4 August 2009

Poppy Hunt

Starts 1st Aug
Ends 31st Aug

Your looking for a block with poppies on it.

1 : Pump up the volume!
2 : Follow your poppy trail and admire the fountain.
3: Playtime with the poppy!!
4 : Have a sleep and let the angels whisper the location to you.
5 : Follow the poppies and take a seat.
6 : I'm feeling lucky so lets sit around the table and talk about it.
8 : Take a seat, smell the flowers and play the game. Relax a little.
9 : Then the clock strikes midnight im on top of the world!
10 : This chick has one hot looking room
11 : Don't step on me as you land!
12 : I feel so lucky to be hunting :)
13 : Have a rest with the God of Thunder.
14 : Head on up to find your prize, batman and superman both wore one, but not the gown that comes with it.
15 : I'm feeling green, time to take a rest.
16 : Poppys grow best around ponds so head to the middle of the sim and find your poppy patch!
17 : Read the signs!
18 : Whats the 3rd step, oh yes, purchasing a baby.
19 : Take in the scent of a pretty flower.
20 : Gowns, do poppys go with them?
22 : You think this celeb will give me her autograph (same sim as last store, follow leaves)
23 : Need a hint? Perhaps a tip?
24 : Head on in for some swimwear? Good job my fav color is purple!
25 : Moor your boat and relax in the tiki surroundings
26 : WOAH my feet are hot.
27 : Head west the left at the lighthouse, the store is the last in the row, but don't get boxed in!
28 : Follow the poppies and reach for the stars!
29 : Put your feet up and enjoy the view
30 : Everyone loves my guitar skills, it brings a teardrop to your eye, even the poppies who is close by.
31 : Titlers can be evil, and so can no entry signs :(
32 : Floor 3 is where the goody be!
34 : This attic is very dusty, save your poppy from the spidery web.
35 : Read the sign!
36 : Follow the poppies to this new addition
37 : Look to the heavens and ye shall see the prize.
38 : Feeling down in the dumps? A poppy might make you feel better.
39 : This pretty kitty needs to hand over her loot!
40 : Check behind this tasty tropical fruit.
41 : Reach for the stars
42 : Follow the direction of the poppies and remember bunnies like carrots, nomnom
43 : Take a seat and rest those weary feet.
44 : Smell the fine roses, and pick up a poppy!
45 : Follow the poppies upward to find your prize
46 : The trestle keeps the prize, over looking the chickens with pride!
47 : Don't get wet picking this one up.
48 : Stay grounded, and don't i look cool in cotton.
49 : The lady in red is keeping this safe.
50 : Remember to "join" in
51 : Perhaps you should clean your room, just because it's new doesn't mean it's clean.
52 : SKIP
53 : Assitance please!
54 : SKIP
55 : Follow the poppies to the waters edge and claim your prize.
56 : SKIP
57 : The pink Fae is looking down on it, find her to find your prize.
58 : Take a seat and relax
59 : Look up high to claim your prize
60 : Head on up and claim your prize
61 : Say 'I do' and look up
62 : Bikinis and hotpants, nice.
63 : Follow your poppies but don't feel blue, take a seat for a moment or two.
64 : Get warm by the fire
65: SKIP
66: Dont get this clue wrapped around your neck, thats for neckbands only.
67: Never clean windows with poppies.
68 : Ahhhh a bear!!!
69: TP to the correct store then sit and have a rest.
70 : Stay outside and admire the fireworks, mini castles are cute to see
71: Poor darlin' must be scared, hiding behind a rock like that.
72: Alice carries her poppy like a bag!
73: Feeling lucky?
74: Get in touch with your inner child. Head up for a swing.
75: Don't stray far from the sign and put your poppies in your wheelbarrow.
76: Its dark and safe under here, I like being her Harry Potter used to live.
77: Smell the pretty flowers
78: Time to do a bit of swinging
79: Find the models and read the signs, its not far from there.
80: SKIP
81: Sit on the sil and watch the world pass by
82 : Wave your flag with pride but mind the balloons.
83 : Follow the poppy trail
84 : Take a load off your weary feet.
85 : You best table some time in this store, its large.
86 : Follow your poppy trail.
87 : Look to the heavens.
88 : Check your shelves
89 : Follow your poppy trail and take a seat.
90 : Nice balcony, i can see poppies from here.
92 : Head on in and take a seat.
93 : Find the poppy trail and follow it
94 : Feeling lucky?
95 : Tropical paradise and poppies.
96 : Assitance please?
97 : Take a seat in the gazebo and relax
98 : Take a seat again, this hunting is tiring work.
99 : *Cackles* You will find this one or fall under my witchy spell.
100 : This poppy is a new blinging release
101 : Candles candles everywhere, remember to look down low.
102 : These releases are too new, i may have to hide in the corner to feel safe.
103 : Table some more hunt time in
105 : To keep out of a prickly situation, stick close to the sign.
106 : Stay grounded and take a peek out the window
107 : Try keep to middle ground to locate this one
108 : I love cherryblossom do you?
109 : DARK CHARM? Sounds like a great place to hide surROUNDed and sheltered from all these stalking hunters
110 : Strap some handles on it and this makes a cute bag!
111: "Join" this poppy
112: Midnight is a good time of day
114 : Head on up till you see it twirling upwards, try the room beyond that.
115: Strap on your heels and reach up for this poppy
116: Follow your poppy trail
117: Time to lay down and take in a good novel
118: Seems my bag fell down
119: Cam up high then cam higher to the heavenly colored room. Here you will find your prize.
120: The lady in red wants to treat her feet, with poppies?? Weird.
121 : Take a sniff at the flowers!
122 : Oh cool!!! Blue jeans newly released!
123 : Feel the warmth of the tropical orange, and go take relax there.
124 : Take the "steps" in the right direction, but dont fall under!
125 : Pop into the changing room and try on a poppy!
126 : Take a closer look at the Hunt sign
127 : I'm half up and half down, don't let this one "shaft" you.
128 : 1. Lets sit round this plant and chat 2. Read the sign, its the poppy hunt!
129 : Let us "Light" up your life
130 : Look to the heavens to get your prize, don't break your neck doing it.
131 : Head to bed, and sleep like a princess!
132 : Girls have to accessorise!
133 : I am so tired, but this hunt has been illuminating.
134 : Cakes and candles make a good wedding special.
135 : Can you hear the wind?
136 : Assitance please!
137 : Don't forget to "join" in.
138 : CAKE TIME nomnom
139 : This devilish looking woman in red is hotter than the red sun.
140 : SKIP
141 : Up you go, but remember drugs are bad mmmmmmm'kay.
142 : Midnight is a good time of day
143 : These outfits are sheer, :O I see nips
144 : I'm nearly feeling lucky
145 : I hear elephants like poppies too
146 : Skip through the poppys
147 : Strike a pose and check your toes. It may be smaller than you expect.
148 : "Sittin on the dock of the bay"
149 : Go to the corner bad boy!
150 : Midnight is a good time, but it gets a bit dark, i need light on the matter!
151 : Follow the poppy trail to the old village and admire the carts wares!
152 : Follow the poppy trail and take in some fresh air
153 : Don't lean over balconys, you tend to drop things over the edge!
158 : Nice window view at the end of this poppy trail.
159 : Which one is the true poppy i wonder?
160: Take the TP to plan the wedding of your dreams. Then just make sure you're in the right store!