15 September 2009

Freaky Fall Hunt

Start: Sept 1st
End: Oct 15th

Your looking for pumpkins.

001: Get your hint from the really thin man, infact he is stick thin.
002: This pumpkin works for vogue?
004: Don't you love a cracking sound, not cackling.
005: Pumpkins love to strike up a good deal on teeshirts.
006: Pumpkins like with the other vegetables.
007: New shoes? Go up and check them out.
008 : Everyone loves cheesey puffs.
009 : Look over the dummys shoulder to find this one.
010: What time is it Mr Pumpkin
011 : Nomnom time. Anyone want pumpkin pie ;)
012 : Nighty night Pumpkin
014 : Which store is this? Take a close look and find out.
015: Kitty don't make me pull your tail, give it back.
016 : Hunt down low, everyone puts there pumpkins away they have used them.
017 : Don't tread on me!
018: Don't be so stoney faced!
019 : Have a rest hunters, you have earnt it.
020: When you climb up, don't fall.
021: Happy HallOween Hunters!
022 : This potted pumpkin wants to grow!
023 : This one is illuminating.
024 : Kitty shift that big ass and give me my pumpkin.
025 : Careful I hear there are Psyco's in area.
026: I have always wondered where vampires sleep.
027 : I wonder where these footsteps lead?
028: What store is this? Look and see.
029 : Follow the steps again, it will take you to your prize.
030: Take a seat and listen to the tunes.
031 : Follow the steps to the prize.
032 : Follow the steps to the prize.
033 : Follow the steps, but which one is the real one?
034 : This is a nylon catsuit wearing pumpking, lol (labelled 036)
035 : Follow the steps and time to relax at the beach.
036 : Head skyward and smell the pretty flowers.
037 : Don't get wet like the pumpkin.
038 : Follow the footprints, take a view through the window.
039 : This one is such a "flirt" (labelled 41a)
040 : Hunt skywards.
041 : Hey Skeleton, hand it back!
043 : Hey who stuck that up there?
044 : Nothing says halloween like a skull. So use your eye, but don't replace it with a pumpkin that that poor fellow.
045 : Look out for Diannas Revenge, i hear it can put you behind the signs.
046 : Autumn Leaves, the fall all around.
047 : Follow the steps.
048 : This pumpkin watches you from on high.
049 : Shelf your enthusiasm hunters, like the pumpkin.
050 : Take a rest, sleepy hunter. Don't let the chickens wake you.
051: Make sure your in the right store and remember to search to the skys for your prize.
052: This one is new, so go get it.
054 : I think its time for another rest.
055 : I love the Holywood look, I wish i looked like an icon.
056 : Running water hides the prize.
057 : Climb up and look up, watch you don't trip.
058 : Skip along the footprints to claim your prize.
059 : Take a seat but don't get blue.
060 : Head on up, or should you? Stay at the base and decide.
061 : I think this Pumpkin feels a bit.. ill.
062 : Always look behind things, not just on the bottom floor mind you!
063 : Don't wake the sleeping fairy.
064 : Quick don't let the birdy get away with your prize.
065 : Time to grab a drink I think!
066: I think my eyes are getting tired, time for new.
067 : Your ready to depart shortly, so make sure you head up and relax by the fire until then.
068 : Head to the back, its usually where naughty pumpkins hide.
069: Tunes? We all love good tunes, so follow the footsteps.
070 : Follow your steps, will take you right to the prize.
071 : Pumpkin wants a nap, again.
072 : I hear pumpkin is good for the skin.
073 : Oh my, it's not xmas yet is it? RIP Autumn.
074 : This one will have you BEAMing.
075 : I love Neko ears, don't you.
076 : This pumpkin needs to come out of the closet.
077 : Follow the steps, will take you right there.
078 : Pumpkins burn and when they do they are usually "on flames"
079 : You can stand under my umbrella...ella...ella.
080 : Follow your steps, and watch where your treading.
081: Photocompetitions bring out the pumpkins competative side.
082 : Ghost Rider... he has it. You had best ask for it back.
083 : You can't find it? Don't get red in the face, maybe its the reflection from the house. Take a peek inside.
084: The man who is made of sticks will tell you where to go.
085 : Follow the steps to get to your prize,
086 : Time for a snooze, on the floor.
087 : When I have fruit on my head if fills me with joy.
088 : Check around, and lets see if the "Mob" have a VENDor here too.
089 :Stack the cubes high and perch on them, the prize is nearby.
090 : Green is the colour of envy and jealousy lol so party.
092 : CANDY.... nomnomnom. Check in not out, and all around.
093: Follow your foot steps.
094 : Don't fall in while getting the prize.
095 : You will fair well if you follow the stair well.
096: Time for a Lucky Dip?
097: *CACKLES MANICALLY* I put a spell on you, now your mine!
098 : What creature leaves these footprints, i will follow them and find out.
099 : My pumpkin is sick, who can treat it?
100: "Cut Down" prices perhaps?
101 Girls love pretty shoes, don' t they ?
102 : The pumpkin is perched on top, like a birdy.
103 : Are you batty? Pink? PINK?
105: This pumpkin enjoys the view, and you love to window shop ;)
106 : Is midnight a pumpins best time?
107 : Put me in a costume and i'm a happy pumpkin.
108: Can you buy pumpkins on X street?
109 : What is the name of this store, and you best admire the view from out there too.
110: Jump through hoops to get this one, but don't catch them, you will rip them out of my ears.
111 : Follow the footprints.
112 : Are you brave? Check the windows.
113 : Everyone needs outdoor furniture.
114 : A selection of Veg? Everyone knows the pumpkin rules!
115: Feeling Lucky... PUNK?
116 : HAY... over here.
117 : Animal print is so in this season.
118 : Everyone always needs more Jeans.. right?
119: Follow the red prints.
120: HIgh, I only date Losers
121: This one may leave you RAMPant.
122 : Take a seat :)
123 : WHO BROKE IT, i can't live without mine, I will miss all my favourite shows now.
124 : Don't feed the fish pumpkin!
125 : What is the collective name for pumpkins?
126 : Who stuck that up there?
127 : Someone POSTed me a pumpkin.
128 : The pumpkin, patron saint of virtual voices.
129 : Spiders.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
130: Spiraling upwards is your prize.
131: Time for a sleep Mr Pumpkin.
132 : HAY.. theres more over here.
133 : Whats your lucky letter?
135 : I love a good sunset, what about your eyes?
136: Did you know bunnys poop out pumpkins?
137 : Don't try PALM me off, I wan't my pumpkin.
138 : You didn't get your pumpkin? Try redelivering it!
139 : Find the Witches headdress!
140: Vanity is such a sin.
141 : Time for a nap in the dark colours.
142 : This office has a brand.
143 : This wall is such a star and so are you.
144 : Take a seat and feel the lurve ;)
145 : Surrender your pumpkin or suffer the consequences.
146 : Which one is the real one? This patch is full of them
147 : HAY, even more over here. Theres a lot of this about today
148 : Follow your prints and locate the secret entry point.
149 : Lay down kitty cat.
150: Take a seat
151 : Do not climb.. hide below.
152 : This one may get some COLUMN inches.
153 : Whats this stores name again, I have forgotten already.
154 : Finding this one is a NIGHTMARE.
155 : Try things in in privacy hunters.
156 : Follow the footprints.
157 : Rest Your Feet, with you pumpkin by your side.
158 : Do not stray far from where you land to recieve your prize.
160 : Hey don't look up that dummys skirt! Or behind her for that matter!
161 : Fasions of Summer, is it still bikini weather?
162 : Are you cinderallas sister? Punkarella?
163 : Harry Potter lived under them, and you usually climb them.
164 : RAWR, find your prize there.
165 : Flemenco dancers are so pretty
166: Where the porn is keep, on top!
167 : If you stand still you may be confused with the statue and the pumpkin may hide behind you insted.
168 : King Arthur had a round one.
169 : I'm not quite sure how it works.
170 : This pumpkin thinks its a bird.
171 Take a rest I think hunters.
172 Careful of the mothballs :) I keep my clothes in something similar.
173 : Broomcupboards store more than just brooms.
174 : Get to the back :)