8 February 2010

Stupid Cupid Hunt

Starts : 1st Feb
Ends : 28th Feb

You're looking for a Red arrow

1 No hint needed
2 If your Feeling lucky you may find it?
3 Dont ride the ducky, he bites, but the horsey is nice.
4 The store is on the second floor. This arrow was shot up high.
5 I dont think this needed another piece of wood holding it up, but the arrow looks good there.
6 You're my sweet little cuppycake.
7 It was aimed for a rainbow but ended up in the mint.
8 Check out the newest items info.
9 Catch a snowflake on your tongue.
10 I prefer strawberries myself.
11 Please never let go.
12 Suzan doesnt understand.
13 Be part of a group.
14 Georgie is gorgeous in green
15 Use Store Hint Giver
16 Time for a potty break.
17. Well arent you just the ice queen.
18. Secure the perimeter.
19. Have you been to the Lilith fair? Sit down and write a letter home about it.
20. Love SUCKS! And I got the tshirt to prove it.
21. Be sure to subscribe.
22. It's skull piercing.
23. A chandelier of arrows.
24. Do you have all the info?
25. Search near falling water, but be sure to keep your candy hearts dry.
26. Enjoy your acid trip.
27. No girl can have enough jewelry.
28. Did you ask Cupid?
29. Do you have the time?
30. So close you might get slapt.
31. Lay down for a bit of a nap.
32. No hint needed.
33. I guess he's dancing the night away.
34. Just for you.
35. Nothing but us dust bunnies under here.
36. I dont know how you can be so BLUE with all this ROMANCE in the air.
37. SKIP (unable to participate at this time)
38. Well arent you just a devil in red.
39. Shot through the heat, erm, head.
40. Seriously, have a seat, you must be tired.
41. Do you work for Travelocity?
42. Climb up and gaze down.
43. Who would turn down 6 girls for this pose?!
44. Love grows on trees.
45. Aw, a coffin made for a little Princess.
46. No Hunt Sign
47. It's time to pay.
48. Definitely shot through the heart this time.
49. You light up my life.
50. Couldnt find.