6 August 2009

Larnia's Strawberry Hunt

Start 1st Aug
End 31st Aug

These gifts/prizes are between 0 and 5L so be careful if you dont want to pay.
Larnia is a childrens store so items may be orientated towards them

Your looking for strawberries in the main store HERE.

Strawberry 1 : Touch me to turn me on ;) btw I'm new!
Strawberry 2 : Where do i fish? Oh this way is it?
Strawberry 3 : Put this berry to bed.
Strawberry 4 : Your feeling lucky I see!
Strawberry 5 : This one is for the boyz
Strawberry 6 : Sit high in your house of the tree!
Strawberry 7 : A 50L berry? WOW
Strawberry 8 : Time to mixy and match my summer fruits!
Strawberry 9 : This berry is the root of your problems
Strawberry 11 : This outfit is nearly as lovely red as the strawberry itself
Strawberry 12: This ones a bit of a swinger!
Strawberry 13 : I was painting and I grew this.. TREE????
Strawberry 14 : Check out the cherry blosso,. cute huh? I can admire the sea too, lovely.
Strawberry 15 : Time to furnish the treehouse but where to purchase such items i wonder?