5 August 2009

Hybrid Hunt

Your looking for paw prints :)

1 : Climb upwards to find your prize
2 : Round and round and round Teagan goes, where she stops, no body knows.
3 : Edge closer to the new tattoos
4: This paw is fragile, so keep it dry!
5: Paw sez revenge is best served with boots
6: Dude "you're ugly"
7 : Your IP Rights are worth protecting, as are you paws!
8 : Moves daily, see the hint cube in store for the days hint.
9 - The Paw feels at home in his arms
11: Mirror mirror on the wall... (Wrong LM I will be changing it soon)
12: Hi garfield?
13: Feeling lucky?
14: Feeling lucky again?
15 : Read the sign! The paw looks sick :(
16: This paw is signed up
17: Look skyward Nekos!
18 Those darn chickens!
19: (Paw 1) Members get gifts!? (Paw 2) The paw likes to be high
20: Moves a lot so no hint avaliable (atm the black pearl is close by to it)
21: This paw thinks couples are pillars of society
22: This gothic romance will have you beaming.
23: You may need a wagon for this paw
24: Changes daily so no hint avaliable
25: This paw loves spring, summer, winter and fall
26: This paw likes to look down at the freebies
27- X marks the spot you lucky people!
28 The sock kitty has such cute feet!
29 : Who dropped there paw going upwards?
30 : Moves daily so no hint avaliable
31 : Head to the right area and check down low, this paw seems to have a larger purple friend.
32 Belt up and be a pillar of society!
33 This new paw feels skully
34 The skylight holds the prize.
35 I'm a big fan of these paw trails!
36 Eye spy a window!
37 Tired? Kitty, park it on a bench
38 Feathery paw :) see it parked up top.
39 Is this paw "4 sale" up there
40 Head on up, look, it arched!
41 Read the signs!
42 I'm hungry! I wonder if there's anything yummy in the kitchen.
43 : Kitty should play with her toys.
44"Another brick in the wall!" (SIM WAS DOWN FOR ME)
45: This paw is fragile!
46 This paw loves colored ink! Check your drawers!
47 Say hello to cheza bear!
48 This paw likes it some peach!
49 Throw on your camo and go play
50 Which wam? Wig wam?
51 If you're tired then just go and have a seat over there
52 Do I get a prize with that subscription?
53 These tracks look tricky, maybe the paw is throwing us off!
54 Hey, MM boards arn't just for people
55 This paw loves some tunes
56 this paw must want a vacation to waterworld
57 The paw fought a gate, and lost :(
58 Quick! Help me with the fence!
59 : Wanna play ball?