3 August 2009

Satisfashion Hunt

Start : Aug 1st
End : Aug 31st

Your looking for clothes hangers.


1 : Don't fall in the pond as you go!
2 : The Devil wears wedged Sandals!
3 : Don't get lost out back, remember they have an earring hunt on!
4 : Remember to keep updated!
5 : Take a seat, read the mags and watch the world pass by.
6 : The eyes will give the location away, stare into them and learn how to be an essential soul.
7 : Does she had a free gift for you?
8 : What a dummy!
9 : This hanger is the perfect gift.
10 : Take a seat but don't sit on me!
11 : Head wear and bangles finish off my hot new look for fall.
12 : I hope your not a gossip like this lot!
13 : Find your freebies, then your prize is bound to be nearby.
14 : Bad bad hanger, go sit in the corner!
15 : Cute dresses, better put them on a hanger!
16 : Who wants a kiss? If i pose here for long enough someone my model looks may mean someone puckers up!
17 : Green fingers? This hanger has!
18 : Rabbit assitants hold the clue but DON'T touch his carrots!
19 : Time to go out all formal, but I need a gown!
20 : Owch I spilt coffee on my skin.
21 : Novelty nails are golden!
22 : Don't hang up your winter gown yet princess!
23 : Hang up your hanger on the rail, not doing that will get right under my skin!
24 : Hung up where it should be, finally!
25 : I can see the sea from up here, shame the logo is in the way.
26 : Twinkle Twinkle flashing stars, how i wonder what you...r hiding.
27 : Out in the open, check your display areas!
28 : Head on up you patsy and look up high, but don't "swirl" around or you may fall over.
29 : Camoflage, the hangers choice of outfit.
30 : Lacey is so sexy
31 : This hanger is a pillar of society, so follow its example.
32 : Vogue, watch the models strike a pose!
33 : Splish splash its taking a bath!
34 : Jeans should be hung up, so hang them!
35 : Ask the tree, it knows about updates and MM, may know the location of the hanger.
36 : Read the signs, it will show you the way.
37 : Find the store sign to the East outside
38 : Everyone loves a good catfight.
39 : Mmm this hangers a bit xrated, best keep it on the top shelf.
40 : Well done for putting your hanger where it belongs.
41 : Barbie has it, hey you blond bimbo i want my hanger!
42 : Jolie has it, shes a bad girl at the back.
43 : Anyone got a tip?
44 : Best change your locks if they are looking tired, everyone needs a new hair do, or 4.
45 : (Make sure your in the RIGHT STORE) and go to the corner bad hanger!
46 : Hang UP your hanger!
47 : Assitance please??
48 : These photographs are so sexy! Let me face west and admire them.
49 : Take a dip, time to get clean.
50 : Get Lucky and find it quick.
51 : Join the happy family and meet them upstairs.
52 : Ive been hunting for ages, time to rest.
53 : I like splitting rooms into 2, so get dividing!
54 : Stay in the centre and don't let the glare blind you!
55 : Damn I think my hanger fell out my pocket while i was sitting down around something.
56 : Not an appropriate place to hang a hanger! Shield my eyes.
57 : The raven will keep it safe!
58 : Angels and Demons watch over it, don't let the pirates get it before you!
59 : Right at the door, with the tequila.
60 : "Join" in with the hunt, the hanger is.
61 : Pretty flowers smell good, is it not real :(? Head on up and take a look
62 : Assistance please?
63 : I'm just hanging around in the back room!
64 : ALWAYS hang up your hangers.
65 : Green fingered again perhaps?
66 : Whats new kitty, looking good :)
67 : Take a seat and amire the silky things.
68 : Follow your arrows!
69 : You have hunted hard, so go get yourself a drink and celebrate that nearly at the end.
70: These make you see better, so hunt "high" and low.