEONES HOME.
Cupcake 154 (POZ Romantic Moment's Gifts) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 155 (Cat Tracks) : Assistance please!
Cupcake 156 (M!ine) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 157 (Angel Dessous) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 158 (ClubRLC) : Pick the right one!
Cupcake 159 (eXtreme Make over) : Take a seat
Cupcake 160 (Holli Pocket) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 161 (Hectic Moon) : Choose your drink! make sure its enchanted!
Cupcake 162 (Flirts) : We all love trees by now!
Cupcake 163 (Lithium) : Aww baby cupcake with its mommy!
Cupcake 164 (Kastle Rock Couture) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 165 (R&R) : Check the orange area!
Cupcake 166 (Bound BDSM Art Gallery) : Walk the red carpet
Cupcake 167 (Cattiva) :Big, easy to see, no clue for you.
Cupcake 168 (Pestique) : I need a lay down now.
Cupcake 169 (R&R) : Not hidden, think light blue.
Cupcake 170 (Relaxation Street) : Check out the beach view
Cupcake 171 (Small Fry Tiny Kiosk) : Look up.
Cupcake 172 (Totally Awesome Fashions) : You can stand under my umbrella.. ella.. ella. Well sit in my vase at least!
Cupcake 173 (Gumi's Bad Box) :Awww a gift table, make sure you get the right cupcake, the others mine!
Cupcake 174 (Jugg and Jinja's) :Bad cupcake, get to the corner.
Cupcake 175 (Moulliez): NOT FOUND
Cupcake 176 (Poof Mania) : Join this cupcakes group, and see his booky and bally friend there too.
Cupcake 177 (Magia) : I love sparkley things, especially ones that go around my neck.
Cupcake 178 (Azelle) : I like to store things in attics, it saves space.
Cupcake 179 (Intrigue) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 180 (Tempsations) : Step into my office.
Cupcake 181 (Nantucket Marina) : Take a seat, admire the boats.
Cupcake 182 (Nantucket Square) : Bombs awwaaaaaaaaaaay
Cupcake 183 (Nantucket Barn) : Is this crystal krptonite? I feel weaker :P
Cupcake 184 (Nantucket Theatre) : Take a seat again, boy aren't we lazy!
Cupcake 185 (Shaft Suites) : Read the signs, they keep your prize safe and sound,
Cupcake 186 (New York Couture) : Go inside, look all around, its not hard to see.
Cupcake 187 (New York Couture) : Go inside and look up.
Cupcake 188 (New York Decor) : Look for furniture then have a shower!
Cupcake 189 (Sexy Threads) : NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 190 (Designs by Chocolate) :Look inside things to find your prize
Cupcake 191 (Chocolates Garden Centre) : Sings *briiiiiiidge over troubled water*
Cupcake 192 (PdCreations) : Check the sign
Cupcake 193 (Street Dermatology) : Don't forget to wash your hands.
Cupcake 194 (Stud Puppy): NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 195 (Superstar! shapes)
: Take a seat with mummy and baby cupcake.
Cupcake 196 (Minas oddities) : Join this cupcakes group.
Cupcake 197 (Kiko Life) : Don't try 'palm' me off with a rubbish clue..
Cupcake 198 (Glitterati by Sapphire) :Take a seat, don't squish anything!
Cupcake 199 (Mz Shoes) : SHOOOES, check the displays
Cupcake 200 (Tutorials 2 Go) :NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 201 (Sinuous Shapes) NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 202 (Bodies by Blake) NOT OUT YET
Cupcake 203 (SteelnKisses) NOT OUT YET