14 May 2009

Witchy Womans Designs Furniture hunt..

In this hunt your searching for small different coloured roses to get a selection of different furniture.. most of the items are copy.

Location of the store

Pink Rose - I feel very Arabian, perhaps I should pull up some pillows
gift- Box of flowers
Red Rose - Time to get a bite to eat.. nom nom
gift - Picnic basket and rug.
Blue Rose - I am so tired from hunting i need to slob out on a sofa.
gift - Garden Lantern
Green Rose : Feeling sensual, head on down, but mind the cot.
gift - cool looking tree
Purple Rose - This rose thinks its a cactus, but careful it's about to get burnt.
gift- An 8 prim, 20x20m skybox, with small round hut and surrounding garden.
Pink Rose 2 - I feel safer up than down, so I can take a seat and admire the illuminating scene.
gift - A stunning rose sofa, omg LUSH!!!
Red Rose 2 - Time for a tan, wheres the garden?
gift - Basket of flowers
Purple Rose 2 - Sandy teleportation makes me see clearly, now I just need my partner to cuddle with.
gift - pot plant
Blue rose 2 - Time to get cosy, by the fire, perhaps slip into bed? I'm not sure.
gift - swing
Final Rose - Time for me to get my hair done
gift- waterfall