13 May 2009

Cinderella and Petal Hunt @Inga

Inga's Location is here
I don't know when this hunt ends, the owner stated a week, maybe a bit more, so get in there while you can

Cinderella Hunt

You will find the the pieces to make a beautiful dress within acorns in store.

Petal Hunt
There are 43 pieces to find hidden within petals all over the store to make 5 full outfits.

Acorn One : This acorn loves to parade like a 'peacock'.
Acorn Two: This acorn wants to adjust itself, how vain. But it does love Jewellry.
Acorn Three : This acorn wants to make sure your nice and clean
Acorn Four : This acorn just luuurves shoes.
Acorn Five : This acorn didn't fall far from its mommy.
Acorn Six : I get a distinct smell of Jasmine, such a zen acorn.
Acorn Seven : This is one hungry acorn, nomnomnom.
Acorn Eight : This acorn loves weddings
Acorn Nine : This acron loves formal dresses but prefers large posters than the ads.

PETAL HUNT (I only have 30 out of 43 :( )
Petal: This petal wants to surf the net,techno petal!!
Petal : This petal is the guard petal, make sure you don't upset it on the way in.
Petal: This petal loves dresses, seems to be friends with the Little Mermaid.
Petal : This petal also loves formal dresses.
Petal : This petal wants to give you some information, it wants to make you "smart"
Petal : This petal wants to lead you to your own wedding ladies :)
Petal : This petal is scared of the wedding petal and is cowering away from wedding dresses and wedding petals.
Petal : This petal loves the great outdoors, but doesn't want a tan.
Petal : This petal likes to greet you as you TP in.
Petal : Why does this petal want to hide behind a plant? Don't hide little petal your so pretty.
Petal : This petal wants to change its look, the causally dressed petal!
Petals x3 : These petal wants to make sure your nice and clean.
Petals : This petal wants to lend you 50L, treat yourself to something nice
Petals x2 : These giant petal loves jewellry.
Petals x2 : This petal prefers to hide underground
Petal : This petal is rocking!!!
Petal : This petal likes to point out the sign to you.
Petal : This petal thinks its a pair of shoes.
Petal : This petal needs a sleep, let it curl up with the acorn.
Petal : This wedding petal feels safer in the pot.
Petal : This wedding petal has its back against the wall.
Petal x4 : A roof petal, how did it get up there?
Petal : This petal wants to tell you about the cinderella hunt.

Please contact me if you locate more than 30 petals, I went petal bozz eyed and had to take a break