14 August 2009

Skipping Stones Hunt

A few of you asked and ye shall recieve, the Skipping Hunt hints and LM/SURL thingys.

Start: Aug 10th
End: Aug 24th

Start Location HERE

Your looking for a stone.

1 : This one was eisle to find, just park your trunk and take a look around.
2 : Follow the ramps but don't fall beneath, its hard to get out as the rock found to its peril.
3 : Climb up higher, see what might transpire.
4 : If you need good furniture come try it out here, take a load off but mind the stones!
5 : Don't you hate it when you get stones in your shoes!
6 : Read the signs, they hold the prize.
7 : Put your stone away in the cupboard and get making some new clothes!
8 : Climb skyward great hunters.
9 : Time to live like Harry Potter... again. He likes it under them
10 : Midnight, a peaceful time of day.
11 : Time to feed the ducks perhaps?
12 : Argyle is a good look on me, but not on stones!
13 : I need my hair dryed!
14 : I have green fingers
15 : Sitting on the dock of the bay.
16 : Don't forget to sign the visitors book as you go.
17 : Lucy best give it back :( I want my prize.
18 : You will go Polka dotty looking for this one. You may even wear out your shoes and need a new pair.
19 : Don't box this stone away, you need it!
20 : This one will have you beaming!
21 : I'm not confortable in my own skin, time for a new one.
22 : On the floor, bold as brass, you will see it if you venture within.
23 : Step into my office, its unusal but functional.
24 : Nice window view
25 : This rock watches over you as you enter, making sure your safe, can you see it?
26 : Climb skyward and have a rest I think, you have deserved it.
27 : Go to the corner, but be careful, its wearing a clever disguise.
28 : Down in the shade of a tree, you will find me. Im very very big you see,
29 : I'm a pinball wizard!
30 : The rock is a horses ass ;)
31 : Read the signs!
32 : Don't confuse it for packaging!
33 : Think pink and sit under the palm.
34 : Where can I climb upward, but I don't want to go up there.
35 : OMG its all wet :(
36 : Free things are always nice to have.
37 : The sun shines on the richeous and things green too.
38 : I'm a mighty rock, hear me rawr!
39 : Read the signs, check the floors.
40 : Head skyward but don't let the butterflies take the rock.
41: Check up high, not down low and you won't have far to go.
42 : Take a load off your weary feet.
43 : Mind your step
44 : Don't over indulge, because gluttony is a sin, and I will have to put your image up on the picture board!
45 : Chairs look like they are from space, weird, don't fall under them
46 : Head on up, and look on down.
47 : I want a refund on my rock please.
48 : head upwards, through this i see a fish
49 : Head on up, and up further.
50 : Who brought the sandwiches!
51 : Check the instore hint giver, they move it daily.
52 : Time to take centre stage!
54 : Don't get wet and fall in!
55 : Jeans, a must for any closet!
56 : Heads up!
57 : Head on up, and do some educating!
58 : Before you head in, don't trip on me.
59 : The rock has a friend, shes such a dummy!
60 : Subscibe to me perhaps?
61 : You need to watch TV, its a barrel of fun.


Again, any hints you want doing for hunts please holler, I do listen :)