17 August 2009

The Darker Side Hunt

Start : Aug. 16
End : Aug 30

Your looking for skulls on THIS SIM. They arent numbered though so I will just have to blog them as I find em.

Skull 1: Sugar, dont snap and subscribe to me
Skull 2 : Passing this one by would be a grave error
Skull 3 : Is there a pumpkin hunt soon?
Skull 4 : This one has a tuft.
Skull 5 : Keep on "dream"ing to get this prize
Skull 6 : I can see a cupcake from this window!
Skull 7 : Not a nice view of toxic waste, i think this window seat is jinx'ed
Skull 8 : Don't get sperm on your skull!
Skull 9 : This Skull clearly had a "fatalilty", so read the sign.
Skull 10 : This fatal skull wants you to belt up.
Skull 11 : This tufted one likes midnight,
Skull 12 : Go fast, backwards and it may just change your shape ladies.

There may be more, they arent numbered so who knows lol