2 February 2010

Gesture Hunt

Start : 1st Feb
End : 28th Feb

Your looking for a music note

1 - Vampires Scare from behind
2- Keep an eye on Icarus, go ahead and get closer.
3-Just Chill and set your mind Free
4-Playing Arcades
6- Anyone for a glass of martini?
7-Behind A Box
8-Space...The final frontier.
9-A womans favourite word ...Sale
10- Rock Rules
11-Ask Dragon
12- Owch I got stars in my eyes.
13- Sometimes it's better to look *at* the window than thru it ;)
14- “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”
15- Diamond tree
16- We'll Always Have Paris!
17- Come out and sign up
18-"Oh My Ariel! Did Prince Eric steal the music this time?!"
19- I can see right through this gesture
20- do you know how to tp on my rooftop? thats where you will find me.
21- No hint needed, its right there cupcake.
22-It rolls up, not with laughter though. So pass through to find your prize
23- The sounds go up close to the gestures.
24-Check the treehouse :)
25- don't stray far from the entrance, and look high not low
26- Columns columns everyone but only one for which we care
27- No hint needed
28-Look to the heavens, not to the ground.
29- Cat in the Hat
30-You will find your gift next to three ladies.
31- Get it personalized!
32- Have a sit down on a beanbag chair and have a look around
33- It's obvious :)
34- Theme - Bobby's World Walk
35-good gestures are like girls best friends
36- walk in and have a seat
37- What are you hunting for again? Find that section.
38-"Behind all music there are musical notes
39- Carry a Tune in Bucket
40- Wanna spin some tunes?
41- "R"eally not hard too see.
42- All this Hunting is making me tired.. I think Ill just rest my feet and maybe ill find a treat.
43- It is held near and dear with every beat.
44-Search in the section where other gestures are sold :)
45- This pack is fat
47- Batmans signs where always skyward but I dont remember it being a music note.
48-Everyone loves the sound of music
49- I hold the ice you put on black eyes. Look inside for your surprise.
50- A wonderful kiss of fantasy.
51-Behind red curtains...look for Durex
52- Tp in Turn around and click the hint giver board...Hint will be there!
53- At last we meet for the first time for the last time
54-Shes a CUSTOMed to this kind of thing.
55- No hint needed
57- Nothing beats one of these after a hard days of gestubating
58 -Read the signs