19 May 2009

Adored Clothing and Hair Hunt (One Week Hunt)

40 Items to find around both sims, in the main stores and in the surrounding mall. You are looking for flowers, two together that are purple and pink. When you find them, just left click on them to receive your gift!

Start Location

Gift 1: Lets start at the very beginning, its a very good place to start!
contents: Purple Shoes
Gift 2: If your feeling lucky, perhaps look around for the bunny girls
contents: colour changing hair
Gift 3: Joyce has nice hair! She is close to where your rezzed in.
contents: underwear set
Gift 4: The signs will show you the way!
contents: Jacket
Gift 5: School girls tease, shocking!!
contents: tight jeans
Gift 6: I dub thee the birdy flower, it likes to perch and admire the clothing.
contents: Dress
Gift 7: This flower was made for you!
contents: High hat and glasses
Gift 8 : This is some blinging flowers, it looks good amongst the Jewels!
contents: Diamond earrings
Gift 9: Can you hear it growling?? This flower is too fierce!
contents: An item called "hello dave", ive not opened it so not got a clue!
Gift 10: I've only moved next door and I can still hear that fierce flower!
contents: black outfit
Gift 12 : This flower is crazed!
contents: ribbon ring
Gift 13: This gift is AWESOME!!!!
contents: Tank
Gift 15: Sheild your eyes, this flower is scandalust
contents: Sunshine outfit
Gift 16: This flower is like me, naughty but nice ;)
contents: Bad girl tattoo
Gift 17 : This flower needs to back off, i want to get sintimate with its neighbour!
content: corsages
Gift 18 : Time to get sintimate with this flower... mmmm
content: Latex outfit
Gift 22: This flower is an outrage!
contents: Eyes
Gift 23: This flower is a rose... and its purple. I may sit at the steps and admire the irony!
contents: Purple earrings.
Gift 24: This gift is for boys and girls!
contents: Sun glasses (4 styles)
Gift 25 : This kitty is evil!
contents: Limited Edition Item
Gift 26: This flower is indiginous to this sim.
contents: outfit
Gift 27 : Mix and Match me my inky kinky friends!
contents: Serpent tattoo
Gift 28 : This flower is feeling lucky!
contents: tattoo
Gift 29: Flowers hidden in flowers!! That is so clever, can i use the water tank water to water them perhaps?
contents: Tattoo
Gift 30: This guard flower can see the water tank!
contents: biker babe dress
Gift 31: This inky flower has been naughty, send it to the corner
contents: Dress
Gift 32 : This flower is from the UK
contents: untucked tshirt
Gift 33: This flower fell from the sky to the earth and here it is, its quite big!
contents: unknown, not rezzed yet
Gift 34: This flower wants to be a kitty! No flower you will never look good Neko!
contents: striped skirt
Gift 35 : You have NOva chance of finding this flower.
contents: Short skirt
Gift 36: These sexy adult outfits are too much for this flower, it has to sit outside the store.
contents: Breeze outfit
Gift 37: Heidi holds the clue infront of her Ad
contents: braclet and sweater
Gift 38 : This flower wants you to teleport, but you will only find him outside!
contents: Tee shirt
Gift 39 : Getting these flowers, is BUCKETS of fun, Oh my i can see formal wear, lush!
contents: Cami and Sweater
Gift 40 : The perfect thing to clean your pixel home, a French Maid ;)
contents: Sexy Sailor outfit
Missing. 11, 14, 19, 20, 21