6 August 2009

A Midsummers NIght Quest

Start 1st Aug
End 31st Aug

The sim location is HERE

Your looking for 12 blue glowy moons (set to midnight its more fun)
ON a personal note i LOVE the hunts on this sim, always fun, same makers of the hamster hunt before.

Moon 1 : Bring goes the phone
Moon 2 : Time to go digging
Moon 3 : When you step up, don't tread on the moon.
Moon 4 : Rent a moon, i can see this company doing well!
Moon 5 : Bones and skulls and a moon?
Moon 6 : This moon is pure "rebel"
Moon 7 : Fishing is a barrel of laughs you know.
Moon 8 : Go eat your cupcake, look up high.
Moon 9 : This pin cusion best hand over his moon!
Moon 10 : Climb the tree and admire the shrooms
Moon 11 : Hide where its dark and dank, Batman had one!
Moon 12 : This moon is the root of the problem, wonder if I can live high up there?