6 August 2009

Ice Cream Hunt at TASHA Designs

Start Location HERE

Start July 14th
End Aug 31st

Your looking for 20 Icecream cutouts.

They are large, you wont need hints. The prizes are...
1 Icecream string bikini
2 I scream for icecream T-shirt
3 Icecream pink underwear
4 Lady in red outfits
5 Sally dress with sash
6 Yellow feelin fruity underwear
7 Floral dress red
8 Silver flip-flops
9 Icecream sundea pumps
10 Lilac goth skin
11 Spring T Shirts bundle
12 "Pinky" Corset mini dress with stockings
13 Pink string T-Shirt
14 Green string corset
15 Pink fishnet
16 Floral T Shirt
17 Dee Dress
18 Baby..Babydoll in Purple
19 Mask T-shirt
20 Glitzy Pink Gown