10 August 2009

Gorean Gridwide Hunt

Start : Aug 8th
End : Aug 23rd

Your searching for suns, as in the one in the sky shining bright.

I will be hinting my own hints, but, each store has there own hint out too so you get 2 sets of hints, yaaaaaaaay.

1 : Head skyward, but don't let purity obscure your sight.
2 : Don't get blue hunting for this one, its MYSTICal properties will tp you to it.
3 : Don't mask your respect for this sun, bow to its feet as if it were your master.
4 : This sun has a sting in its tail, as do its friends.
5 : Can anyone but me get "high" on bread?
7 : She holds the sun high, dressed in ribbon.
8 : Hunting hard deserves a rest.
9 : 1 (Trident East) When you have roasted your marshmellows, its time to take a nap 2: (Trident North) This sun is a loner, like this lonely tree.
10 : Think northern and you wont miss this prize.
11 : Take a leaf out of Isis's book and dance for your master.
12 : Take a step back and look at the bigger picture, don't forget to arm yourself, it might be dangerous.
14 : Put on your silks, but remember, don't get boxed in.
15 : I love "days of sun", they shine bright, but don't stare directly at it.
16 : Don't forget to register.
17 : This sun has some serious Gorean Style.
18 : Creep to where kitty sleeps and write me a note :)
19 : Let the model bondmaid keep it in her hem, she likes the sun being down there,
20 : Time for a nap perhaps?
21 : Don't get framed in this store, like the sun.
22 : Watch your step in this store (labelled 25)
23 : Hint 1: Sometimes, there is a ring around the sun if you look at it just right!
Hint 2: Ring around the Livery, a pocket full of candy, ashes, ashes, the sun got found.
24 : Hint 1: "Where a Mermaid gets a tan" Hint 2: Set a TABLE for all eat, beside a mermaid that would be sweet. (I WAS ASKED TO USE THE OFFICIAL HINT BY THE STORE OWNER, IM ME IF YOU NEED FURTHER HELP) (labelled 23)
25 : Time for some sexy dancing perhaps? (labelled 26)
26 : Head on up, raise your head to the sky and praise the sun god! (labelled 24)
27 : Go fish!
28 : I can bearly contain this sun
29 : Gor fans, look skyward, and admire your fav artwork.
30 : Choose your material wisely.
31 : Berries make good clothing, but don't get collared.
32 : Swinging in the sunshine, shocking.
33 : Don't forget to wash your hands, esp if your infirmed.
34 : While you have the time, admire the art.
35 : Lets all sit together and read a story.
36 : Is there anything better than reclining in your bed... the breeze blowing through the curtains... watching the sun rise in the East?
37 : Just "nip" in and get this one.
38 : Follow the scent of roses, and take a seat, because persians have the fanciest weddings.
39 : Without this and the suns help, surely the 2nd floor would fall down.
40 : Stay down low and take a seat, but don't get burnt!
41 : Take the first step to finding this one carefully.
42 : A good slave is a clean slave I find.
43 : A slaves place is in the kitchen, but at least one with a seaview makes it interesting, right?
44 : Remember the sun burns!
46 : Raise your eyes to the heavens, and look for the sun.
47 : Time to un-"veil" your prize.
48 : Ivy been looking for this one for some time now, and it burns!
49 : Out not In, where birds might have been, sitting on a sill, the sunlight does spill.
51 : Skyward be your prize, Yukon keeps it safe.
52 : The Incas were into there gold sun images I think.
53 : These flames are so passionate, so pull on your silks and show me how hot it can get.
54 : Don't stain your hands picking up this sun.
55 : "Sitting by the dock of the bay"
56 : Sit proudly on your throne, but don't get burnt!
57 :Finding this one is short and sweet
58 : Find the correct store then look heavenwards!
59 : Have you got a Linden, drop it in and make a wish!
60 : This ones a bit fishy!
61 : This is a reject from a western and its broken!
62 : Time to feed the duck! So relax on the ground.
64 : Time to rest your weary eyes!
65 : After a long hard day, submissives need to lean back and relax in one of these.
67 : This one will have you over a barrel!
68 : Remember you have to try things once, so take the TP, your skybox awaits.
69 : You have hunted hard, time to take a seat perhaps.
70 : Don't let the rain splash your new gown!
71 : Oro warrior holds the sun!
72 : Raise your head up high a nd praise the god of the sky.
73 : The legions of hunters arch there necks to look up and see there prize.
74 : This burns, like the sun.
75 : Tanning and construction, draw your designs, the sun likes good design!
76 : Northtree hides your prize, can you see the visage infront of you?
77 : From pillar to post there the sun will find a host
80 : If you can't find this one, your barking mad.
81 : *whipsers* Does she know we can see her nipples. I best belt up before she hears me.
82 : Rawr.... keep your baby clean!
83 : You might look high. You might look low. But keep your eyes to things that grow.
84 : Let the flames lick you, Submissive!
85 : Find it, or be whipped!
86 : Spiral upwards to locate your prize
87 : I wonder if she burnt her hands?
88 : The holy one keeps it safe below
89 : Out of the flames this sun jumped, it is still hot so don't brand yourself with it,
90 : Go fish!
91 : No clue for you :) You wont miss it.
92 : You have travelled far and wide so take a trip into the village and scribe down your adventures.
93 : To praise the sun, you need to howl at the moon.
94 : You can see me from every window in the shack, a troll sometimes visits me here, I lie beneath a girls name...
95 : This sun sheds light on the situation

Annnnnd DONE!

Official Hint Stuffs :)