9 September 2009

Mother/Daughter Hunt

Start : Sept 1st

End : Sept 30th


1;Another World/Ghostly Designs;MD;No hint needed

2;Wetherby’s;MD;No hint needed

3;Magic;D;Turn left to find the store. You won't have to look much more.

4;Chicatique;MD;Remember to always say thank you

5;RazzBerry Inc.;MD;These hearts wanted to sit back and watch sum T.V.

6;Mindshift Farms;MD;Try your hand at colour mixing

7;Foo Foo;D;

8;Miasma;D; Daughters, look up high (Moms, take one, too)


10;Magia; MD;

11;Teagan’s and Scorpy’s;D;U spin me right round baby:)

12;Meu!;MD;Good or bad... Side A or Side B

13;Aster's Builts;MD;Gifts are relaxing on the second floor. sit and watch TV

14;Kissed by Lithium;MD;Bikinis are great, no matter what the season! Find our corner of these and you'll find your prize!

15;Forest Lake Fairytale Shopping Mall;MD;It's all in the words.

16;Timecat's Treasures; MD;

17;Follow the Rabbit;MD;Down the Hole, Thru the woods, Take a seat to find your Heart!

18;Rogue Designs;M;upstairs? whats upstairs?

19;Fashion by Davi;MD;D: I'm waitin for the sunset - STORE MOVING - BYPASS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

20;Cutler's Kiddies;D;Second is First Best

21;Houses for You;MD;Home is where the heart is .... find your hearts in a lovely girl's room inside a lovely large family home.

22;HitR Honey in the Rough;MD;Daughter Gift : Join our Group. Mother Gift : Accessories make the outfit

23;Heavenly Treasures; MD; Mom - check where you know your daughter will love to hang out and play. Just be sure to look up when there. Daughter, check out your room while mommy looks around for her treasures to find your own treasures. (extra hint - Mom, kids love to play outside)

24;TempT;D;Acorns are for the squirrels!

25;Lacie Dayz; M; Stop leaving all this stuff on the table! or Have a seat but make sure you didn't drop anything before you leave

26;Quality;M;wanna be an affiliate?

27;Old Mill Restaurant;MD;Not CHUTES & LADDERS but CANDYLAND

28;PRO Loon;D;Upstairs! Fun!

29;Mz. Shoes;MD;Fire

30;PEER Style;MD;Mothers and Daughters should play together

31;Passionate Neko;MD;Mother and Daughter are brought together by their hearts!

32;Slumber Kidz Furniture;D;Cookies are the way to every daughters heart!!


34;Michigans Shack;M;Click our Hint board for an up to date hint

35;Happy Together;MD;lets skate to the prize

36;Lil Miss Chatterbox;D;a river runs through it

37;Gumi’s Flower Shop;MD;cross the road to the yummy stall

38;Fairy Pearls Design;MD;come closer to the Unicorns....they don't bite you ;-)

39;Tree House Treasures;MD;Moms should look by a great place for a nap while your Daughter should check at a great place to play!

40;Koodoles Kidz;D;Tasty Yummy Great For My Tummy

41;Sunshine Design Kids;MD;No hint needed

42;Teagan’s;M;The walking talking stickman holds the clue!

43;SMK in the Sky;MD;Follow the black foot prints

44;Tia’s Designs; MD; No hint needed

45;Cute Bootie Kid Gestures;MD;Mr Bunny's carrot loves the prizes

46;Zanzibar creationZ;MD;Mother - Try before you buy; Daughter - Look up!

47;Claw’D;MD;Never be impatient when fishing. *Not outside*

48a. Creations by Amazing Ally, D

48b. Little Ones Couture; D; Field of Flowers

49;Sunshine Design;MD;Kids don´t have to smoke Mothers stand in the kitchen

50;PMS Designs;M;No hint needed

51;Zahir Design;MD;No hint necessary



54;Paradise Corner;MD;

55;LoveKnot Weddings;MD;Walk inside the store

56;wonderkids;D;Don't get shipped out


58;D&T Designs;M;Left, Right, Left, I see the light!

59;Prims 4 U;MD;look at floor level close to a wall

60;Roxie's Home Decor;D;To The Left and around the corner we go...

61;Sweeter than Candy Kids;MD;piles and piles of shoes

62;YeeVoo Designs;MD;i am where Snow White would go

63;Treetops Spa;MD;You've hunted high, you've hunted low, rest on our deck, the heart to show

64;PEER Kiddz;D;Just in time for the tea party

65;Street Dermatology;MD;Please Click the Heart On the Desk for all Street Dermatology Hint information

66;Sexy Delight Clothing and Perfume;M;step up

67;Rebel Kids;MD;

68;ClingerZ;D;Let me offer you a helping paw

69;A Lil’ Sum’em;MD;Two heart, Two of a kind, sharing a lovely time, floating side by side

70;Angelic Zepp's Clothing Creations;MD;

71;2u Sweet Neko;MD;Cats like cattrees Swing, swing, swing

72;Shabo Houses Garden;D;Please do not wake him up !!

73;Coraline Boutique;MD;Ribbons are awalys the cutest thing for a girls hair (their box currently has the wrong number - follow slurl below to next shop)

74;KK's Designs;M;The best place to view the stars

75;ChaosSun’s Creations;MD;Up and Over

76;Purely Kids;D;Bunks Can Be Fun

77;Beldimi Gestures;MD;follow your heart

78;Alexohol Fashions;MD;Mothers: Stop an get a kiss Daughters: find something to wear to the beach

79;AHC;MD;under the stars

80;Apple Blossom Kids;MD;

81;Cluck A Lot;MD;Find the right store

82;Sky Home Oase Skyshop; MD; there is not only a white house in Washington and not only the president can live nice


84;Chelsea’s Children’s Clothes;D;Look inside the store, but no higher.

85;D&T Designs;MD;Mother - Be careful up there; Daughter - watch your head

86;Eagles designs;MD;

87;Different Drummer;MD;"Love is smooth as silk"

88;Puppy Dog Tails;D;It must be at the end of a rainbow

89;LacieCakes;MD;Look up amongst the stars

90;Vitage;M;halfway to the top

91;Evaki;MD;Make sure you have the right building...shoes are a girls best friend.

92;Jumpin Jacks;D;Climb the tree and there you will find me

93;Elinars Statue Shop;MD;the bear could be handy

94;Nishi Designs;M;

95;Ashli Designs;MD;

96;Trouble Makers;MD;I'm up to my same old trix

97;Trashtastic! Design;MD;The two hearts are laid to rest a hobo kitty coffin

98;Papillon's;M;Among the Roses

99;Starlight Photos;M;Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

100;Evie's Closet;D;Opening the door is the key to the heart

101;Essential soul studio n poses;MD (hearts are joined);Biker's Beware

102;AlleyCat Designs;MD;Mom: one to TEN Daughter: Sleepover fun (store has 2 levels)

103;Trivol Shop;MD;Daughter : Have you ever gambled on a Casino? Mother : Is it chess ?

104;CupCake Kittenz;MD;1. Here fishie fishie fishie! 2. SSSHHH it's a secret garden

105;Dirty Dollies;MD;Come and play wit us!

106;Magically Aluring;MD;

107;Smashin Fashion;M; You'll have to cam to see this one.

108;The Dark Tigres;D;

109;JE*REPUBLIC; D; Skin corner

110;Holli Pocket; MD; look in high places and there you shall find your candy heart

111;Zari's - With Love;M;High in the Sky

112;T.S.D Virtual Outfitters;MD;

113;Bethany's Boutique;MD;No hint needed

114;PdCreations;M;Can you see the hunt sign?

115;Sweet Temptation;MD;Ring around the roses, pocket full of posies


117;Boootiful Creations;MD;Happy Hearts, all in a row?

118;Cosmo Chic;M;No hint needed

119;Swank;MD;In the center of it all (non age verified avatars will need to bypass)

120;Raggedy Annie's;D;No hint needed

121;Rathwynn's Arms & Armor; MD; Creatures of stone, monsters of art. Who would think that they could have a heart?

122;Samsara Design; M; Does this heart type?

123;Damani; MD; Don't keep your heart locked away like your jewelry

124;Coull Creations; MD; Follow the rabbit tracks

125;GiftHorse; MD; I know you're itching to find this heart.

126;A touch of Surreal Designs; M; Neither up nor down, but still up high (Adult sim - non age verified avatars will need to bypass)

127;Liquified; MD;One is high above, the other a shirt hides

128;D&V Creations; MD; Daughter - Up the stairs to where the fairy princesses sleep. Mother - Come and warm yourself by this Belle fire.

129;Flowers Palace; MD;(payment info required to access shop)

130;Vanity Designs, Inc; MD; Look up high, if you find one hunt gift, the other is surely close by.

131;Euphoria; M; No hint needed

132;Animate This; MD; Mother's prize hint: In the store up the tree..; Besides a fire burning bright; A warm place to sit you will see; With the prize relflecting its light... Daughter's prize hint: In the store there is an entrance..; To a world under the sea..; Follow the pearly spiral stair down; To where mermaids dance with glee; In a basket in her cove; Among her treasured finds; You will find what you seek; Besides an empty bottle of wine.

133;Nushru; MD ;


135;Sebis Store; M;

136;JG Designs; D;

137;Shapely Designs; MD;

138;A&D Fashion; MD; No hint needed

139;Nekotopia; MD;

140;aDORKable Poses;MD;Two hearts at the high door

141;Earth Jewel;MD;

This was taken from the official site here . Ty to Isabeal for asking me to use it. I will not have time to hunt this one myself, and I am personally not into child AVs in SL so would anywho. But for those of you who don't mind, theres the hints.