17 August 2009

Black Keys Hunt

Start :Aug 15th
End : Aug 30th

Your looking for Piano Keys

1 : I am feeling rather skeletal, i need some food
2 : I have a gift of choclates for you, so head up and collect them
3 : Assitance please!
4 : Time to get inked punk.
5 : I have icing on my ass
6 : Listen to the fortune teller.
7 : Want a slice of watermelon with that?
8 : This key is the root of the problem!
9 : This key is new don't ya know.
10 : All girlies need new shoes.
11 : OWNER HAS REQUESTED NO HINT, need a hand IM me direct.
12 : "Eye" know where it is!
13 : Head skyward, remember to pull on a sweater
14 : Damn I can't see out the window, too many things in the way,
15 : Strap in those legs and rest against this pillar.
16 : Freebies are this way.
17 : I salute the star spangled banner (even if I am english ;))
18 : New talent needs free stores don't you think?
19 : Horatio knows that the dead dog ate it.
20 : Assitance please!
21 : Another hunt item who feels its name is Harry Potter!
22 : Have you got eyes?
23 : This is where naughty Avatars must go.
24 : This one is truely illumiating
25 : Careful this key is fragile.
26 : The mothership is calling.
27 : Never run with a pair of these.
28 : Sit with Freyja and have a coffee.
29 : Eye have this prize, do you?
30 : Poor bunny, that gotta hurt.
31 : Time to take a load off!
32 : Time to try on a ring perhaps?
33 : This prize is "comming soon" (this one annoyed the HELL outta me, so if you get bugged too just IM me)
34 : Keep your hands off my new stuffz.
35 : My Eyes will amaze you as will my keys (changes daily so may not be right, check the hint giver in store to check)
36 : Pull on your shorts, you've been gone for so long!
37 : Take the tp avaliable, Amalie has your prize down low (be careful hunters are leaving there crap all over the store, don't be fooled by them, the one your looking for is on a display not on the floor)
38 : Are you the joker of the pack?
39 : Your a pillar of society too? Nice to know, don't stray too far though!
40 : Time to make a call.
41 : Dude, throw on some Jeans!
42 : If you ask Tasha nicely she may hand over the keys.
43 : Table in some time at this store.
44 : Assistance please.
45 : Head over the walkway and try on the pretty dresses.
46 : Park your ass n relax
47 : I Dare you to wear this outfit!
48 : Afflilate with this store and see your prize.
49 : Quick take a seat, the fasion show is about to start.
50 : Lean against this pillar and relax.
51 : Someone clean up that deer poop

DONE, enjoy, Mally xx