30 August 2009

Ok Hunters...

I am off until Friday on a break/holiday style thing.

I will have NO internet connection so I can't hunt/hint or answer your questions.

Sorry guys and Gals

See you all soon
Mally xx

29 August 2009

The Addiction Hunt

Ends: OCT 1st

Your looking for syringes.

001 :THESE ARE IN 3 DIFFERENT STORES RIPPED, PRIMUS AND BOOF. (1)Look up, not down, around, and under. Your addiction lies hidden in shadow and shame. In it's absence your mouth will be frozen open wide in pain. And just beneath you, the needle you blame. (2)Find the pair of a Tarn Claw and Axe, they will point you south to where your next fix lies. (3) Behind the things that should be on a hanger.. the needle's prick resides
002 : Beautiful girls don't need botox.
003 : (1/2) Here we also look for men stuffs (2/2) Ok! Lets take a breath! A bit of air around that burning barrel?
004 : People in glass houses shouldn't throw syringes
006 : This little blue deer didn't SEE this addiction coming
009 : Who isn't addicted to freebies and cheapies?
010 : This sexy model is really addicted to anything sweet
011 : (1)If you set syringes on fire the flames might turn green! prrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyyyy (2)Hurry up! they are coming, hide them under the couch!
012 : Your such trailer trash.
013 : As my paths narrows i can finally start climbing up to my victory.
014 :Look around, look around, but most importantly, look through.
015 : Stabbed through the heart, but your to blame, you give love a bad name. LOL
016 : Read the signs
017 : Up or Under! Let's have a Mad Tea party
018 : Belt up, and move on.
019 : Lots of people are addicted to football!
020 : Check the hint sign in the store for more details.
021 : Vogue strike a pose
022 : "Spring" up and get your prize
023 : Gimme some sugar.
024 : Addiction twists everyone, even mother nature.
025 : Pin the tail on the donkey
026 : This hint is of model proportions.
027 : Check the instore hint giver for help.
028 : Every Master Vamp should have one of these...Spikes or Torches?? Which will it be?
029 : Put The Needle On The Record, Thx For The Tip.
030 : Strutting my stuff, i'm a fasionista!
031 : Don't pierce me, please.
032 : Read the signs (may of moved)
033 : "Make sure you have the correct building...keep walking to the end
034 : This kitty feels stabby.
035 : You've been framed!
036 : Grovel, boy!!!
037 : Pull up a leaf and check out the swirlies.
038 : It is at the center of a red liquid on a white floor.
040 : Nobody puts baby in a corner
041 : Time for a nap, join ROBOKUN for some relaxing times.
043 : Hit the hint giver in store for a current hint.
044 : Ribbit
046 : Take a load off, but no feet on the table
049 : Would you like a shot with your Black Wine, Master?
050 : A little novicane might do those wounds some good
052 : Two towers of red, behind the right you should tread
053 : Maybe that bird needs you!
054 : Get addicted under the stairs..
055 : Come in and have some Sushi !
056 : Where some hookers stand...hehe (same store as Cheeky Lemon)
057 : Addicts are too FILTHY to get clean!
058 : What's the cure for a shopping addiction? Pace yourself and stop for a martini... or a Cosmo...
059 : Ooooo There's more on the second floor? Up we go!
060 : I am chained to my addictions and stay high all the time. :-)
061 : Do you shop on xstreet?
062 : I take mine white with one
063 : I'm addicted to "Jawbreakers"
064 : Near a nosey bird.
065 : I keep my addictions hidden on a shelf
066 : "Hmmm.. ah.. the tarot cards see a gift in your future!"
067 : This store moves it a lot, so no hint able to be given (SHARES A STORE WITH 096)
068 : Spiders spin a wickid web, ensnaring those that should be dead.
069 : Are you behind with the signs?
070 : Look For a good Nightie Might I suggest a Purple one.
071 : Gatya Gatya Syringe Gatya (Gatya means pants btw)
072 : Make an appointment with us!! :P (same store as Cheeky Lemon)
073 : The sound of the bell will ring every five minutes.
074 : Store moves there item a lot so no hint.
075 : New Items is always a good place to look for awesome deals! And of course, fresh fashions!
076 : We love moroccan ! But be careful on where you put your ass !
077 : Now I lay me down to sleep
078 : Look up.
081 : Betty doesn't need boxtox.
083 : I may be very small but I am falling water.
084 : (1) Don't get iced (2) I wonder if the owners online (3) This syringe is brand new.
085 : Making a cheatsheet is bad, cheaters will be shot on sight!
087 : Grab the one you love and lounge around!
089 : What's your SIGN baby? If you look a bit, you'll find me hiding behind mine ;)
090 : Where the Junkies Hang out
091 : (1) Who wants a syringe tree?Meeee (2) Tie a ribbon in a bow, it will show you were to go.
092 : Don't cut yourself
093 : Nothing is more addictive than the call of nature. Sit down and enjoy the view outside the window
095 : Shot through the heart
096 : What a pillar of society (this store moves it often) (SHARES A STORE WITH 67)
097 : What a dummy!
098 : OUCH
099 : It's just another brick in the wall.
100 : Im tucked away inside the drawers for safe keeping.
101 : Watch the lovebirds kiss, and splash around.
102 : There is never anything good on TV

25 August 2009

Heart and Sole Hunt

Start : 24th August
Finish : Aug 31st

It is over 3 stores, Sommerfiends, Heart and Sole and Kitsune Couture

1/25 : Wear Grey!
2/25 : Wow that ones super sticky up there
3/25 : Watch your step!
4/25 : Read the signs, the hunt is going on this store don't ya know.
5/25 : Take a seat people its comfy.
6/25 : This one really lit up my life.
7/25 : Finding this one was a bit hairy.
8/25 : I can see the new releases from here.
9/25 : Women should always accessorize.
10/25 : Subscriptions may show you the way
11/25 : Fire burns you know.
12/25 : Time to go swinging girls and boys ;)
13/25 : You feeling lucky?
14/25 : Take this corner seat and relax
15/25 : Be modern, pick up this prize.
16/25 : Ottoman your in my way.
17/25: Bad, naughty presents get sent to the corner.
18/25: Group lounge around with me :)
19/25: Trail rez here, to see what you may want to puchase.
20/25 : Trial rez your things here.
21/25 : This one is feeling SUMMERy
22/25 : You know a womans favourite word other than chocolate is sale right?
23/25 : Don't "scrunch" your nose up at this prize, its fantastic.
24/25 : All these shoes copy, no mod, no trans, thats what the sign says!
25/25 : Venus is a Goddess you know.

23 August 2009


OMG people, just wanted to let you know about the most awesome person.

Bijoux Lefavre - Owner of Heart and Sole.

I was informed today my store has to go, now some or most know I am in the Fall Fun Hunt, and well i didn't wanna mess up the hunt.

She has awesomly offered me a parcel on her brand NEW sim, she also BUILT me a new mainstore, and has basically been the most awesome person.

Much respect goes out to her and her lovely sim, show her some love and go visit her store.

Mally xx

Heart and Sole Sim Wide Hunt

Ladies and Gentlemen of the hunting world

Heart & Sole is proud to welcome Kitsune Couture to their new home! So we are having a sim hunt! Come check out the fabulous clothes and accesories by Niennra Kitsune, former designer for Magika. Also in this hunt is Sommerfeld Designs, quality furniture, and Heart and Sole.

The hunt will be from Aug 24 - Aug 31st.

There are 25 boxes to be found INSIDE the stores.

THE HUNT STARTS HERE, I will be hinting it, and my new mainstore is also on sim.

Mally, and the rest of the vendors on Heart and Sole sim xx

18 August 2009

Summer Fun Hunt

Start: Aug 7th
End : Sept 7th

Your looking for umbrellas, you HAVE to collect a HUD to participate! I used the LMs in the folders to get the SURLS in this blog, some do pop you up right near the item, but that is not my doing.

1 : The bunnies keep it, just under where you collect your HUD.
2 : Smell the pretty flowers and look to the skys, isn't life great.
3 : Take a seat and admire the foliage.
4 : (same store as 2-3) This umbrella is crystal.
5 : I heart this umbrella, don't you love it too?
6 : Get to the corner!
7 : Smell all the pretty flowers in here, but don't fall behind the vendor.
8 : These gowns are pretty, now I need an umbrella to go with it.
9 : Time to take a nap
10 : Smell the pretty flowers.
11 : Midnight is a good time.
12 : Daisy, shes got lovely skin hasn't she.
13 : This ones divine and easy to see.
14 : "Ladys" check out the wares.
15 : Head on in, but mind the waterfalls.
16 : Head on up the steps, you may need an umbrella.
17 : You will find me at the foot of the stairs, I can see the red angel from here,
18 : Head on up and pick a parasol.
19 : Do you need an update? (theres several updaters, don't stray too far from the rez point)
20 : Searching for this will take you to the higher level.
21 : Take a seat, but don't get too hot.
22 : Time to go to market!
23 : Head to the end of the boardwalk and fly your flag high.
24 : One is real, one is fake but which is which.
25 : Drink the magic brew, its good for you.
26 : Head on up, superman has your prize.
27 : Bag up your umbrella, and go shopping
28 : Chic are you a shopaholic?
29 : Relax on the beach, but this umbrellas a bit small don't you think.
30 : Oi dummy hand it over
31 : Take a seat perhaps!
32 : Check the view from up here
33 : All women need leather pants (trousers)!
34 : This umbrella is at the root of the problem
35 : Need an update?
36 : Get to the back you bad hunter you.
37 :Don't let aphrodite burn you.
38 : Grab some boots, or perhaps the umbrella insted.
39 : Hide under here like Harry Potter
40 : Don't leaf here empty handed, and don't get stumped either.
41 : This umbrella is being schooled
42 : Assistance Please!
43 : Follow the bunny hops, head down the rabbit hole to the new area, damn that cards carrying something weird.
44 : Whats the time?
45 : Check between and you will scream, for the prize will be found, close to the ground.
46 : Feeling lucky maybe?
47 : RAWR find me but don't get bitten.
48 : Look skyward, if its raining outside you always need an umbrella, don't you hate it when the wind blows it away though.
49 : Check out the many colours of the rainbow.
50 : Well blow me down with a feather, thats where they hid it!
51 : I need a pick me up, maybe time for an energy drink.
52 : Weird things grow on palm trees!
53 : Thanks for visiting this store hunters.
54 : This is one lucky poster!
55 : Is this a lampshade I see before me?
56 : This one is an absolute delight!
57 : This ones double the fun.
58 : Is it a light? No its an umbrella!
59 : Don't get wet out here getting your umbrella.
60 : Don't get behind the times, join the European Union like this umbrella has.
61 : Umbrella got low
62 : Surely you can't fit all that cake in your mouth!
63 : Check up high hunters
64 : This umbrella is a demo.
65 : This dollerbie girl has to be in a lot of pain, that umbrellas poking her somewhere that shouldnt be poked.
66 : Sirena, she needs to hand it over! So head up and steal it back.
67 : Don't stray far from the rez point, you won't go wrong.
68 :Little bear keeps it safe for you
69 : Check out the bling in this place
70 : Midnight is the best time of day.
71 : I'm drawn to big hearts are you?
72 : Evil Bunny has it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
73 : This one isn't allowed in the naughty area

17 August 2009

The Darker Side Hunt

Start : Aug. 16
End : Aug 30

Your looking for skulls on THIS SIM. They arent numbered though so I will just have to blog them as I find em.

Skull 1: Sugar, dont snap and subscribe to me
Skull 2 : Passing this one by would be a grave error
Skull 3 : Is there a pumpkin hunt soon?
Skull 4 : This one has a tuft.
Skull 5 : Keep on "dream"ing to get this prize
Skull 6 : I can see a cupcake from this window!
Skull 7 : Not a nice view of toxic waste, i think this window seat is jinx'ed
Skull 8 : Don't get sperm on your skull!
Skull 9 : This Skull clearly had a "fatalilty", so read the sign.
Skull 10 : This fatal skull wants you to belt up.
Skull 11 : This tufted one likes midnight,
Skull 12 : Go fast, backwards and it may just change your shape ladies.

There may be more, they arent numbered so who knows lol

Black Keys Hunt

Start :Aug 15th
End : Aug 30th

Your looking for Piano Keys

1 : I am feeling rather skeletal, i need some food
2 : I have a gift of choclates for you, so head up and collect them
3 : Assitance please!
4 : Time to get inked punk.
5 : I have icing on my ass
6 : Listen to the fortune teller.
7 : Want a slice of watermelon with that?
8 : This key is the root of the problem!
9 : This key is new don't ya know.
10 : All girlies need new shoes.
11 : OWNER HAS REQUESTED NO HINT, need a hand IM me direct.
12 : "Eye" know where it is!
13 : Head skyward, remember to pull on a sweater
14 : Damn I can't see out the window, too many things in the way,
15 : Strap in those legs and rest against this pillar.
16 : Freebies are this way.
17 : I salute the star spangled banner (even if I am english ;))
18 : New talent needs free stores don't you think?
19 : Horatio knows that the dead dog ate it.
20 : Assitance please!
21 : Another hunt item who feels its name is Harry Potter!
22 : Have you got eyes?
23 : This is where naughty Avatars must go.
24 : This one is truely illumiating
25 : Careful this key is fragile.
26 : The mothership is calling.
27 : Never run with a pair of these.
28 : Sit with Freyja and have a coffee.
29 : Eye have this prize, do you?
30 : Poor bunny, that gotta hurt.
31 : Time to take a load off!
32 : Time to try on a ring perhaps?
33 : This prize is "comming soon" (this one annoyed the HELL outta me, so if you get bugged too just IM me)
34 : Keep your hands off my new stuffz.
35 : My Eyes will amaze you as will my keys (changes daily so may not be right, check the hint giver in store to check)
36 : Pull on your shorts, you've been gone for so long!
37 : Take the tp avaliable, Amalie has your prize down low (be careful hunters are leaving there crap all over the store, don't be fooled by them, the one your looking for is on a display not on the floor)
38 : Are you the joker of the pack?
39 : Your a pillar of society too? Nice to know, don't stray too far though!
40 : Time to make a call.
41 : Dude, throw on some Jeans!
42 : If you ask Tasha nicely she may hand over the keys.
43 : Table in some time at this store.
44 : Assistance please.
45 : Head over the walkway and try on the pretty dresses.
46 : Park your ass n relax
47 : I Dare you to wear this outfit!
48 : Afflilate with this store and see your prize.
49 : Quick take a seat, the fasion show is about to start.
50 : Lean against this pillar and relax.
51 : Someone clean up that deer poop

DONE, enjoy, Mally xx

16 August 2009

A couple more hunts for you

Ohana Isle Treasure Hunt : The organisers don't want hints and i respect there wishes. It is simwide and can be found here . This one is once a month; HUD based. You get the HUD from the vendor (L$0) at the starting point, wear it and it shows you which treasures you still need to find. If you find all treasures, you can get an extra prize from a vendor at the starting point.

Treasure Quest Hunt (TQ)
: There are usually 2 a month at this location so check it out.
mid-month TQ - 14th-20th (this time: 21 stops, 7 of them have a B clue, too)
end of month TQ - 28th - 3rd September

TY TO NODDY, the little woman in the red and yellow car, for this information. He is my little star.

15 August 2009

Proposers Hunt

Starts: 15th Aug
Ends : 30th Aug

Your looking for a handprint

1 : This one with Bowl you over, but be careful, this is a BDSM world we live in, could be painful
2 : This print has some catwalk style! So pose with it.
3 : Don't be worried this room isnt completely empty, just one lone handprint.
4 : Follow the rocks and don't trip, your print is not far off.
5 : Get "involved" with this print.
6 : Many things grow on trees you know.
7 : A fan of the piano maybe?
8 : Head on up, don't get wet on the way.
9 : Are you a gossipgurl?
10 : Head skyward to locate your prize.
11 : Would you like to buy a giftcard?
12 : Head to the correct store with the sign outside, past the waterfall, Look down low, its "always together"
13 : Pose for your family snap!
14 : Me, my gal and my handprint, good pose! Its New In!
15 : This print is as talented as a model.
16 : Girls with guns threaten me
17 : Don't get lost in the dungeon up there.
18 : Time for a sleep perhaps?
19 : Check the signs!
20 : Sitting on the dock of the bay.
21 : Do you need an update?
22 : This hand is hanging on by a thread, but don't get blue about it, go have a wash with some soap.
23 : This is one HIIIIIGH window.
24 : Vogue... strike a pose.
25 : Updated me!
26 : Head skyward to the left, the rainbow glass knows its location
27 : Head on in and order from the counter!
28 : Someone has some great superglue sticking that there.
29 : Head on up and get "adicto" to handprints.
30 : Takes centre stage with the pretty woman.
31 : Head over the sand and locate the pink lighting FITTING (being as some people dont understand what the word lighting means DOH).
32 : Check the walls hunters.
33 : This print wants to make a call
34 : Time to make another call. (IT DOES WORK, GIVE IT TIME TO WORK)
35 : Peep out of the window with this print.
36 : Follow the red arrows!
37 : Im too small for this door!
38 : This lamps a bit leggy, so hop to it!
39 : Time for a martini.
40 : Girls need boots!
41 : This is a new father and his little baby, so cute.


Lovebirds hunt coming next!

Love Bird Hunt

Start : Aug 15th
End : Sept 15th

Your looking for two intwined hearts

Start : "Join" in the hunt here.
#1- Check out those new hot shorts
#1(a)- This well "Design"ed house holds the prize.
#2 - Follow the Black footprints and live,laugh and love.
#3- Vogue, strike a pose!
#4- Isn't Marble just beautiful?
#5- I love Roses
#6- The best pleasures for couples is "Sinful Pleasures"
#7- This kitty is very romantic
#8- Kisses are the sweetest thing
#9- Striped Jeans are a fashion must.
#10- Green is this clue, as green as a tree. Pink is a clue, think pink like me, cuddle is a clue, and a nice place to stay, I sit with my love and watch the water and flowers sway.
#11 - Already tired from running to the fantastic stores in this great couples hunt? Well you will need to visit the floor for those looking to sleep, and find the hunt hearts where you lay your weary head for a rest before continuing on.
#12- Hearts On a Balcony, How Romantic!
#13-See what you're fortune is.
#14-(Female) For a romantic night out a new gown is a must! (Male)Not up yet
#15-(a)Don't forget to check the new releases. (b) Plaid textures go with everything
#16-These hearts are in danger
#17-Take a little walk down the beach to the store and then say hi to a petite woman.
#18-Don't be shy, cam around this item.
#19- waiting for new LM
#20-How is your luck?
#21- (Female)These hearts are Addicted to each other (Males)I could go for a "Danish" and a coffee right about now.(Adult)NO CHILD AVS. IN THIS SIM.
#22- Object needs fixing.
#23-Try doing a fan dance for these ones but, don't get a kink in your neck
#24- It will only cost you a Penny for a little bit of couple time.
#25- It's a wonderful day to hang around the docks
#26- When you write you are always right!
#27- Are you a Lucky Chair Hunter.
#28- Take a look around, kick back and relax and enjoy the atmosphere.
#29- Nothing like a comfortable pair of blue jeans to wear.
#30- Shelved.
#31- A good chance for couples to make out
#32- Easily found.
#33- Between Erotic and Nature, you will find what you are after.
#34- Head upstairs.
#35- Have a seat and relax awhile.
#36- Easily found.
#37- Dont get booted.
#38- Love flows freely.
#39- Look for direction where couples kiss
#40- Go relax and get a drink from the tiki bar.
#41- Easily found.
#42- Easily found.
#43- Easily found.
#44- The prize is not hard to find. Wanna fight?
#45- Easily found.
#46- Easily found.
#47- Easily found.
#48- Easily found.
#49- Do much reading lately?
#50- MIA
#51- Two hearts here, both with same LM to next place. Heart 1 - These hearts are ready to greet you. Heart 2 -Every bride needs a bouquet
#52- Garden of love.
#53- MIA
#54- Where the Magic is kept and objects can be stored.
#55- Be sure to pet the kitty.
#56- I am getting very sleepy.
#57- A brief interlude.
#58- My name might be Peter.
#59- Come out or in.
#60- Easy find, no hint ; )
#61- Be careful walking up, it might be under foot.
#62- You light up my life.
#63- Up higher and boxed in.
#64- We make beautiful music together.
#65- MIA
#66- I think we need a new bed set.
#67- A midnight dinner with your loved one is a good idea.
#68- Go cuddle on the rose swing.
#69- Summer
#70- Dont go sneaking around!
#71- Easily found.
#73- A pair of candles.
#74- Be a poser.
#75- Even on summer time we love fire !
#76- Object not out.
#77- Easily found.
#78- Take a trip to Paris.
#79- Newly arrived palms in planters add to the decor.
#80- Corner the market on hanging out.
#81- There are few things better than sitting in a comfy chair with a good book
#82- Passion in the rain, are you game?
#83- Hearts and Flowers
#84- Now that you're so close to the end, do a little Charleston to celebrate
#85- A chair made for two.
#86- So many kinds of art here ... even ... body? Stop to smell the flower.
#87- Easy Find.
#88- Go tap the MM board.
#89- After all that walking, grab a drink at the bar.
#90- Get cuddly on the sofa.
#91- Be sure to look up.
#92- The prize is located in a refreshing place! Look up! Don't leave until you've found it!
#93- Baggy is in.
#94- Where do you hang mistletoe?
Ending Store - 95 - Click on the blue orb. The Lord of the Manor and his Lady Fair shall find their gift in the air!

Thank you to the people at The Lovebirds Hunt for allowing me to use some of there hints.

14 August 2009

Skipping Stones Hunt

A few of you asked and ye shall recieve, the Skipping Hunt hints and LM/SURL thingys.

Start: Aug 10th
End: Aug 24th

Start Location HERE

Your looking for a stone.

1 : This one was eisle to find, just park your trunk and take a look around.
2 : Follow the ramps but don't fall beneath, its hard to get out as the rock found to its peril.
3 : Climb up higher, see what might transpire.
4 : If you need good furniture come try it out here, take a load off but mind the stones!
5 : Don't you hate it when you get stones in your shoes!
6 : Read the signs, they hold the prize.
7 : Put your stone away in the cupboard and get making some new clothes!
8 : Climb skyward great hunters.
9 : Time to live like Harry Potter... again. He likes it under them
10 : Midnight, a peaceful time of day.
11 : Time to feed the ducks perhaps?
12 : Argyle is a good look on me, but not on stones!
13 : I need my hair dryed!
14 : I have green fingers
15 : Sitting on the dock of the bay.
16 : Don't forget to sign the visitors book as you go.
17 : Lucy best give it back :( I want my prize.
18 : You will go Polka dotty looking for this one. You may even wear out your shoes and need a new pair.
19 : Don't box this stone away, you need it!
20 : This one will have you beaming!
21 : I'm not confortable in my own skin, time for a new one.
22 : On the floor, bold as brass, you will see it if you venture within.
23 : Step into my office, its unusal but functional.
24 : Nice window view
25 : This rock watches over you as you enter, making sure your safe, can you see it?
26 : Climb skyward and have a rest I think, you have deserved it.
27 : Go to the corner, but be careful, its wearing a clever disguise.
28 : Down in the shade of a tree, you will find me. Im very very big you see,
29 : I'm a pinball wizard!
30 : The rock is a horses ass ;)
31 : Read the signs!
32 : Don't confuse it for packaging!
33 : Think pink and sit under the palm.
34 : Where can I climb upward, but I don't want to go up there.
35 : OMG its all wet :(
36 : Free things are always nice to have.
37 : The sun shines on the richeous and things green too.
38 : I'm a mighty rock, hear me rawr!
39 : Read the signs, check the floors.
40 : Head skyward but don't let the butterflies take the rock.
41: Check up high, not down low and you won't have far to go.
42 : Take a load off your weary feet.
43 : Mind your step
44 : Don't over indulge, because gluttony is a sin, and I will have to put your image up on the picture board!
45 : Chairs look like they are from space, weird, don't fall under them
46 : Head on up, and look on down.
47 : I want a refund on my rock please.
48 : head upwards, through this i see a fish
49 : Head on up, and up further.
50 : Who brought the sandwiches!
51 : Check the instore hint giver, they move it daily.
52 : Time to take centre stage!
54 : Don't get wet and fall in!
55 : Jeans, a must for any closet!
56 : Heads up!
57 : Head on up, and do some educating!
58 : Before you head in, don't trip on me.
59 : The rock has a friend, shes such a dummy!
60 : Subscibe to me perhaps?
61 : You need to watch TV, its a barrel of fun.


Again, any hints you want doing for hunts please holler, I do listen :)

13 August 2009

Crayon Hunt

Start : Aug 8th
End : 22nd Aug

Your looking for crayons

1 : I never tried getting into a building through the 'textured' roof before, pehaps if I draw a big enough hole up here I can squeeze through like Mr Bunny.
2 : I think baby bunny best hand over the crayola!
3 : I've heard of this place called "Music Labo" by the sunflowers; rumour has it that they give away free crayons
5 : Follow your pawpads and careful as you shrink, move carefully into your new miniture house, but mind the crayon.
7 : I was coloring, and dropped it, no one step on my crayon!
8 : Skip along the pawpath to get to your prize.
9 : This crayon is with its friends, and they are very peace loving crayons I might add.
10 : Bunny in reeeeeeeeed is dancing with me, cheek to.... whiskers??
11 : Skip along the paw pathway
12 : Let me have a look on things from high above.
13 : Do you own a lucky crayon?
14 : I love strawberries, ducks and crayons. Do you?
15 :Follow your paws to be on top of this prize.
16 : Way down low is where you must go, follow the paws to find you prize. She holds it in her hands.
18 : Follow your paws, this golden crayon likes good tunes.
19 : Make sure your SL eyes are working fully, then follow the path to the naughty crayon corner.
20 : A girls favourite thing, new shoes, but don't you dare get crayon on them
21 : Assistance please!
22 : Find this baby crayon along with its bigger buddies
23 : This large Crayon, is a pillar of society, kicking it back in the lamplight.
24 : This flower loving sun isn't too far away, just follow the path to find it.
25 : Please adopt the magic bunny, he needs a good magical home.
26 : Read the sign and count your crayons, maybe too many?
27 : Get comfy in your house made of tree, but dont let your crayon melt.
28 : How many visits has this crayon had today?
29 : Head on thru to see whats new, find it and you will have one happy skull, well one happy everything really.
30 : I wonder if the receptionist lost her crayon?
31 : You have nice drawers madam ;)
32 : Remember to get your notecard and use the crayon provided to write on it.
34 : Follow the paw prints
35 : Hitch a ride with a TPer, but don't drift like the wood down here.
36 : Follow the path, but stare to long your eyes will go square!
37 : No clue needed, its big and naughty!
38 : Careful of this crayons bite.
39 : Step into my office, mind the crayon.
40 : Don't get low looking for this one, you will see it eventually, just don't get obscured and "check" everywhere.
41 : Make sure you eat all your fruit and veg!
42 :Business meetings and seaviews, lovely.
43 : What a blinging new crayon, can i fit it round my wrist?
44 :I don't want any old cookie, I want the whole package!
45 : Raise your head to the sky and praise the great god of crayon.
46 : Climb the tower, see what you can see from up there.
47 : Does this crayons butt look big in these shorts?
48 : Take a load off your weary feet.
49 : Lets have a picnic on this table.

Pony Hunt

Start : 3rd Aug
End : 16th Aug

Start Location

Your looking for 20 blue ponies!

Pony 1 : Make a suggestion to this pony
Pony 2 : Table in some time to look for the ponies.
Pony 3 : This Pony likes to splish, splash.
Pony 4 : Time to sit at the prize station with your pony by your side.
Pony 5 : Read your signs pony lovers.
Pony 6 : This pony prefers noir.
Pony 7 :
Pony 8 :
Pony 9 :
Pony 10 : Vogue... strike a pose!
Pony 11 : Sit under the shade.
Pony 12 : Feel your way around the outside, could a pony be hiding.
Pony 13 : Mickey Mouse loves ponies too.
Pony 14 : Oh no its dark in here, batman lives within, but I'm to scared, ill stay by the entrance.
Pony 15: I feel like a rock in the wall. It's a bit chilly, how lucky I am to have this candle and a campfire to keep me warm. And all those rocks around me will keep me dry if it starts raining.
Pony 16 : This pony best not palm me off with no prize.
Pony 17: I like palm trees and the ocean.
Pony 18 : Sit and relax, just don't let a coconut fall on your head.
Pony 19 : This pony loves the shade too.
Pony 20 : Time to sleep perhaps?
Pony : This Pony should be called a seahorse! THIS WAS UN_NUMBERED SO COULD BE ANY MISSING PONY
Pony : This pony thinks its tarzan THIS WAS UN_NUMBERED SO COULD BE ANY MISSING PONY.

10 August 2009

Pumpkin Paw Hunt

Sorry but we are no longer accepting applications, we have 200 vendors and we will be taking no more :)

Gorean Gridwide Hunt

Start : Aug 8th
End : Aug 23rd

Your searching for suns, as in the one in the sky shining bright.

I will be hinting my own hints, but, each store has there own hint out too so you get 2 sets of hints, yaaaaaaaay.

1 : Head skyward, but don't let purity obscure your sight.
2 : Don't get blue hunting for this one, its MYSTICal properties will tp you to it.
3 : Don't mask your respect for this sun, bow to its feet as if it were your master.
4 : This sun has a sting in its tail, as do its friends.
5 : Can anyone but me get "high" on bread?
7 : She holds the sun high, dressed in ribbon.
8 : Hunting hard deserves a rest.
9 : 1 (Trident East) When you have roasted your marshmellows, its time to take a nap 2: (Trident North) This sun is a loner, like this lonely tree.
10 : Think northern and you wont miss this prize.
11 : Take a leaf out of Isis's book and dance for your master.
12 : Take a step back and look at the bigger picture, don't forget to arm yourself, it might be dangerous.
14 : Put on your silks, but remember, don't get boxed in.
15 : I love "days of sun", they shine bright, but don't stare directly at it.
16 : Don't forget to register.
17 : This sun has some serious Gorean Style.
18 : Creep to where kitty sleeps and write me a note :)
19 : Let the model bondmaid keep it in her hem, she likes the sun being down there,
20 : Time for a nap perhaps?
21 : Don't get framed in this store, like the sun.
22 : Watch your step in this store (labelled 25)
23 : Hint 1: Sometimes, there is a ring around the sun if you look at it just right!
Hint 2: Ring around the Livery, a pocket full of candy, ashes, ashes, the sun got found.
24 : Hint 1: "Where a Mermaid gets a tan" Hint 2: Set a TABLE for all eat, beside a mermaid that would be sweet. (I WAS ASKED TO USE THE OFFICIAL HINT BY THE STORE OWNER, IM ME IF YOU NEED FURTHER HELP) (labelled 23)
25 : Time for some sexy dancing perhaps? (labelled 26)
26 : Head on up, raise your head to the sky and praise the sun god! (labelled 24)
27 : Go fish!
28 : I can bearly contain this sun
29 : Gor fans, look skyward, and admire your fav artwork.
30 : Choose your material wisely.
31 : Berries make good clothing, but don't get collared.
32 : Swinging in the sunshine, shocking.
33 : Don't forget to wash your hands, esp if your infirmed.
34 : While you have the time, admire the art.
35 : Lets all sit together and read a story.
36 : Is there anything better than reclining in your bed... the breeze blowing through the curtains... watching the sun rise in the East?
37 : Just "nip" in and get this one.
38 : Follow the scent of roses, and take a seat, because persians have the fanciest weddings.
39 : Without this and the suns help, surely the 2nd floor would fall down.
40 : Stay down low and take a seat, but don't get burnt!
41 : Take the first step to finding this one carefully.
42 : A good slave is a clean slave I find.
43 : A slaves place is in the kitchen, but at least one with a seaview makes it interesting, right?
44 : Remember the sun burns!
46 : Raise your eyes to the heavens, and look for the sun.
47 : Time to un-"veil" your prize.
48 : Ivy been looking for this one for some time now, and it burns!
49 : Out not In, where birds might have been, sitting on a sill, the sunlight does spill.
51 : Skyward be your prize, Yukon keeps it safe.
52 : The Incas were into there gold sun images I think.
53 : These flames are so passionate, so pull on your silks and show me how hot it can get.
54 : Don't stain your hands picking up this sun.
55 : "Sitting by the dock of the bay"
56 : Sit proudly on your throne, but don't get burnt!
57 :Finding this one is short and sweet
58 : Find the correct store then look heavenwards!
59 : Have you got a Linden, drop it in and make a wish!
60 : This ones a bit fishy!
61 : This is a reject from a western and its broken!
62 : Time to feed the duck! So relax on the ground.
64 : Time to rest your weary eyes!
65 : After a long hard day, submissives need to lean back and relax in one of these.
67 : This one will have you over a barrel!
68 : Remember you have to try things once, so take the TP, your skybox awaits.
69 : You have hunted hard, time to take a seat perhaps.
70 : Don't let the rain splash your new gown!
71 : Oro warrior holds the sun!
72 : Raise your head up high a nd praise the god of the sky.
73 : The legions of hunters arch there necks to look up and see there prize.
74 : This burns, like the sun.
75 : Tanning and construction, draw your designs, the sun likes good design!
76 : Northtree hides your prize, can you see the visage infront of you?
77 : From pillar to post there the sun will find a host
80 : If you can't find this one, your barking mad.
81 : *whipsers* Does she know we can see her nipples. I best belt up before she hears me.
82 : Rawr.... keep your baby clean!
83 : You might look high. You might look low. But keep your eyes to things that grow.
84 : Let the flames lick you, Submissive!
85 : Find it, or be whipped!
86 : Spiral upwards to locate your prize
87 : I wonder if she burnt her hands?
88 : The holy one keeps it safe below
89 : Out of the flames this sun jumped, it is still hot so don't brand yourself with it,
90 : Go fish!
91 : No clue for you :) You wont miss it.
92 : You have travelled far and wide so take a trip into the village and scribe down your adventures.
93 : To praise the sun, you need to howl at the moon.
94 : You can see me from every window in the shack, a troll sometimes visits me here, I lie beneath a girls name...
95 : This sun sheds light on the situation

Annnnnd DONE!

Official Hint Stuffs :)

Witchy Woman Designs

Your looking for mini swimming pools.

Store Location

#1 outside: in something purple
#2 outside: sit on a swing and rest a while
#3 outside: Still not rested? take a nap on a bed
#4 main floor: look for some sand...
#5 3rd floor: taking a nap again you see red...
#6 3rd floor: take the stairs
#7 4th floor: time for an impromtu snack, have a seat
#8 4th floor: try a snack at this table now
#9 4th floor: third dining set is a charm
#10 main floor: look to the center

Taken from the store itself. Theres also a direct LM giver but I don't do that on here so if you want to do that you will find that near the entrance of the store itself.

9 August 2009

August Moon Hunt

Your looking for moons.

Sims involved : The French Farm and Lemania
Stores and amount of Moons within each store

* Nushru - 6 Moons
* Inklust - 5 Moons
* Creative Insanity - 3 Moons
* Jan's Lifestyle Living - 5 Moons
* Magic's Corner - 5 Moons
* Lois Designs - 10 Moons
* Amber's Treasures - 1 Moon
* Dragonlady Designs - 10 Moons
* Air Bubbles - 3 Moons
* Kattarpillars - 3 Moons

Happy Hunting
Mally x

Diversity Hunt

Start : Aug 8th
End : Sept 9th

Your looking for angels.

Start Location

Red Path - Female things
1: Don't get blue, hunt skyward.
2 : Telling a tale of two types.
3 : Smallest view.
4 : Yar this angel thinks its a parrot my hearty.
5 : Vogue, strike a pose.
6 : Oi dummy give me back my angel!
6B : This gown reminds me of night, angels like it too it seems.
7 : Head on in but mind your head!
8 : What is this stores name again?
9: This angel likes to be near nature, so head on out and take a peek around
9B :
10 : This angel wants to be a neko, so check the signs.
11 : This angel needs an update.
12 : This angel has a very cold friend.
13 : Join in like this angel is.
14 ; I love midnight, the angels come down then.
15 : Don't forget to subscribe
16 : Nice view from here, I can see outside. (Item labelled 18)
17 : Read a book, have a coffee, take a seat. (Item labelled 19)
Numbering went a bit weird so i just went in line with the LMS I had.
20A: Head on up and feel the cloth.
20 : Read your signs.

Blue Path -Mens Stuff (Some Neko thrown in)
1 : Check down from the sign, don't be a puppet though!
2 : Nice view from this window up here.
3 : Kitty, time to go to bed, but behave, your a pillar of society.
4 : "Eye" can see it hanging. (labelled 5)
6 : Rudolf the Purple Headed Reindeer has it.
7 : Nice window view.
9 : Display your angels, they are pretty.
10 : Is it a demo? Is it real? (Labelled 9)
12 : This angel is for the guys.
12B : All girls need a cute Sari.
13 : Vogue strike a pose!

Purple Path - Furniture
1 : Owchy these can burn
3 : Take a seat, have a nice cup of tea.
4 : Your in the Dog House, so get in it.
5 : Head on up, but mind the ramp.
10B : Time to dance, now all I need are the silks.
11 : Unicorns and butterflies are pillars of society, but are you?
14 :

6 August 2009

A Midsummers NIght Quest

Start 1st Aug
End 31st Aug

The sim location is HERE

Your looking for 12 blue glowy moons (set to midnight its more fun)
ON a personal note i LOVE the hunts on this sim, always fun, same makers of the hamster hunt before.

Moon 1 : Bring goes the phone
Moon 2 : Time to go digging
Moon 3 : When you step up, don't tread on the moon.
Moon 4 : Rent a moon, i can see this company doing well!
Moon 5 : Bones and skulls and a moon?
Moon 6 : This moon is pure "rebel"
Moon 7 : Fishing is a barrel of laughs you know.
Moon 8 : Go eat your cupcake, look up high.
Moon 9 : This pin cusion best hand over his moon!
Moon 10 : Climb the tree and admire the shrooms
Moon 11 : Hide where its dark and dank, Batman had one!
Moon 12 : This moon is the root of the problem, wonder if I can live high up there?

Gems and Kisses Earrings Hunt

Start Location HERE

Start July 27
End Aug. 9

Your looking for 24 gems, all on sale for 10L

Gem 1 : It wants to tell you about the earring hunt.
Gem 2 : Trying to get out the door!
Gem 3 (there are 2 3's) : A close friend of gem 4 OR It likes to huddle in the back room.
Gem 4 : Take centre stage
Gem 5 : Mind your step!
Gem 6 : Lighting the stage is am important job
Gem 7 : Sasha is a fan of this one
Gem 8 : Admiring the stage
Gem 9 : Get to the corner again!
Gem 10 : Anna is a fan of this one.
Gem 11 : Read the rules!
Gem 12: Purple and out in the open, can see the stage from here
Gem 14 : Interested in solitaire
Gem 15 : Out in the open admiring the stage.
Gem 16 : This one is Esotic
Gem 17 : Megan is a fan of this one.
Gem 18 : It's feeling lucky!
Gem 19 : This one would fit in your belly nicely
Gem 20 : Sent to the corner, bad boy.
Gem 22 : Flavia is illuminated by this one.
Gem 23 : Watch your step!
Gem 24 : I think it may be Jewish?

Do you like the SURLS on the right

I know some times I have struggled to quickly find the start to a hunt, its always lost in a notecard in my inventory, or I have to skim back to an old post I made with them all listed.

Now I have them categorised with either the start SURL for each hunt or the blog with the info on. Its separated into Gridwide, Sim and Store hunts too. Then a separate upcoming hunt section so you can see whats on the horizon.

I was wondering if you guys and gals like the right hand column now, will having direct access to the list, clearly laid out like that, make your lives easier, or would you prefer to not have that there,

Please let me know by commenting here. If you think it sucks please say it politely :)

Mally xx

Ice Cream Hunt at TASHA Designs

Start Location HERE

Start July 14th
End Aug 31st

Your looking for 20 Icecream cutouts.

They are large, you wont need hints. The prizes are...
1 Icecream string bikini
2 I scream for icecream T-shirt
3 Icecream pink underwear
4 Lady in red outfits
5 Sally dress with sash
6 Yellow feelin fruity underwear
7 Floral dress red
8 Silver flip-flops
9 Icecream sundea pumps
10 Lilac goth skin
11 Spring T Shirts bundle
12 "Pinky" Corset mini dress with stockings
13 Pink string T-Shirt
14 Green string corset
15 Pink fishnet
16 Floral T Shirt
17 Dee Dress
18 Baby..Babydoll in Purple
19 Mask T-shirt
20 Glitzy Pink Gown

Larnia's Strawberry Hunt

Start 1st Aug
End 31st Aug

These gifts/prizes are between 0 and 5L so be careful if you dont want to pay.
Larnia is a childrens store so items may be orientated towards them

Your looking for strawberries in the main store HERE.

Strawberry 1 : Touch me to turn me on ;) btw I'm new!
Strawberry 2 : Where do i fish? Oh this way is it?
Strawberry 3 : Put this berry to bed.
Strawberry 4 : Your feeling lucky I see!
Strawberry 5 : This one is for the boyz
Strawberry 6 : Sit high in your house of the tree!
Strawberry 7 : A 50L berry? WOW
Strawberry 8 : Time to mixy and match my summer fruits!
Strawberry 9 : This berry is the root of your problems
Strawberry 11 : This outfit is nearly as lovely red as the strawberry itself
Strawberry 12: This ones a bit of a swinger!
Strawberry 13 : I was painting and I grew this.. TREE????
Strawberry 14 : Check out the cherry blosso,. cute huh? I can admire the sea too, lovely.
Strawberry 15 : Time to furnish the treehouse but where to purchase such items i wonder?

5 August 2009

Hybrid Hunt

Your looking for paw prints :)

1 : Climb upwards to find your prize
2 : Round and round and round Teagan goes, where she stops, no body knows.
3 : Edge closer to the new tattoos
4: This paw is fragile, so keep it dry!
5: Paw sez revenge is best served with boots
6: Dude "you're ugly"
7 : Your IP Rights are worth protecting, as are you paws!
8 : Moves daily, see the hint cube in store for the days hint.
9 - The Paw feels at home in his arms
11: Mirror mirror on the wall... (Wrong LM I will be changing it soon)
12: Hi garfield?
13: Feeling lucky?
14: Feeling lucky again?
15 : Read the sign! The paw looks sick :(
16: This paw is signed up
17: Look skyward Nekos!
18 Those darn chickens!
19: (Paw 1) Members get gifts!? (Paw 2) The paw likes to be high
20: Moves a lot so no hint avaliable (atm the black pearl is close by to it)
21: This paw thinks couples are pillars of society
22: This gothic romance will have you beaming.
23: You may need a wagon for this paw
24: Changes daily so no hint avaliable
25: This paw loves spring, summer, winter and fall
26: This paw likes to look down at the freebies
27- X marks the spot you lucky people!
28 The sock kitty has such cute feet!
29 : Who dropped there paw going upwards?
30 : Moves daily so no hint avaliable
31 : Head to the right area and check down low, this paw seems to have a larger purple friend.
32 Belt up and be a pillar of society!
33 This new paw feels skully
34 The skylight holds the prize.
35 I'm a big fan of these paw trails!
36 Eye spy a window!
37 Tired? Kitty, park it on a bench
38 Feathery paw :) see it parked up top.
39 Is this paw "4 sale" up there
40 Head on up, look, it arched!
41 Read the signs!
42 I'm hungry! I wonder if there's anything yummy in the kitchen.
43 : Kitty should play with her toys.
44"Another brick in the wall!" (SIM WAS DOWN FOR ME)
45: This paw is fragile!
46 This paw loves colored ink! Check your drawers!
47 Say hello to cheza bear!
48 This paw likes it some peach!
49 Throw on your camo and go play
50 Which wam? Wig wam?
51 If you're tired then just go and have a seat over there
52 Do I get a prize with that subscription?
53 These tracks look tricky, maybe the paw is throwing us off!
54 Hey, MM boards arn't just for people
55 This paw loves some tunes
56 this paw must want a vacation to waterworld
57 The paw fought a gate, and lost :(
58 Quick! Help me with the fence!
59 : Wanna play ball?

4 August 2009

Poppy Hunt

Starts 1st Aug
Ends 31st Aug

Your looking for a block with poppies on it.

1 : Pump up the volume!
2 : Follow your poppy trail and admire the fountain.
3: Playtime with the poppy!!
4 : Have a sleep and let the angels whisper the location to you.
5 : Follow the poppies and take a seat.
6 : I'm feeling lucky so lets sit around the table and talk about it.
8 : Take a seat, smell the flowers and play the game. Relax a little.
9 : Then the clock strikes midnight im on top of the world!
10 : This chick has one hot looking room
11 : Don't step on me as you land!
12 : I feel so lucky to be hunting :)
13 : Have a rest with the God of Thunder.
14 : Head on up to find your prize, batman and superman both wore one, but not the gown that comes with it.
15 : I'm feeling green, time to take a rest.
16 : Poppys grow best around ponds so head to the middle of the sim and find your poppy patch!
17 : Read the signs!
18 : Whats the 3rd step, oh yes, purchasing a baby.
19 : Take in the scent of a pretty flower.
20 : Gowns, do poppys go with them?
22 : You think this celeb will give me her autograph (same sim as last store, follow leaves)
23 : Need a hint? Perhaps a tip?
24 : Head on in for some swimwear? Good job my fav color is purple!
25 : Moor your boat and relax in the tiki surroundings
26 : WOAH my feet are hot.
27 : Head west the left at the lighthouse, the store is the last in the row, but don't get boxed in!
28 : Follow the poppies and reach for the stars!
29 : Put your feet up and enjoy the view
30 : Everyone loves my guitar skills, it brings a teardrop to your eye, even the poppies who is close by.
31 : Titlers can be evil, and so can no entry signs :(
32 : Floor 3 is where the goody be!
34 : This attic is very dusty, save your poppy from the spidery web.
35 : Read the sign!
36 : Follow the poppies to this new addition
37 : Look to the heavens and ye shall see the prize.
38 : Feeling down in the dumps? A poppy might make you feel better.
39 : This pretty kitty needs to hand over her loot!
40 : Check behind this tasty tropical fruit.
41 : Reach for the stars
42 : Follow the direction of the poppies and remember bunnies like carrots, nomnom
43 : Take a seat and rest those weary feet.
44 : Smell the fine roses, and pick up a poppy!
45 : Follow the poppies upward to find your prize
46 : The trestle keeps the prize, over looking the chickens with pride!
47 : Don't get wet picking this one up.
48 : Stay grounded, and don't i look cool in cotton.
49 : The lady in red is keeping this safe.
50 : Remember to "join" in
51 : Perhaps you should clean your room, just because it's new doesn't mean it's clean.
52 : SKIP
53 : Assitance please!
54 : SKIP
55 : Follow the poppies to the waters edge and claim your prize.
56 : SKIP
57 : The pink Fae is looking down on it, find her to find your prize.
58 : Take a seat and relax
59 : Look up high to claim your prize
60 : Head on up and claim your prize
61 : Say 'I do' and look up
62 : Bikinis and hotpants, nice.
63 : Follow your poppies but don't feel blue, take a seat for a moment or two.
64 : Get warm by the fire
65: SKIP
66: Dont get this clue wrapped around your neck, thats for neckbands only.
67: Never clean windows with poppies.
68 : Ahhhh a bear!!!
69: TP to the correct store then sit and have a rest.
70 : Stay outside and admire the fireworks, mini castles are cute to see
71: Poor darlin' must be scared, hiding behind a rock like that.
72: Alice carries her poppy like a bag!
73: Feeling lucky?
74: Get in touch with your inner child. Head up for a swing.
75: Don't stray far from the sign and put your poppies in your wheelbarrow.
76: Its dark and safe under here, I like being her Harry Potter used to live.
77: Smell the pretty flowers
78: Time to do a bit of swinging
79: Find the models and read the signs, its not far from there.
80: SKIP
81: Sit on the sil and watch the world pass by
82 : Wave your flag with pride but mind the balloons.
83 : Follow the poppy trail
84 : Take a load off your weary feet.
85 : You best table some time in this store, its large.
86 : Follow your poppy trail.
87 : Look to the heavens.
88 : Check your shelves
89 : Follow your poppy trail and take a seat.
90 : Nice balcony, i can see poppies from here.
92 : Head on in and take a seat.
93 : Find the poppy trail and follow it
94 : Feeling lucky?
95 : Tropical paradise and poppies.
96 : Assitance please?
97 : Take a seat in the gazebo and relax
98 : Take a seat again, this hunting is tiring work.
99 : *Cackles* You will find this one or fall under my witchy spell.
100 : This poppy is a new blinging release
101 : Candles candles everywhere, remember to look down low.
102 : These releases are too new, i may have to hide in the corner to feel safe.
103 : Table some more hunt time in
105 : To keep out of a prickly situation, stick close to the sign.
106 : Stay grounded and take a peek out the window
107 : Try keep to middle ground to locate this one
108 : I love cherryblossom do you?
109 : DARK CHARM? Sounds like a great place to hide surROUNDed and sheltered from all these stalking hunters
110 : Strap some handles on it and this makes a cute bag!
111: "Join" this poppy
112: Midnight is a good time of day
114 : Head on up till you see it twirling upwards, try the room beyond that.
115: Strap on your heels and reach up for this poppy
116: Follow your poppy trail
117: Time to lay down and take in a good novel
118: Seems my bag fell down
119: Cam up high then cam higher to the heavenly colored room. Here you will find your prize.
120: The lady in red wants to treat her feet, with poppies?? Weird.
121 : Take a sniff at the flowers!
122 : Oh cool!!! Blue jeans newly released!
123 : Feel the warmth of the tropical orange, and go take relax there.
124 : Take the "steps" in the right direction, but dont fall under!
125 : Pop into the changing room and try on a poppy!
126 : Take a closer look at the Hunt sign
127 : I'm half up and half down, don't let this one "shaft" you.
128 : 1. Lets sit round this plant and chat 2. Read the sign, its the poppy hunt!
129 : Let us "Light" up your life
130 : Look to the heavens to get your prize, don't break your neck doing it.
131 : Head to bed, and sleep like a princess!
132 : Girls have to accessorise!
133 : I am so tired, but this hunt has been illuminating.
134 : Cakes and candles make a good wedding special.
135 : Can you hear the wind?
136 : Assitance please!
137 : Don't forget to "join" in.
138 : CAKE TIME nomnom
139 : This devilish looking woman in red is hotter than the red sun.
140 : SKIP
141 : Up you go, but remember drugs are bad mmmmmmm'kay.
142 : Midnight is a good time of day
143 : These outfits are sheer, :O I see nips
144 : I'm nearly feeling lucky
145 : I hear elephants like poppies too
146 : Skip through the poppys
147 : Strike a pose and check your toes. It may be smaller than you expect.
148 : "Sittin on the dock of the bay"
149 : Go to the corner bad boy!
150 : Midnight is a good time, but it gets a bit dark, i need light on the matter!
151 : Follow the poppy trail to the old village and admire the carts wares!
152 : Follow the poppy trail and take in some fresh air
153 : Don't lean over balconys, you tend to drop things over the edge!
158 : Nice window view at the end of this poppy trail.
159 : Which one is the true poppy i wonder?
160: Take the TP to plan the wedding of your dreams. Then just make sure you're in the right store!