9 May 2009

The Bloody Mess Hunt

*NOTE* the LMs take you directly to the item, only use them if you don't want to work out locations.

Location One - Selidor - Very Simple, the bloody start.
Location Two - Selidor - Take a stroll to the town, but don't get to sociable, haul up in your remote hut to be safe and watch over the boat in the bay.
Location Three - Selidor - On your way to town, perhaps stroll around the forest around the church, take in the sights.
Location Four - Selidor - You've made it to town, well done, the clock tower will give you a fabulous view of the town below.
Location Five - Selidor - Your still in town, but this place has a fantastic sea view, climb high in this house to gain your prize.
Location Six - Selidor - This open air church near the temple looks fabulous, the secret passages hold the key.
Location Seven - Selidor - This one i have left optional to find, its a maze in the sewers, are you smart enough to locate the wonderful prize at the end? If you are stuck, TP to it here
Location Eight - Selidor - The answer to this clue lies deep in the belly of the temple you started in.
Location Nine - Selidor - This willow allows you to spy on the surrounding islands, very nifty. But if the willows not good enough you could always hide behind the wall.
Location Ten - Selidor - I am a rubbish pirate, I boarded the ship only to fall off into the water, but its nice down here, theres an item.
Location Eleven - Selidor - Another in the belly of the temple, mummies and heiroglyphics point the way.
Location Twelve - Selidor - The stairs to the top of the temple hold the final item. Cam carefully.
Bonus Item - Selidor - Back down the sewers tot he ornate room for this bonus item.