25 September 2009


Got my Laptop back well above time, not that i'm complaining. All they did was change the Graphics card.. AGAIN. And also gave me a new keyboard. Don't have a clue what a Keyboard has to do with my screen cutting out. Well its on ATM so fingers crossed its fixed.

Time will tell.

Mally x

TIME TOLD.. 30 mins on, blackscreened, then white screened as usual then wouldnt turn on.

21 September 2009


The point of a hunt is to hunt. Please don't IM me asking where things are. NOR tell people directly in group where an items is either.

Vendors if its your own store and don't care then so be it, but if your a vendor of another store have the respect to use the offical hints that too me a very long time to compile.

I don't appreciate while im away, people taking liberties and abusing my staff.

Josephine Winslet is admin and incharge while I am away. If she asks someone to refrain from giving hints which are basically a direct location of an item, she is to be listened too. As she is acting on my instruction. Any persisting problems towards one of my staff, will be dealt with.

18 September 2009

Laptop Update....

Oh its symptoms are this....
Its a Dell Insipron 1520 (in barbie pink weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

1. It boots up, goes past the Dell boot stage. Sometimes I get as far as the desktop after logging into it. Then nothing, the screen goes black. However, this isn't a dead screen, the screen is still on, i can tell from the backlighting that its not completely dead. If i do (and this is rare) get past the desktop and manage to get some tunes on, sometimes the tunes continue to play even when its gone blank. Sometimes the music/sounds cut off.

2. Once this has done and i can't see i have to turn it off the bad way (pressing the power button) as i can't see the shut down option on screen. When i try and reboot the screen is then dead, completely black, no light, no nothing. The computer then sounds like its rebooting over and over every 5 mins. Which is not good. If I leave this for about 30mins and come back, it goes back to step 1. It's like the laptop needs a rest after trying to turn on.

I have phoned Dell from Hell and they are picking it up in 2-3 working days and have told me it will be taking 12-15 working days to fix. WTF. Thats a long ass time.

Any advice will be welcomed, ideas and thoughts welcomed too.

Being as i can't get it to stay on i'm desparately trying to figure out how to clear the memory before i send it. I don't want Dell morons getting any details about me.

Mally (the annoyed and Dell hatey)

PS: Best person to speak to about the hunts will be Josephine Winslet (She will be away 9/24 to 9/28), Saaghir Nightfire if shes online. Theres also my group that will be available to help you too. The link is to the right.


Please please please don't sent me a notecard, I can't open it. If your store moves location, please only send me the SURL, no landmarks and if you have a hint change please write to me in IM, I will recieve it in Email.

Notecards and LMs I can't do anything with at the moment.

17 September 2009

F**Kin Hell

Guess what... laptop is broken AGAIN. I will be yet again ringing Dell to rant and demand it fixing. This is rediculous. Till then I will be striving to get it working again myself as I seem to have more knowhow than there god damn so called Tech peoples.

16 September 2009

Macarbe Hunt

Start : Sept 16th
Ends : Oct 6th

Your looking for orangey/Red apple style things.

01 : 1/2 Giving Time a Hug - 2/2 Going to Wonderland through a tiny one!
02 : Seek the abandoned house for your prize (there are a few houses, make sure your in the right one, the one you want has little furniture and its upturned)
03 : An apple does not fall too far from a tree
04 : Your sweet, like a candy cane.
05 : Do you need the lastest updates? Maybe this store can assist you.
06 : Balencing a apple on your head is a hard task.
07 : 1/2 You need to dress to kIll. 2/2 This one watches over you from on high.
09 : 1/2 Head on up and look over the edge 2/2 Head on down and look up.
10 : This one is a little rocky, try to climb higher.
11 : Time for a teaparty, with some crazy cake.
12 : Check your pumps (empty item at the moment)
13 : 1/2 Every girl needs a new Bikini. 2/2 Check the display table.
14 : Take a seat and prey on the mini evil alter.
15 : This skirt has worn me out.
16 : In the alphabet.. A is for Apple.
17 : Who broked the vendor (NOT SET TO SALE, SKIP)
18 : This bear is a harlequin?
19 : Sit at the foot of it and look around.
20 : I heard the clock strike midnight.
21 : Don't tread on it as you go down.
22 : Wow apples DO grow on hunt trees.
23 : I'd like this elven couch Apple coloured please.
24 : Look at the sign
25 : 1/2 and 2/2 Time for a bit of window shopping
26 : Time for a nap apple.
27 : Everyone likes to get freebie eyes.
29 : This outfit is tainted!
30 : No hint by request of store owner
31 : Sculpted boobies.. nomnom.
32 : 1/2 This one is very rocky 2/2 This Camisk is very delicate
33 : 1/2 Apples do grow on trees. 2/2 This apple went splash.
34 : The turntable holds the prize.
35 : Apples grow on trees you know
38 : My eyes love springtime.
40 : The little mermaid stole it!
41 : What happens when i sit in a martini glass?
42 : Take a seat hunters.
43 : Girls always need more Jeans.
44 : New wood textures, yum.
45 : Take a seat hunters.
46 : Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered... The Goblin gates lead the way. Left or right? I wont say ^.^
48 : Time to get warm by the fire.
49 : Furnish you home, with Jack apples!
50 : I can't eat upside down.
51 : Vanity, one of the deadly sins.
52 : Poor kitty, did someone drive over his stomach. He is very large, must of been a big car.
54 : Any questions? The apple has the answer.
55 : Who's been painting my roses red? WHO'S BEEN PAINTING MY ROSES RED!? Who dares to taint, With vulgar paint, The royal flower bed? For painting my roses red, Someone will lose his head!
56 : Read the book if its in the way.
57 : (f) Pixelbodies have it(m) When feeding Macaws, try keeping the food in its dish,
58 : Don't sit on meeeee
60 : Time to whack a mole.
61 : Cassandra has it. She best hand it back.
62 : Go get forked!
63 : Always check up high!
64 : 1/2 He looks demonic if i do say so myself 2/2 COULD NOT FIND
65 : 1/4 Apples do grow on trees 2/4 This is one burnt apple... hot hot hot 3/4 Teddy is chowing down on it 4/4 Take the red portal
66 :Have a seat, and watch yourself go through the looking glass to the pize the Hatter holds?
67 : Whats this store?
68 : Alice holds it in her hand.
69 : Check the hint cube from hell for a hint. (there are 2 at this location)
70 : 5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF
71 : Who likes it in the back door ? :P
72 : Take in some window shopping.
73 :1/2 Who wants several cups of tea at once? 2/2 Who wants a big bit of cake

15 September 2009

Too Hot to Handle Hunt

Start : 15th Sept
End : 30th Sept


Your looking for a red hot chilli pepper :P

Silk & Satyr 1
The Gallery 1
Rainbow's End 1
Alexohol 1
Fire Good 3
Ema's Secrets 1
Eye Candi 1
Zari 1
Milady's Fancy 2
Amanda's Fashions 1
Sasy Stylez 1
Cen's Photography 1
Sweeter than Candy 1
Striking Poses 1
Dance Creations 6

Freaky Fall Hunt

Start: Sept 1st
End: Oct 15th

Your looking for pumpkins.

001: Get your hint from the really thin man, infact he is stick thin.
002: This pumpkin works for vogue?
004: Don't you love a cracking sound, not cackling.
005: Pumpkins love to strike up a good deal on teeshirts.
006: Pumpkins like with the other vegetables.
007: New shoes? Go up and check them out.
008 : Everyone loves cheesey puffs.
009 : Look over the dummys shoulder to find this one.
010: What time is it Mr Pumpkin
011 : Nomnom time. Anyone want pumpkin pie ;)
012 : Nighty night Pumpkin
014 : Which store is this? Take a close look and find out.
015: Kitty don't make me pull your tail, give it back.
016 : Hunt down low, everyone puts there pumpkins away they have used them.
017 : Don't tread on me!
018: Don't be so stoney faced!
019 : Have a rest hunters, you have earnt it.
020: When you climb up, don't fall.
021: Happy HallOween Hunters!
022 : This potted pumpkin wants to grow!
023 : This one is illuminating.
024 : Kitty shift that big ass and give me my pumpkin.
025 : Careful I hear there are Psyco's in area.
026: I have always wondered where vampires sleep.
027 : I wonder where these footsteps lead?
028: What store is this? Look and see.
029 : Follow the steps again, it will take you to your prize.
030: Take a seat and listen to the tunes.
031 : Follow the steps to the prize.
032 : Follow the steps to the prize.
033 : Follow the steps, but which one is the real one?
034 : This is a nylon catsuit wearing pumpking, lol (labelled 036)
035 : Follow the steps and time to relax at the beach.
036 : Head skyward and smell the pretty flowers.
037 : Don't get wet like the pumpkin.
038 : Follow the footprints, take a view through the window.
039 : This one is such a "flirt" (labelled 41a)
040 : Hunt skywards.
041 : Hey Skeleton, hand it back!
043 : Hey who stuck that up there?
044 : Nothing says halloween like a skull. So use your eye, but don't replace it with a pumpkin that that poor fellow.
045 : Look out for Diannas Revenge, i hear it can put you behind the signs.
046 : Autumn Leaves, the fall all around.
047 : Follow the steps.
048 : This pumpkin watches you from on high.
049 : Shelf your enthusiasm hunters, like the pumpkin.
050 : Take a rest, sleepy hunter. Don't let the chickens wake you.
051: Make sure your in the right store and remember to search to the skys for your prize.
052: This one is new, so go get it.
054 : I think its time for another rest.
055 : I love the Holywood look, I wish i looked like an icon.
056 : Running water hides the prize.
057 : Climb up and look up, watch you don't trip.
058 : Skip along the footprints to claim your prize.
059 : Take a seat but don't get blue.
060 : Head on up, or should you? Stay at the base and decide.
061 : I think this Pumpkin feels a bit.. ill.
062 : Always look behind things, not just on the bottom floor mind you!
063 : Don't wake the sleeping fairy.
064 : Quick don't let the birdy get away with your prize.
065 : Time to grab a drink I think!
066: I think my eyes are getting tired, time for new.
067 : Your ready to depart shortly, so make sure you head up and relax by the fire until then.
068 : Head to the back, its usually where naughty pumpkins hide.
069: Tunes? We all love good tunes, so follow the footsteps.
070 : Follow your steps, will take you right to the prize.
071 : Pumpkin wants a nap, again.
072 : I hear pumpkin is good for the skin.
073 : Oh my, it's not xmas yet is it? RIP Autumn.
074 : This one will have you BEAMing.
075 : I love Neko ears, don't you.
076 : This pumpkin needs to come out of the closet.
077 : Follow the steps, will take you right there.
078 : Pumpkins burn and when they do they are usually "on flames"
079 : You can stand under my umbrella...ella...ella.
080 : Follow your steps, and watch where your treading.
081: Photocompetitions bring out the pumpkins competative side.
082 : Ghost Rider... he has it. You had best ask for it back.
083 : You can't find it? Don't get red in the face, maybe its the reflection from the house. Take a peek inside.
084: The man who is made of sticks will tell you where to go.
085 : Follow the steps to get to your prize,
086 : Time for a snooze, on the floor.
087 : When I have fruit on my head if fills me with joy.
088 : Check around, and lets see if the "Mob" have a VENDor here too.
089 :Stack the cubes high and perch on them, the prize is nearby.
090 : Green is the colour of envy and jealousy lol so party.
092 : CANDY.... nomnomnom. Check in not out, and all around.
093: Follow your foot steps.
094 : Don't fall in while getting the prize.
095 : You will fair well if you follow the stair well.
096: Time for a Lucky Dip?
097: *CACKLES MANICALLY* I put a spell on you, now your mine!
098 : What creature leaves these footprints, i will follow them and find out.
099 : My pumpkin is sick, who can treat it?
100: "Cut Down" prices perhaps?
101 Girls love pretty shoes, don' t they ?
102 : The pumpkin is perched on top, like a birdy.
103 : Are you batty? Pink? PINK?
105: This pumpkin enjoys the view, and you love to window shop ;)
106 : Is midnight a pumpins best time?
107 : Put me in a costume and i'm a happy pumpkin.
108: Can you buy pumpkins on X street?
109 : What is the name of this store, and you best admire the view from out there too.
110: Jump through hoops to get this one, but don't catch them, you will rip them out of my ears.
111 : Follow the footprints.
112 : Are you brave? Check the windows.
113 : Everyone needs outdoor furniture.
114 : A selection of Veg? Everyone knows the pumpkin rules!
115: Feeling Lucky... PUNK?
116 : HAY... over here.
117 : Animal print is so in this season.
118 : Everyone always needs more Jeans.. right?
119: Follow the red prints.
120: HIgh, I only date Losers
121: This one may leave you RAMPant.
122 : Take a seat :)
123 : WHO BROKE IT, i can't live without mine, I will miss all my favourite shows now.
124 : Don't feed the fish pumpkin!
125 : What is the collective name for pumpkins?
126 : Who stuck that up there?
127 : Someone POSTed me a pumpkin.
128 : The pumpkin, patron saint of virtual voices.
129 : Spiders.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
130: Spiraling upwards is your prize.
131: Time for a sleep Mr Pumpkin.
132 : HAY.. theres more over here.
133 : Whats your lucky letter?
135 : I love a good sunset, what about your eyes?
136: Did you know bunnys poop out pumpkins?
137 : Don't try PALM me off, I wan't my pumpkin.
138 : You didn't get your pumpkin? Try redelivering it!
139 : Find the Witches headdress!
140: Vanity is such a sin.
141 : Time for a nap in the dark colours.
142 : This office has a brand.
143 : This wall is such a star and so are you.
144 : Take a seat and feel the lurve ;)
145 : Surrender your pumpkin or suffer the consequences.
146 : Which one is the real one? This patch is full of them
147 : HAY, even more over here. Theres a lot of this about today
148 : Follow your prints and locate the secret entry point.
149 : Lay down kitty cat.
150: Take a seat
151 : Do not climb.. hide below.
152 : This one may get some COLUMN inches.
153 : Whats this stores name again, I have forgotten already.
154 : Finding this one is a NIGHTMARE.
155 : Try things in in privacy hunters.
156 : Follow the footprints.
157 : Rest Your Feet, with you pumpkin by your side.
158 : Do not stray far from where you land to recieve your prize.
160 : Hey don't look up that dummys skirt! Or behind her for that matter!
161 : Fasions of Summer, is it still bikini weather?
162 : Are you cinderallas sister? Punkarella?
163 : Harry Potter lived under them, and you usually climb them.
164 : RAWR, find your prize there.
165 : Flemenco dancers are so pretty
166: Where the porn is keep, on top!
167 : If you stand still you may be confused with the statue and the pumpkin may hide behind you insted.
168 : King Arthur had a round one.
169 : I'm not quite sure how it works.
170 : This pumpkin thinks its a bird.
171 Take a rest I think hunters.
172 Careful of the mothballs :) I keep my clothes in something similar.
173 : Broomcupboards store more than just brooms.
174 : Get to the back :)


Names by Stores

Sometimes I am unable to do this. When they are well known stores they don't like me putting names down.

Hunters were picking and choosing where they went in the hunt, to solve this I removed the names meaning you HAD to do the hunt rather than picking your favourite stores.

So with this in mind, I will remain doing the just numbered hunts for some.


14 September 2009

The Pretzel Hunt

Start : Sept 12th
End : Sept 27th

Your looking for a basket with pretzels inside.

1. Old Nashville Saloon Sing us a song you're the piano man...
2. Dakota Trapping This pretzel is guarded, beware.
3. Sand's Plants There are many oak trees, each with their own secret, one's secret is a twisted pretzel.
4. Tomuli's Restaurant Who doesnt like to dine alfresco?
5. Kottos Games Factory Nothing better when you're chilly, than a warm pretzel.
6. Kattastrophe Come sit in the pit.
7. Takeshi Newman Games Follow the arrows.
8. TiMo Habitat Picnicing near the stream.
9. Viviane Fashion Some flip, some flop
10. MANDRAGORA Head to the Eden Motel next door to claim your prize
11. MysticHope Sit around the feature, pull up a bench.
12. Francinati0n Dont forget to water the plants.
13. FG Underground Excuse me while i fix my makeup.
14. Made by Margerita Oh Yummy, pretzels and strawberries.
15. Blood Royal Have a seat.
16. Seventy Seven Pretzel texture?
17. Pirate Life Every pirate needs a parrot
19. Junemoon Pretty Horsey
20. Vivis Schmuck Muehle Check out the view from the windmill, you can see everything from up there!
21. Tree Houses Gate of falling water.
22. The Outdoor Shop Hidin with the dustbunnies
23. Stigma Fashion When you grab your dancing outfit, grab a pretzel too.
24. MRC Fashion Designs That light looks a little funny.
25. Everything for Everyone A bed with reeds hides a pretzel.
26. A/P Creations & Friends Vogue and People are my fave.
27. La Luna Darn, got some salt on my keyboard.
28. DAWN 3D Why do birds hate windex? Makes windows too transparent.
29. INDI Designs One for the Ladies, one for the gents. Find the Hunt sign instore.
30. Aimesi Design Relax and check out the skins.
31. Sand's Plants Sand in my toes, palms in my hair.
32. K2K United MM Oven baked goodness
33. Dark N Crazy Set the table before dinner.
34. Pillow Dreams Aw man, i hate snakes
35. Swanson Just waiting to bite your ankles.
36. Sugar & Spice Just lounging around.
37. Reaktor Omega Just waiting to see if i'm lucky
38. 3p Designz Watch the water spray.
39. Macho I'll take it wrapped for a gift please.
40. SkyHigh Dont wake the puppy
41. Fior di Perle Just wanted a landmark... I fell.
42. Diabolus Design It's Spelled D-I-A-B-O-L-U-S
43. SLC Mainstore Cant Miss me.
44. Little Bertha's World Hmm... what can i look for here?
45. BDSM Dreams Pretzels can be pillars of society too.
46. d4y Freebie Stable HAY!
47. Never Ever This hunt is just a barrel of laughs
48. Amethysta Designs Squirrels dont just eat acorns you know.
49. New in Creation and ONC The pretzel didnt stray far from the sign.
50. CaroX In Memory...
51. Yesss Designs When you water the plants, dont spill any on the pretzel!
52. Nanashi.. On the other hand, it's new and blue.
53. ACC Who did you *drag* along on the hunt?
54. Angel Dessous All you need to do, is find the sign - easier said than done.
55. [b.nuts] Bad Pretzel, belongs in the corner
56. Cave Grotto Waterfall Volcano 3 Crows, a Smiley, and water. Does life get better than this?
57. New in Creation Sometimes a Pretzel just wants some privacy with his favorite mustard.
58. Ibizarre Just waitin to see if midnight mania will fill up.
59. Triple xXx Up we go.
60. Spidey's Freebies Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up...
61. Dark Sun Club Pretzels and beer?
62. JP dsg Plenty of seating to enjoy a pretzel with friends.
63. Voom Tattoo's Hated climbing ropes in gym class
64. Home of DeMieStyle Just keepin the pretzel warm
65. B& T Fashion Pretzels for dinner?
66. Estell Creations Time for some Illumination
67. Bubbles Follow the arrows and stairs, if you stop half way to take in the view, you'll be amazed to see a snack.
68. Elfenland What do you call this place again? The surface of the sun?
69. Curtain Time for a nap!
70. Dead Rabbit Walking under a ladder is bad luck, but using one is just good sense.
71. New Babylon Military Pretzel!
72. BB in Yebizah Pretzel on display
73. Lookatme Designs Allow the lanters to light your way.
74. Tam Tam YAY! Oktoberfest!!
75. Mondira Fashion Have a seat and bring some friends.
76. NGM Next Generation Machines Can you beat the top score?
77. Hasi's Mainstore Oooo Presents.
78. SJ Design I've put a spell on you, and now you're mine.
79. Lyrik Walk over Pegasus One step at a time.
80. Vamp Berlin Now, how did that get up there?
81. Fior di Perle Skins Ask Gina.
82. Joline-Style Glad I wore my comfy jeans for this.
83. vitage Can see the whole store from up here!
84. Robs Design Ah, Shaded by a plant.
85. IrEn Tables were made for pretzels, not for butts.
86. NADAS What would you like to watch?
87. Ultraviolet SUN Designs Everyone loves a good freebie.
88. glauchauer engineering Round and Round and Round and Round....
89. Moonland Shopping Heart of Hearts
90. Delicate Style Each journey begins with a first step.
91. SOS Mall Walk the streets of the mall, dont mind the alien, he's just listening to his iPod.
92. CJ Design Definitely need to relax after eating all these pretzels.
93. M&M Deco TIme for a picnic!
94. Balut Designs Cubed!
95. Chaos I'm worn out.. is it warm in here?
96. SD Flowers and Art Toes belong in the sand.
97. Homers Poofer Shop Cant miss it.
98. CyberStar BodyArt Just waitin to get inked.
99. Black Kitty This pretzel can fly!
100. Cher MOON Mirror Mirror, on the wall, who's the yumiest pretzel of them all?
101. HotchPotch A gift for you.
102. MyHeart Can never have enough hair.

13 September 2009

SOS Hunt

Starts : 5th Sept
Ends : 30th Sept

Your looking for swirly icecream cone thingamys.

01 : Why don't you subscribe?
02 : Who dropped there icecream in the corner?
03 : Time for some window shopping
04 : Who keeps icecream in a shoe? Oh they do, sorry.
05 : This icecream will send you "polka dotty"
06 : Can't miss this one hunters.
07 : Twist upwards.
08 : All the girls need pretty gowns.
09 : Icecream and flames don't go.
10 : Who loves free icecream?
11 : Can't miss it, read your signs and look near them
12 : Can't miss it, just find the right store, it is off of a side road from the mainroad you rez at.
13 : Take a seat (extra hint) Find MY store (tattitude) within this store, and it is close by.
14 : It's behind Maria's back.
15 : Get to the corner, bad icecream munching hunter!
16 : Time to take a bath, birdy.
17 : Bunnies love icecream on a hot summers day.
18 : Look up, remember its the ministore outside the mainstore ;)
19 : Mind the ledge! Check the displays.
20 : Do you have a lucky icecream?
21 : We all need odd named pants right :) Especially in pink.
22 : Stay on the ground, and Medici will hand if over.
23 : Are you lucky?
24 : Touch one icecream only, greedy. Just rip it from her mouth.
25 : Midnight is a good time.
26 : Subscribe to icecream, nomnom
27 : The green fairy better hand it over.
28 : The bunny better give it back.
29 : The lovely Lily has it.
30 : Snatch it from her hand, the icecream theif!
31 : Madonna loves icecream too.
32 : Take a seat hunters.
33 : Nice drawers madam.
34 : Who dropped there icecream on the floor?
35 : Check your displays, easy to see.
36 : Everyone loves getting gifts. Check the back wall.
37 : Mr Owl wants icecream too, take it from the ladies mouth and give him a bit.
38 : Theres moss on my icecream up here.
40 : Get to the corner naughty hunters.
41 : Never feed fish icecreams
42 : Surfs up so grab a bikini.
43 : Don't get anchored up there.
44 : Get to the corner naughty hunter.
45 : Assistance please.
46 : This icecream is clearly sticky to stick to wall like that.
48 : Subscribe... always subscribe.
49 : Take a seat my dears.
50 : Spiral upwards to your prize.
51 : THE END!

Duckie Hunt

Start : Sept 1st
End : Sept 30th (I think)

Your looking for small yellow rubber duckies, Bert and Ernie style.

1. Is that a ducky in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?
2. Dont Step on my duckie!
3. [couldnt find duckie]
4. Duckies can swim! Just watch your step if you choose to join them.
5. What can I say? Duckies are attracted to other duckies.
6. Duckie is hiding way up high! Or he's interested in renting.
7. Duckie was asking the mirror a question and decided to take a seat. (Huge Store, but the duckie is large TG)
8. (1 of 2) Up! Up and Away (2 of 2) Every Chest holds a treasure.
9. ALL Duckies Love a good picnic... Pull up a blanket and rest under a tall oak!
10 Duckie wants to be a LittleGirl too.
11. Polly want a duckie?
12. Be sure to wash your hands!
13. Dont worry! Duckie found water on land!
14. Duckies LOVE Bathes!
15. Duckie loves freebies.
16. DJ Duckie!
17. (1 of 2) Even Duckies need a little black dress (2 of 2) Empress of the Roses table needs some dusting, Duckie will do it!
18. Dont step on me!
19. Duckies play in threes.
20. Caught me before i could hide!
21. Bad Duckie has to stay in the corner for awhile.
22. Hey, Duckie is just looking for a job.
23. [no hunt sign, no duckie]
24. Duckie doesnt like to bathe alone, but he does like daisies!
25. Duckie loves cake!
26. Put your feet up and relax with Duckie.
28. Duckie likes new stuff.
29. Duckie is a boy, but doesnt have a tongue. Bills are close to tongues, right?
30. Duckie HATES Spiders! EEK! Will stay up here where they cant get me.
31. Duckie likes presents
32. [Store moves Duckie alot] Duckie thinks this is a steering wheel, someone illuminate him on it's true purpose.
33. Duckie is new too!
34. See? Told you I can swim!
35. My wings arent that big! I'm jealous.
36. Keep on Swimming.
37. Duckies have laundry too, Mine is just magic laundry.
38. Duckie thinks he's too yellow and needs a new skin.
39. Duckie decided he wanted to LIVE in the garden.
40. [No hunt sign, didnt see duckie]
41. Duckie is a pillar of society!
42. Where the river rolls over the hill, you will find him there.
43. [no hunt sign, no duckie]
44. [no hunt sign, no duckie]
45. Duckie loves his view of the street, but the bars keep getting in his way.
46. This one will leave you beaming.
47. Duckie has his own pool!
48. Duckie likes to travel the world.
49. [couldnt find]
50. [couldnt find]
51. Duckie is feeling very random
52. Mind the buggies, and keep your gaze down so you dont step on Duckie!
53. Duckie wants to know if it's wrong of him to want a rabbit hoodie.
54. Duckie was bad and sent to the corner, but he wandered away a bit.
55. Just stopped by for a Chat.
56. [3rd stop here???]
57. [Drops you on an empty lot]
58. What? Duckie likes good deals
59. Duckie's attracted to Yellow.
60. Duckie needs a vacation, but I'm not sure he'd look good in shorts and a thong.
61. [could not find]
62. Chillin with the non rubber duckies!
63. [couldnt find]
64. Duckie got cold, so he's looking for sweaters and scarves.
65. [no hunt sign, no duckie]
66. Duckie was looking with the intention to buy his girlfriend a bracelet, but this wont fit her.
67. (1 of 2) Duckie thinks she's a butterfly. (2 of 2) Duckie doesnt like the rain, so she uses these.
68. Take Duckie's spray can! He's writing all over those Tanks!
69. Duckie on Display!
70. What are you lookin at, Pig?
71. Duckie likes his candy.
72. [Drops hunter onto empty lot]
73. Duckie strives to be like the freebie of the week.
74. Dance with Duckie
75. [couldnt find at new location]
76. Duckie likes grunge.
77. [couldnt find]
78. [Couldnt Find}
79. [no hunt sign, no duckie]
80. [drops to an empty lot]
81. [Couldnt find]
82. Duckie feels really small, but likes sneakers too much to complain.

12 September 2009

Cobrahive Hunt

To celebrate the opening of their very own sim, they have a mini hunt going on.

You have to find 5 little cobras.

Starts : Sept 10th
Ends : Sept 17th


As there are only 5 little cobras to find I dont think ill be handing out hints for this one.

10 September 2009

Princess Hunt

Start : Sept 5th
End : Oct 3rd

Your looking for Tiaras

1. Allep Jeans What goes well with a tiara? A Pendant!
2. Maggie and Mommy Closet Walk into the light.
3. Misty Sea- Art Jewelry Dont forget to water the plants
4. Elizabeth Store Join the group and get your tiara.
5. Calia French Cuisine Millions of peaches, peaches for me...
6. Calia Designs I'm feeling romantically medieval. Naptime!
7. Divalicious No true Diva would allow her photo to be taken without her tiara.
8. Siri-Us Skins The Road to Hell (and tiaras) are paved with good intentions.
9. Passionate Neko SKIP
10. A&A Designs Not down low, not up high, Find me in between, hanging on a corner.
11. Magicland Park The Princess dropped her tiara in the castle just before she jumped on the ride for safe keeping. Make sure to check the nooks and cranies. (Tiara labeled Number 18 - no LM for next stop included)
12. Gairdin na Sidhe Wedding Shop
Is that fairy stealing it?
13. 13th floor ****NO LONGER IN HUNT****
14. Little Girl Main Shop ~ Doll House~ Doesnt every little girl like to play dress up?
15. earth jewels Roses are Red, Vases are blue... (labeled #27)
16. Forest Lake Fairytale Mall A Bed fit for a princess.
17. Kandi-wrapper kids store Lollipops and Stars, what could be better?
18. Old Mill Restaurant/Live Music Rest In Peace
19. Alexohol Fashion Have a seat and put your feet up, just dont knock the tiara onto the floor.
20. Menlosophy Bad Tiara must go to the corner [No LM to next store]
21. CCC-Chelsea Children's Cloth Time to take a nap.
22. Domela Designs NOT FOUND
23. Troublesome Kitties What Princess doesnt like pink and white?
24. Funky town Find the Correct store, then ask the teddys for some help.
25. Cutie honey But the hoodie covers my tiara. [Tiara is labeled 21 and LM sends you back to Store #10]
26. Blood Bound Mainstore Every Teddy should have a tiara
27. Photon Photo Grab your tiara, pull up a teacup, and lets have a tea party!
29. ClothesMinded Fashions Every girl is pretty in pink! [No LM to next store]
30. Before Sleep I think it's a royal Llama
31. Hard Core (club) "I was once a Princess.. Now i'm a skeleton"
32. Bitch Tail COULD NOT FIND
33. Tegan's COULD NOT FIND
34. Tegan & Scorpy's COULD NOT FIND
35. Intrigue co.Who doesnt like to play with Legos?

9 September 2009

Demonology Hunt

Starts : 1st Sept
Ends : 15th Sept

Your looking for a bloody handprint.

001 : Check the instore hint giver as this changes location a lot.
002 : Demo this hyena, see if it suits.
003 : No hint given by request of the store owner.
004 : (1/5) Don't get burnt you demon you, don't let the penguin take your prize batman (2/5) Take a seat, but don't feel green. (3/5) Check the cheque patterns before you head through the portal. (4/5) Floor doors, dangerous. (5/5) Feel red and head in the direction of the arrows.
005 : Balloon giraffes keep it safe.
006 : Lost in the land of the flesh.
007 : It's a hair raising experience.
008 : (1/7) tough one to see .... maybe you should sit and rest a minute? (2/7) this one im sure is red hot... (3/7) without this one you might be naked. (4/7) careful you might get burned (5/7) if your lucky perhaps a key will help you find this one.. (6/7) This ones big and obvious if you cant find it without a hint well.... (7/7) whoever said there are only four elements.
009 : Watch the devil eat things.
010 :(1/2) COULD NOT FIND (2/2) Nice view from up here
011 : Feeling lucky?
012 : Take a seat and relax.
013 : The cuddly kitties have it.
014 : Head on up, and be a pillar of society.
015 : Try climbing the tree, see what you get.
016 : Take one of the many seats here.
018 : I hate you... wait.. I love you.
019 : Kelly best hand it over
020 : Look into my demon eyes
021 : Join the group you gothic fans.
022 : Your looking pale, why not sit on the sofa that matches your colour.
023 : (1/2) This one is hot hot hot. (2/2) Look into my Neko eyes.
024 : How did that get stuck up there?
025 : Anyone for a game of roulette?
027 : Hey punk, get your tail outta my face before i slap you with my bloodied hand!
028 : Round and round you go,
029 : Have a mini hunt :)
030 : Can you feel the love?
031 : Has anyone ever tasted strange candy?
032 : Climb up to get your prize. (set not for sale, only an LM inside of it, another by the lucky chair also broken)
033 : The roof, the roof the roof is on fire... wait no its not.
035 : (1/2) Attics are creepy, and so are bloody hand prints (2/2) Death keeps it safe
037 : This is a new, fresh handprint.
038 : Feeling studious maybe?
039 : Don't climb, stay low and lean against the columns, they show you where to go.
040 : Anyone want a drink from the top shelf?
042 : Curtains in red poiint the way you need to travel in.
043 : Illuminating
044 : Take a seat and feel the love
046 : Get it back from Clio
048 : This haunted house holds your prize, so be a pillar of society and go find your prize.
049 : Hanging like from a noose, check up high.
051 :
052 :
053 :
054 : Phoenix rise from ashes.

Mother/Daughter Hunt

Start : Sept 1st

End : Sept 30th


1;Another World/Ghostly Designs;MD;No hint needed

2;Wetherby’s;MD;No hint needed

3;Magic;D;Turn left to find the store. You won't have to look much more.

4;Chicatique;MD;Remember to always say thank you

5;RazzBerry Inc.;MD;These hearts wanted to sit back and watch sum T.V.

6;Mindshift Farms;MD;Try your hand at colour mixing

7;Foo Foo;D;

8;Miasma;D; Daughters, look up high (Moms, take one, too)


10;Magia; MD;

11;Teagan’s and Scorpy’s;D;U spin me right round baby:)

12;Meu!;MD;Good or bad... Side A or Side B

13;Aster's Builts;MD;Gifts are relaxing on the second floor. sit and watch TV

14;Kissed by Lithium;MD;Bikinis are great, no matter what the season! Find our corner of these and you'll find your prize!

15;Forest Lake Fairytale Shopping Mall;MD;It's all in the words.

16;Timecat's Treasures; MD;

17;Follow the Rabbit;MD;Down the Hole, Thru the woods, Take a seat to find your Heart!

18;Rogue Designs;M;upstairs? whats upstairs?

19;Fashion by Davi;MD;D: I'm waitin for the sunset - STORE MOVING - BYPASS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

20;Cutler's Kiddies;D;Second is First Best

21;Houses for You;MD;Home is where the heart is .... find your hearts in a lovely girl's room inside a lovely large family home.

22;HitR Honey in the Rough;MD;Daughter Gift : Join our Group. Mother Gift : Accessories make the outfit

23;Heavenly Treasures; MD; Mom - check where you know your daughter will love to hang out and play. Just be sure to look up when there. Daughter, check out your room while mommy looks around for her treasures to find your own treasures. (extra hint - Mom, kids love to play outside)

24;TempT;D;Acorns are for the squirrels!

25;Lacie Dayz; M; Stop leaving all this stuff on the table! or Have a seat but make sure you didn't drop anything before you leave

26;Quality;M;wanna be an affiliate?

27;Old Mill Restaurant;MD;Not CHUTES & LADDERS but CANDYLAND

28;PRO Loon;D;Upstairs! Fun!

29;Mz. Shoes;MD;Fire

30;PEER Style;MD;Mothers and Daughters should play together

31;Passionate Neko;MD;Mother and Daughter are brought together by their hearts!

32;Slumber Kidz Furniture;D;Cookies are the way to every daughters heart!!


34;Michigans Shack;M;Click our Hint board for an up to date hint

35;Happy Together;MD;lets skate to the prize

36;Lil Miss Chatterbox;D;a river runs through it

37;Gumi’s Flower Shop;MD;cross the road to the yummy stall

38;Fairy Pearls Design;MD;come closer to the Unicorns....they don't bite you ;-)

39;Tree House Treasures;MD;Moms should look by a great place for a nap while your Daughter should check at a great place to play!

40;Koodoles Kidz;D;Tasty Yummy Great For My Tummy

41;Sunshine Design Kids;MD;No hint needed

42;Teagan’s;M;The walking talking stickman holds the clue!

43;SMK in the Sky;MD;Follow the black foot prints

44;Tia’s Designs; MD; No hint needed

45;Cute Bootie Kid Gestures;MD;Mr Bunny's carrot loves the prizes

46;Zanzibar creationZ;MD;Mother - Try before you buy; Daughter - Look up!

47;Claw’D;MD;Never be impatient when fishing. *Not outside*

48a. Creations by Amazing Ally, D

48b. Little Ones Couture; D; Field of Flowers

49;Sunshine Design;MD;Kids don´t have to smoke Mothers stand in the kitchen

50;PMS Designs;M;No hint needed

51;Zahir Design;MD;No hint necessary



54;Paradise Corner;MD;

55;LoveKnot Weddings;MD;Walk inside the store

56;wonderkids;D;Don't get shipped out


58;D&T Designs;M;Left, Right, Left, I see the light!

59;Prims 4 U;MD;look at floor level close to a wall

60;Roxie's Home Decor;D;To The Left and around the corner we go...

61;Sweeter than Candy Kids;MD;piles and piles of shoes

62;YeeVoo Designs;MD;i am where Snow White would go

63;Treetops Spa;MD;You've hunted high, you've hunted low, rest on our deck, the heart to show

64;PEER Kiddz;D;Just in time for the tea party

65;Street Dermatology;MD;Please Click the Heart On the Desk for all Street Dermatology Hint information

66;Sexy Delight Clothing and Perfume;M;step up

67;Rebel Kids;MD;

68;ClingerZ;D;Let me offer you a helping paw

69;A Lil’ Sum’em;MD;Two heart, Two of a kind, sharing a lovely time, floating side by side

70;Angelic Zepp's Clothing Creations;MD;

71;2u Sweet Neko;MD;Cats like cattrees Swing, swing, swing

72;Shabo Houses Garden;D;Please do not wake him up !!

73;Coraline Boutique;MD;Ribbons are awalys the cutest thing for a girls hair (their box currently has the wrong number - follow slurl below to next shop)

74;KK's Designs;M;The best place to view the stars

75;ChaosSun’s Creations;MD;Up and Over

76;Purely Kids;D;Bunks Can Be Fun

77;Beldimi Gestures;MD;follow your heart

78;Alexohol Fashions;MD;Mothers: Stop an get a kiss Daughters: find something to wear to the beach

79;AHC;MD;under the stars

80;Apple Blossom Kids;MD;

81;Cluck A Lot;MD;Find the right store

82;Sky Home Oase Skyshop; MD; there is not only a white house in Washington and not only the president can live nice


84;Chelsea’s Children’s Clothes;D;Look inside the store, but no higher.

85;D&T Designs;MD;Mother - Be careful up there; Daughter - watch your head

86;Eagles designs;MD;

87;Different Drummer;MD;"Love is smooth as silk"

88;Puppy Dog Tails;D;It must be at the end of a rainbow

89;LacieCakes;MD;Look up amongst the stars

90;Vitage;M;halfway to the top

91;Evaki;MD;Make sure you have the right building...shoes are a girls best friend.

92;Jumpin Jacks;D;Climb the tree and there you will find me

93;Elinars Statue Shop;MD;the bear could be handy

94;Nishi Designs;M;

95;Ashli Designs;MD;

96;Trouble Makers;MD;I'm up to my same old trix

97;Trashtastic! Design;MD;The two hearts are laid to rest a hobo kitty coffin

98;Papillon's;M;Among the Roses

99;Starlight Photos;M;Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

100;Evie's Closet;D;Opening the door is the key to the heart

101;Essential soul studio n poses;MD (hearts are joined);Biker's Beware

102;AlleyCat Designs;MD;Mom: one to TEN Daughter: Sleepover fun (store has 2 levels)

103;Trivol Shop;MD;Daughter : Have you ever gambled on a Casino? Mother : Is it chess ?

104;CupCake Kittenz;MD;1. Here fishie fishie fishie! 2. SSSHHH it's a secret garden

105;Dirty Dollies;MD;Come and play wit us!

106;Magically Aluring;MD;

107;Smashin Fashion;M; You'll have to cam to see this one.

108;The Dark Tigres;D;

109;JE*REPUBLIC; D; Skin corner

110;Holli Pocket; MD; look in high places and there you shall find your candy heart

111;Zari's - With Love;M;High in the Sky

112;T.S.D Virtual Outfitters;MD;

113;Bethany's Boutique;MD;No hint needed

114;PdCreations;M;Can you see the hunt sign?

115;Sweet Temptation;MD;Ring around the roses, pocket full of posies


117;Boootiful Creations;MD;Happy Hearts, all in a row?

118;Cosmo Chic;M;No hint needed

119;Swank;MD;In the center of it all (non age verified avatars will need to bypass)

120;Raggedy Annie's;D;No hint needed

121;Rathwynn's Arms & Armor; MD; Creatures of stone, monsters of art. Who would think that they could have a heart?

122;Samsara Design; M; Does this heart type?

123;Damani; MD; Don't keep your heart locked away like your jewelry

124;Coull Creations; MD; Follow the rabbit tracks

125;GiftHorse; MD; I know you're itching to find this heart.

126;A touch of Surreal Designs; M; Neither up nor down, but still up high (Adult sim - non age verified avatars will need to bypass)

127;Liquified; MD;One is high above, the other a shirt hides

128;D&V Creations; MD; Daughter - Up the stairs to where the fairy princesses sleep. Mother - Come and warm yourself by this Belle fire.

129;Flowers Palace; MD;(payment info required to access shop)

130;Vanity Designs, Inc; MD; Look up high, if you find one hunt gift, the other is surely close by.

131;Euphoria; M; No hint needed

132;Animate This; MD; Mother's prize hint: In the store up the tree..; Besides a fire burning bright; A warm place to sit you will see; With the prize relflecting its light... Daughter's prize hint: In the store there is an entrance..; To a world under the sea..; Follow the pearly spiral stair down; To where mermaids dance with glee; In a basket in her cove; Among her treasured finds; You will find what you seek; Besides an empty bottle of wine.

133;Nushru; MD ;


135;Sebis Store; M;

136;JG Designs; D;

137;Shapely Designs; MD;

138;A&D Fashion; MD; No hint needed

139;Nekotopia; MD;

140;aDORKable Poses;MD;Two hearts at the high door

141;Earth Jewel;MD;

This was taken from the official site here . Ty to Isabeal for asking me to use it. I will not have time to hunt this one myself, and I am personally not into child AVs in SL so would anywho. But for those of you who don't mind, theres the hints.