7 February 2010

MadPea Circus Fun

This sim has many fun things going on, such as mini hunts, mini games and other good fun.

If your interested in checking it out, the location can be found HERE.

The following information is taken from there sim.

It's February!

We have created a fun hunt for you to play this month!


1. How does the hunt work?

- You need to purchase the HUD (will be activated on the 1st of February) from the box below this one. The cost of the HUD is 1000 MadPoints = $100L.
You wear the HUD and adjust it in edit mode on your screen, if it doesn't fit right. There are 28 numbers on it. You can click the corresponding number on the date OR after the date has passed. This means, that if you purchase the HUD even on the 28th of February, you will get all the prizes. You can not get the prizes before the correct date.

Each number will give you a clue about where one of the 28 Mansions is hiding. All Mansions are on this MadPea Circus island. Solve the clue and find the Chinese symbol corresponding the Mansion. Click it and your HUD will confirm that you have got it. Next you need to find the right constellation where the Mansion belongs to. There are 4 statues for constellations on this island: Tortoise, Tiger, Dragon and Bird. Each constellation has 7 Mansions. When you have successfully delivered all 7 Mansions to their constellation, you will receive a prize.

NOTE: you must wear your HUD at all times during the hunt.

2. Why do I have to pay for the HUD?

- We have the biggest prizes ever that we're giving away and they are worth much much more than the 100L.
Also, you do not need to pay in lindens, you can pay with MadPoints. Click the Sign to pay with MadPoints, or right-click and choose 'pay' to pay with lindens.
You can collect MadPoints by finding peas or playing the games on this island. More info about the points in the shed next to this stall.

We hope you enjoy this little hunt and our islands. More madness coming soon!

MadPea Productions Crew