8 February 2010

Magic and Romance Hunt

Starts :Feb 1st
Ends :March 7th

You're looking for a single red rose.

1 (Adult) : Donations are very welcome.
1 (PG) : No hint needed.
2 Find out what the models are wearing.
3 Coffee anyone?
4 Nate, Corey, and Brian all want dates. I'll just hide here until I decide.
5 No hint needed.
6 In a glass vase, stands a lonely red rose.
7 I dont think you'll be able to pry it from her hands, but you can try.
8 If you look through rose tinted glasses, you may miss it!
10 Can you skip stones?
11 Must have dropped it while I was watering the plants.
12 Got Shrooms?
13 Maybe It's your lucky day
14 Ah, Romance, just like movie love.
15 What? Everyone looks good in Plaid.
16 Ok, i'm getting a little tired of watering the plants.
17 Simple is always the way to go when it comes to centerpieces.
18 Keep your gaze low.
19 I've been cornered.
20 Perched like a bird, enjoying the view.
21 I dont care what you say, I'm still a pillar of the community.
22 Keep your head up.
23 This rose got confused and thought it was a tulip!
24 Palms are my favorite trees.
25 No hint needed.
26 Keep your eyes peeled as you climb.
27 I'm tempted to escape.
28 It's madness i tell you!