16 February 2010

♥✿♥Alexohol Fashions♥✿♥

Starts :15 FEB 10
Ends : 28th Feb

Alexohol can be found HERE

Spring has indeed sprung at Alexohol and to celebrate that... The Alexohol Mall Crawl is here (hey you just had to know we'd try to relate it to booze somehow!!) All the joys of hunting without having to bounce all over the grid! WOOT! Come and drink up the fashion!!!!

It's here! Look for the Pink Hurricane glass in our store, in the common areas, behind our mainstore in our outlet area *also, hey check out the savings in Alexohol is Hungover!!!!! Also you'll be looking for the Hurricane glasses in or near... the glasses are pretty easy to spot just look at the samples on the signs :) there are 32 GLASSES TOTAL! :D

Ali Couture
Lacie Cakes
Heart & Sole
FS Jewelry Design
Studio Nails (come back for this one a little bit later today, she's got to set it for sale yet.. )
Trixxy's Shop
Snuggilicious (walk thru our mainstore and out the back door to get there)
Alexohol Hungover (back behind our mainstore as well!)
Double Shots Photography! (behind the mainstore)

Taken from there official Note card