18 September 2009

Laptop Update....

Oh its symptoms are this....
Its a Dell Insipron 1520 (in barbie pink weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

1. It boots up, goes past the Dell boot stage. Sometimes I get as far as the desktop after logging into it. Then nothing, the screen goes black. However, this isn't a dead screen, the screen is still on, i can tell from the backlighting that its not completely dead. If i do (and this is rare) get past the desktop and manage to get some tunes on, sometimes the tunes continue to play even when its gone blank. Sometimes the music/sounds cut off.

2. Once this has done and i can't see i have to turn it off the bad way (pressing the power button) as i can't see the shut down option on screen. When i try and reboot the screen is then dead, completely black, no light, no nothing. The computer then sounds like its rebooting over and over every 5 mins. Which is not good. If I leave this for about 30mins and come back, it goes back to step 1. It's like the laptop needs a rest after trying to turn on.

I have phoned Dell from Hell and they are picking it up in 2-3 working days and have told me it will be taking 12-15 working days to fix. WTF. Thats a long ass time.

Any advice will be welcomed, ideas and thoughts welcomed too.

Being as i can't get it to stay on i'm desparately trying to figure out how to clear the memory before i send it. I don't want Dell morons getting any details about me.

Mally (the annoyed and Dell hatey)

PS: Best person to speak to about the hunts will be Josephine Winslet (She will be away 9/24 to 9/28), Saaghir Nightfire if shes online. Theres also my group that will be available to help you too. The link is to the right.


Please please please don't sent me a notecard, I can't open it. If your store moves location, please only send me the SURL, no landmarks and if you have a hint change please write to me in IM, I will recieve it in Email.

Notecards and LMs I can't do anything with at the moment.