29 May 2009

PASCH-Design Mainstore Hunt 17th May - 17th June

You need to find the Gears.

Main Location starts here.

Gear 1 : I'm stuck at the base of the stair way to heaven :( Someone fit an escalator.
Gear 2 : This beach loving gear feels lonely over there.
Gear 3 : External walls eat gears!! I hope I don't get eaten too.
Gear 4: *Cough* Wireframe *cough* Check out the pillars!
Gear 5 : Now I am stuck half way up the stairs! Damn I'm like Peter Griffin when he forgot how to sit down!
Gear 6 : This beach loving gear feels lonely over there too.
Gear 7 : Get in the store, before you do, don't forget to look up!
Gear 8 : Stay on the ground floor, men in pink?? Not hot :P
Gear 9 : Advertise your gear here.
Gear 10 : Go tree hugging
Gear 11: Go find your scuba gear!
Gear 12 : Vote!
Gear 13 : This is a high up Gear, Its watching the stairs to throw out naughty people
Gear 14 : I need a pillar, I mean Pillow!
Gear 15 : Dollerbies!!! LUSH
Gear 16 : Put a cap on this gear!