15 August 2009

Proposers Hunt

Starts: 15th Aug
Ends : 30th Aug

Your looking for a handprint

1 : This one with Bowl you over, but be careful, this is a BDSM world we live in, could be painful
2 : This print has some catwalk style! So pose with it.
3 : Don't be worried this room isnt completely empty, just one lone handprint.
4 : Follow the rocks and don't trip, your print is not far off.
5 : Get "involved" with this print.
6 : Many things grow on trees you know.
7 : A fan of the piano maybe?
8 : Head on up, don't get wet on the way.
9 : Are you a gossipgurl?
10 : Head skyward to locate your prize.
11 : Would you like to buy a giftcard?
12 : Head to the correct store with the sign outside, past the waterfall, Look down low, its "always together"
13 : Pose for your family snap!
14 : Me, my gal and my handprint, good pose! Its New In!
15 : This print is as talented as a model.
16 : Girls with guns threaten me
17 : Don't get lost in the dungeon up there.
18 : Time for a sleep perhaps?
19 : Check the signs!
20 : Sitting on the dock of the bay.
21 : Do you need an update?
22 : This hand is hanging on by a thread, but don't get blue about it, go have a wash with some soap.
23 : This is one HIIIIIGH window.
24 : Vogue... strike a pose.
25 : Updated me!
26 : Head skyward to the left, the rainbow glass knows its location
27 : Head on in and order from the counter!
28 : Someone has some great superglue sticking that there.
29 : Head on up and get "adicto" to handprints.
30 : Takes centre stage with the pretty woman.
31 : Head over the sand and locate the pink lighting FITTING (being as some people dont understand what the word lighting means DOH).
32 : Check the walls hunters.
33 : This print wants to make a call
34 : Time to make another call. (IT DOES WORK, GIVE IT TIME TO WORK)
35 : Peep out of the window with this print.
36 : Follow the red arrows!
37 : Im too small for this door!
38 : This lamps a bit leggy, so hop to it!
39 : Time for a martini.
40 : Girls need boots!
41 : This is a new father and his little baby, so cute.


Lovebirds hunt coming next!