13 August 2009

Pony Hunt

Start : 3rd Aug
End : 16th Aug

Start Location

Your looking for 20 blue ponies!

Pony 1 : Make a suggestion to this pony
Pony 2 : Table in some time to look for the ponies.
Pony 3 : This Pony likes to splish, splash.
Pony 4 : Time to sit at the prize station with your pony by your side.
Pony 5 : Read your signs pony lovers.
Pony 6 : This pony prefers noir.
Pony 7 :
Pony 8 :
Pony 9 :
Pony 10 : Vogue... strike a pose!
Pony 11 : Sit under the shade.
Pony 12 : Feel your way around the outside, could a pony be hiding.
Pony 13 : Mickey Mouse loves ponies too.
Pony 14 : Oh no its dark in here, batman lives within, but I'm to scared, ill stay by the entrance.
Pony 15: I feel like a rock in the wall. It's a bit chilly, how lucky I am to have this candle and a campfire to keep me warm. And all those rocks around me will keep me dry if it starts raining.
Pony 16 : This pony best not palm me off with no prize.
Pony 17: I like palm trees and the ocean.
Pony 18 : Sit and relax, just don't let a coconut fall on your head.
Pony 19 : This pony loves the shade too.
Pony 20 : Time to sleep perhaps?
Pony : This Pony should be called a seahorse! THIS WAS UN_NUMBERED SO COULD BE ANY MISSING PONY
Pony : This pony thinks its tarzan THIS WAS UN_NUMBERED SO COULD BE ANY MISSING PONY.