18 August 2009

Summer Fun Hunt

Start: Aug 7th
End : Sept 7th

Your looking for umbrellas, you HAVE to collect a HUD to participate! I used the LMs in the folders to get the SURLS in this blog, some do pop you up right near the item, but that is not my doing.

1 : The bunnies keep it, just under where you collect your HUD.
2 : Smell the pretty flowers and look to the skys, isn't life great.
3 : Take a seat and admire the foliage.
4 : (same store as 2-3) This umbrella is crystal.
5 : I heart this umbrella, don't you love it too?
6 : Get to the corner!
7 : Smell all the pretty flowers in here, but don't fall behind the vendor.
8 : These gowns are pretty, now I need an umbrella to go with it.
9 : Time to take a nap
10 : Smell the pretty flowers.
11 : Midnight is a good time.
12 : Daisy, shes got lovely skin hasn't she.
13 : This ones divine and easy to see.
14 : "Ladys" check out the wares.
15 : Head on in, but mind the waterfalls.
16 : Head on up the steps, you may need an umbrella.
17 : You will find me at the foot of the stairs, I can see the red angel from here,
18 : Head on up and pick a parasol.
19 : Do you need an update? (theres several updaters, don't stray too far from the rez point)
20 : Searching for this will take you to the higher level.
21 : Take a seat, but don't get too hot.
22 : Time to go to market!
23 : Head to the end of the boardwalk and fly your flag high.
24 : One is real, one is fake but which is which.
25 : Drink the magic brew, its good for you.
26 : Head on up, superman has your prize.
27 : Bag up your umbrella, and go shopping
28 : Chic are you a shopaholic?
29 : Relax on the beach, but this umbrellas a bit small don't you think.
30 : Oi dummy hand it over
31 : Take a seat perhaps!
32 : Check the view from up here
33 : All women need leather pants (trousers)!
34 : This umbrella is at the root of the problem
35 : Need an update?
36 : Get to the back you bad hunter you.
37 :Don't let aphrodite burn you.
38 : Grab some boots, or perhaps the umbrella insted.
39 : Hide under here like Harry Potter
40 : Don't leaf here empty handed, and don't get stumped either.
41 : This umbrella is being schooled
42 : Assistance Please!
43 : Follow the bunny hops, head down the rabbit hole to the new area, damn that cards carrying something weird.
44 : Whats the time?
45 : Check between and you will scream, for the prize will be found, close to the ground.
46 : Feeling lucky maybe?
47 : RAWR find me but don't get bitten.
48 : Look skyward, if its raining outside you always need an umbrella, don't you hate it when the wind blows it away though.
49 : Check out the many colours of the rainbow.
50 : Well blow me down with a feather, thats where they hid it!
51 : I need a pick me up, maybe time for an energy drink.
52 : Weird things grow on palm trees!
53 : Thanks for visiting this store hunters.
54 : This is one lucky poster!
55 : Is this a lampshade I see before me?
56 : This one is an absolute delight!
57 : This ones double the fun.
58 : Is it a light? No its an umbrella!
59 : Don't get wet out here getting your umbrella.
60 : Don't get behind the times, join the European Union like this umbrella has.
61 : Umbrella got low
62 : Surely you can't fit all that cake in your mouth!
63 : Check up high hunters
64 : This umbrella is a demo.
65 : This dollerbie girl has to be in a lot of pain, that umbrellas poking her somewhere that shouldnt be poked.
66 : Sirena, she needs to hand it over! So head up and steal it back.
67 : Don't stray far from the rez point, you won't go wrong.
68 :Little bear keeps it safe for you
69 : Check out the bling in this place
70 : Midnight is the best time of day.
71 : I'm drawn to big hearts are you?
72 : Evil Bunny has it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
73 : This one isn't allowed in the naughty area