10 May 2009

Gorean Grid Wide Hunt - May 9th to May 24th

Find the hearts with a dagger through them, buy for 0L

Photos of the Prizes

Start Location :San Sational Designs: Hanging things are a pain, but look up and search well.
Items: Fishnet top/pants and rope belt
(Bra and Panties are from the Keys hunt)

Heart 2 : *YEN* Silks : Those brave of heart will fly high into the sky to face the golden goddess.
Items : Shape and black silks.

Heart 3: Slave Delights : The TP zone is a safe place to be, take a seat on the stairs and take a look around and under things.
Item : X- Display

Heart 4 : Worldy Treasures: The second floor holds the key, it is "advertised" well
Item: Tiara

Heart 5 : Gutterpup My heart may be small its grounded on the ground floor, check tos of display areas to make sure you look everywhere.
Item: Pink/purple outfit

Heart 6 : Chained Heat : This heart is hot, hot, hot. Perhaps a nice relaxing soak will make you cooler!
Item: Strapped outfit

Heart 7
: Solstice Silks: My LMS jumped from 6 to 8, skip out 7.

Heart 8 : Arachne Silks: This one is easy, just walk into the store and rez :)
Item: Opaque little black dress

Heart 9 : Unveiling the Goddess: I think its time i got married, but I'm so tired from hunting i think I will rest on the wall a little
Items : Purple dress

Heart 10 - Eye-Catcher: Look on top of displays
Items: Purple Silks

Heart 11
: Soul Garden: Gross, i didn't know rabbits pooped out Hearts!
Items: Golden Armbands

Heart 12: Bizet's Low Prim Furniture: This heart has tired me out, it's been bad so ive sent it to the corner.
Items: A desk

Heart 13 : Three Moon Cove: Couldn't find it, skipped please IM Maleficent Benoir with location if you have it.

Heart 14: Ripped: I can feel the smooth silks against my skin
Item: The silks it displays behind the heart

Heart 15
: Mikki Miles Musical Instruments: I've been hunting for so long i need the little girls room!
Item: Musical instrument

Heart 16 : Zibware: Gosh I need to take a seat, this cushion looks very comfy!
Item: A dress

Heart 17 :Sa-eela: The upper part, near the silks, a floor stone protects this heart!
Item: Silks

Heart 18 :
Reenie at Riar: Down the stairs and to the back, Portal to below, you won't fall. Open the doors and see all the people. Don't mind the cat. Portal up to attic, not the steeple. Pick up your prize, above it all.
Item: Corset and Silks

Heart 19 :The Copper Tarsk: Not participating, move onto 20

Heart 20 : Wild Heat: This heart is Anti Drama and love to dance. Read the signs people!
Item:Beaded Set

Heart 21: Shiras' Gorean Gadgets Clothes and More: Not participating, move on to 22

Heart 22: Juelles : This heart has a great sea view.

Heart 23:
Emo-Tions:Look up, when you find this heart you will be 'beaming'.
Item: Armour

Heart 24
Trident: I'm in 'awe' of this heart, time to play pirate, yarrrrrr
Item: Trident Coracle

Heart 25: Snow Creations Not participating, move on to 26

Heart 26: Gor Couture: Go through alices looking glass, there lies your heart!

Heart 27: Spice Designs: Not participating, move on to 28

Heart 28: Ati's Lil Store and Yard Sale: This heart is a caged animal... grrrrr.
Item: Rose

Heart 29: Gorged: Not participating, move on to 30

Heart 30: Eternity: This heart is lonely up above, go keep it a friend.
Item: 100L Gift Card for Eternity Store

Heart 31:
Del-iciously Ki-nked Designs:Gosh i keep getting heart burn, hot hot hot.
Item: Picnic Basket and hanging lamps.

Heart 32:
VS Designs: Look on top of displays, they keep hearts safe.
Item: silks

Heart 33: Caliber All people should store there hearts with there herbs you know.

Heart 34:
Veiled Heat: This heart loves the store front :) Ceramics are your friend.
Item: Veil

Heart 35: BBK Design: Not participating, move on to 36

Heart 36: Gorean Market: Not participating, move on to 37

Heart 37
:BTB Slavewear: Give flowers to the person you love
Item: Black Outfit

Heart 38 : Shira Creations: Water features, so tranquil and calming. But ones upstairs? thats new to me!
Item: Silks and other items

Heart 39: Gorean Roleplay Collars: Hearts make ace door stops
Item: Nose Ring

Heart 40: Zyba Gor & BDSM Shop: I hope I don't get glass in my heart, but it is very colourful so i could make an exception.

Heart 41: Smashin Fashion n More: Not participating, move on to 42

Heart 42
: Nykus: I am cooking up a storm in this hunt, tastes like chicken.

Heart 43: Hopscotch: If you do not know the name of this shop, look at the highest point , and you will not only find this answer but also a treasure.

Heart 44
: MB Designs: This roman keeps his heart in a rather inappropriate place, I think I will hide at the back of the store till he removes it!

Heart 45 : Chained Heat: This furniture lets me take a nap, with someone napping above me!

Heart 46: Nuray Collection: What a poser that woman is :P

Heart 47: Secrets of Gaia:These silks, up in the air, nestle the heart in the corner!

Heart 48: CFM INC: Smiles and looks at her new collar, looking up to the sky happily.

Heart 49: Lantian: This heart is "collectable", Larts and Sleens look after it.

Heart 50: Spellbound: Chickens watch this heart intently, as it sits amongst fields of gold! The sign keeps it well hidden though.

Heart 51: Painfully Divine: Yarrrr pirate treasure, it be in the bars so it would!

Heart 52: A&G Market and Mall: Not participating, move on to 53

Heart 53: Designs by Anna: Fancy going swinging with your lover?

Heart 54 :
On a Lark: Go north, look to the sky, do you see a sign?

Heart 55:
Roawenwood: Hang this heart like a wind chime from above.

Heart 56
Silk Worms: Owch, heart in the eye, gotta hurt :(

Heart 57 : Yellow Brick Road: Amongst these pillows i see i need a massage, the heart is where one would place the oils.

Heart 58 :
Mad Moon: This alcove keeps the key nice and silky

Heart 59 :
Riverbend Gorean Rentals: This is another heart that had me beaming.

Heart 60 :
Shabby Chic: The main desk, has a welcoming pretty lady, check the top of walls, it may hold the prize.

Heart 61: Renegades Store: Not participating, move on to 62

Heart 62: Tantalizing Treats: Look up, see the heart before you

Heart 63 : Kittycat's Creations: Take a seat at the tiki bar, you finally finished, well done!

Photos of the Prizes