8 May 2009

Keys to the VIP Gridwide Hunt

*NOTE Make sure you have purchased the key pass from the vendor before you locate the keys themselves. Make sure your wearing it to participate in the hunt.

Photos of the outfits you get in this hunt

Key 1: Urban Dysfunction : *(female) Are you feeling lucky PUNK!. *(male) Check the stairway to heaven
contents of gift (female) : Flip flops and outfit

Key 2: Naeko :
*1 Outside....Under the Dark....there is always need for light... So read the sign!
contents of gift: A funky green cannon
*2 He knows when I am online, he is cute and small...
contents of gift: Neko ears and Tail
*3 Comfy and green...
contents of gift: Neko legwarms and paw pads

Key 3 : Fukmi : Take a rest, and try a little daydreaming. The key may be found this way.
contents of gift: Full female outfit with Sandals, capris, blouse and shirt.

Key 4: Lacie Cakes : All of this hunting is making me hungry - those LacieCakes CupCakes sure look good enough to eat.
contents of gift: Key Necklace with bling.

Key 5 : [42] : Don't you hate it when people leave things on the floor, especially when its near the door.
contents of gift: Skins and jewellry

Key 6 : Tyranny Designs : People leaving things on the floor, how rude! Good job the floor display keeps it shielded.
contents of gift: Skins a nd Kick me sign

Key 6b: WWI : Head up in the world and see your prize dangled before your very nose.
contents of gift: Jumpsuit bra and Panties set.

Key 7: Pretties by JB : If the shoe fits buy in in 8 different colours cause that how us ladies roll :P
contents of gift: Shoes

Key 8 : Sea Hole :
Key 1: Look upstairs, perch on a ledge, take a moment to look around.
contents of the gift: Jacket
Key 2: Ok i'm tired again, time to sit under a tree and relax
, inside trees, why do they exist?
contents of gift: Shirt and pants outfit

Key 9 : U & R Dogs : Keep your eyes open when looking at all the jewellry. This key must be made of glue, sticking like that.
contents of gift: Bracelet and Earring Set.

Key 10: Magika : I fancy a change from this outfit, let me slip into something else.
contents of gift: hair

Key 11 : BOOF : So simple your not getting a clue
contents of gift: Belt and accessories

Key 12: FROP : Admire the lovely view, dont forget to Kiss my Butt
contents of gift: Earrings, flip flops and outfit

Key 13 : Petal Meg : I need to make use of these keys, prehaps something to hang things on?
contents of gift: Pendant and earrings

Key 14 : LiquidCandy : Nom nom nom This is so bad for my health but i Just can't resist
contents of gift: furnished skybox and lots of furniture and fun items.

Key 15 : EMA's
: Sit and relax by the fire
contents of gift: Dress

Key 16 : Rave Nation : I love wedged flip flop things, they are fab don't you think! Keys prefer the colour green, and being up rather than down.
contents of gift: Skin and Dress

Key 17 : Mudhoney Designs : It's a gift
contents of gift: Vintage Trunk

Key 18 : AIMESI design : Don't stray from the door and you won't go wrong.
contents of gift: Beanbag, dress and shoes

Key 19 : Angel Dessous
: Its straightforward! I think I lost my pass, time for a new one!
contents of gift: Lingerie

Key 20: Atomic : (Male and Female) Be studious, careful of the signs hiding it.
contents of gift: Skins

Key 21 : Stuff :
I love hunting, in hotpants and knee high socks :)
contents of gift: Shoes, hair and outfit

Key 22 : Chicaholic : Head to the right store, then admire the till (cash register for you yanks) area, look in boxes, it may be hiding.
contents of gift: Denim outfit

Key 23 : Trinity Moon Designs : I hate it when they dangle things in your face, tormenting you,
contents of gift: Necklaces

Key 24 : Self Expression: Don't fear the Reaper, he's nice really, looks after keys very well, but wants your soul!
Contents of gift: Sex Rug

Key 25 : CnS : Pulled Out of the hunt..move on to Deviant Designs

Key 26: Deviant Designs: Behold the giant shoe! The Key is up on high, climb to get a better view.
contents of gift: Shoes

Key 27: Heart and Sole : Shoe chairs are comfortable to sit on
contents of gift: Shoes

Key 28 : Acid and Mala : Take a strole up in the world then take a seat on the sofa, catch your breath.
contents of the gift : Urban outfit.

Key 29 : NUSHRU : Subscribe to me!
Contents of the gift: Whole Outfit

Key 30: DYN : These "funky" dungarees/overalls and hoodies are so nice looking, not far from those funky jeans with a leg missing, perhaps the dungaries can lend a leg!

contents of the gift: Dress

Key 31: NAIVE:
Hoodies and shorts, they keep it safe. This key is very "new"
Contents of the gift: Selection of clothing

Key 32 : Genesis : Too easy for me to give you a clue, look and ye shall see it.
contents of the gift: Watches

Key 33 : Urban Outfitters : Pulled out of the hunt, there is no key, move on to 34

Key 34 : mouse*trap : These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do, and they will also keep keys nice and safe!
Contents of the gift : Whole outfit with shoes

Key 35 : NSD : Ugg.... these boots are rocking it! Keys feel safer up not down.
Contents of the gift : Grenade chain

Key 36 : Cuppycake : Don't you love cup cakes, nom nom.
Contents inside the gift: Beach outfit.

Key 37 : Sassy Kitty Designs : Demon cat holds the answers.
contents of the gift: Denim Dress

Key 38: Catnip :
The goblin doors hold the answers, make sure you pick the correct one. When you fall don't hurt yourself, you need to search the bogs below.
Contents of the gift : Random items.

Key 39 : LINE : Rob the till (cash register)!

Contents givenin gift : Belt, jewellry and outfit

Key 40: BOOM : This ones hard, so more direct instruction, back left of the store, its shelved but make sure you cam well or you will never find it.
Contents in the gift: Dress

Key 41 : 4eva Guttia : This key has lots of stytle, subscribe to it!
Contents of the gift: Full outfit

Key 42 : Unzipped : Check the crouching man, he holds what your looking for.

Contents of the gift: Outfit

Key 43: Shinji Accessories : This empty display shields the key, how come keys prefer to be up not down!

Contents of the gift: Sneakers

Key 44: Cipria Couture: Make sure you have your pass on, if not well, you need 200L
, i'm off to get my new one ;)
Contents of the gift: Full outfit

Key 45: Humby Designs : Bunny death, its painful and seems to render keys!
Contents of the gift: Cap

Key 46: Fear and Clothing : The Lucky chair can see your prize but can you?

Contents of the gift: Necklace and outfit

Key 47: Princess Gear: Hung up, as you would with any key, store side of the doors
Contents of the gift: Doll Key

Key 48: Virus Co. : Sit and watch the TV

Contents of the Gift: Boots

Key 49 :
Juice : Everyone loves cereal, even keys
Contents of the Gift: Outfit

Key 50: Rasetsukoku : *click* goes the lock, but why so small, i need alices magic potion!
Contents of Gift: Outfit

Key 50B : Luxory Lounge... Im not giving a LM to this as you can work for it!
NOTE Make sure you wear the golden pass from the 50b folder
Content of final gifts (there are several): Not telling :P

Photos of the outfits you get in this hunt