10 September 2009

Princess Hunt

Start : Sept 5th
End : Oct 3rd

Your looking for Tiaras

1. Allep Jeans What goes well with a tiara? A Pendant!
2. Maggie and Mommy Closet Walk into the light.
3. Misty Sea- Art Jewelry Dont forget to water the plants
4. Elizabeth Store Join the group and get your tiara.
5. Calia French Cuisine Millions of peaches, peaches for me...
6. Calia Designs I'm feeling romantically medieval. Naptime!
7. Divalicious No true Diva would allow her photo to be taken without her tiara.
8. Siri-Us Skins The Road to Hell (and tiaras) are paved with good intentions.
9. Passionate Neko SKIP
10. A&A Designs Not down low, not up high, Find me in between, hanging on a corner.
11. Magicland Park The Princess dropped her tiara in the castle just before she jumped on the ride for safe keeping. Make sure to check the nooks and cranies. (Tiara labeled Number 18 - no LM for next stop included)
12. Gairdin na Sidhe Wedding Shop
Is that fairy stealing it?
13. 13th floor ****NO LONGER IN HUNT****
14. Little Girl Main Shop ~ Doll House~ Doesnt every little girl like to play dress up?
15. earth jewels Roses are Red, Vases are blue... (labeled #27)
16. Forest Lake Fairytale Mall A Bed fit for a princess.
17. Kandi-wrapper kids store Lollipops and Stars, what could be better?
18. Old Mill Restaurant/Live Music Rest In Peace
19. Alexohol Fashion Have a seat and put your feet up, just dont knock the tiara onto the floor.
20. Menlosophy Bad Tiara must go to the corner [No LM to next store]
21. CCC-Chelsea Children's Cloth Time to take a nap.
22. Domela Designs NOT FOUND
23. Troublesome Kitties What Princess doesnt like pink and white?
24. Funky town Find the Correct store, then ask the teddys for some help.
25. Cutie honey But the hoodie covers my tiara. [Tiara is labeled 21 and LM sends you back to Store #10]
26. Blood Bound Mainstore Every Teddy should have a tiara
27. Photon Photo Grab your tiara, pull up a teacup, and lets have a tea party!
29. ClothesMinded Fashions Every girl is pretty in pink! [No LM to next store]
30. Before Sleep I think it's a royal Llama
31. Hard Core (club) "I was once a Princess.. Now i'm a skeleton"
32. Bitch Tail COULD NOT FIND
33. Tegan's COULD NOT FIND
34. Tegan & Scorpy's COULD NOT FIND
35. Intrigue co.Who doesnt like to play with Legos?