13 September 2009

Duckie Hunt

Start : Sept 1st
End : Sept 30th (I think)

Your looking for small yellow rubber duckies, Bert and Ernie style.

1. Is that a ducky in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?
2. Dont Step on my duckie!
3. [couldnt find duckie]
4. Duckies can swim! Just watch your step if you choose to join them.
5. What can I say? Duckies are attracted to other duckies.
6. Duckie is hiding way up high! Or he's interested in renting.
7. Duckie was asking the mirror a question and decided to take a seat. (Huge Store, but the duckie is large TG)
8. (1 of 2) Up! Up and Away (2 of 2) Every Chest holds a treasure.
9. ALL Duckies Love a good picnic... Pull up a blanket and rest under a tall oak!
10 Duckie wants to be a LittleGirl too.
11. Polly want a duckie?
12. Be sure to wash your hands!
13. Dont worry! Duckie found water on land!
14. Duckies LOVE Bathes!
15. Duckie loves freebies.
16. DJ Duckie!
17. (1 of 2) Even Duckies need a little black dress (2 of 2) Empress of the Roses table needs some dusting, Duckie will do it!
18. Dont step on me!
19. Duckies play in threes.
20. Caught me before i could hide!
21. Bad Duckie has to stay in the corner for awhile.
22. Hey, Duckie is just looking for a job.
23. [no hunt sign, no duckie]
24. Duckie doesnt like to bathe alone, but he does like daisies!
25. Duckie loves cake!
26. Put your feet up and relax with Duckie.
28. Duckie likes new stuff.
29. Duckie is a boy, but doesnt have a tongue. Bills are close to tongues, right?
30. Duckie HATES Spiders! EEK! Will stay up here where they cant get me.
31. Duckie likes presents
32. [Store moves Duckie alot] Duckie thinks this is a steering wheel, someone illuminate him on it's true purpose.
33. Duckie is new too!
34. See? Told you I can swim!
35. My wings arent that big! I'm jealous.
36. Keep on Swimming.
37. Duckies have laundry too, Mine is just magic laundry.
38. Duckie thinks he's too yellow and needs a new skin.
39. Duckie decided he wanted to LIVE in the garden.
40. [No hunt sign, didnt see duckie]
41. Duckie is a pillar of society!
42. Where the river rolls over the hill, you will find him there.
43. [no hunt sign, no duckie]
44. [no hunt sign, no duckie]
45. Duckie loves his view of the street, but the bars keep getting in his way.
46. This one will leave you beaming.
47. Duckie has his own pool!
48. Duckie likes to travel the world.
49. [couldnt find]
50. [couldnt find]
51. Duckie is feeling very random
52. Mind the buggies, and keep your gaze down so you dont step on Duckie!
53. Duckie wants to know if it's wrong of him to want a rabbit hoodie.
54. Duckie was bad and sent to the corner, but he wandered away a bit.
55. Just stopped by for a Chat.
56. [3rd stop here???]
57. [Drops you on an empty lot]
58. What? Duckie likes good deals
59. Duckie's attracted to Yellow.
60. Duckie needs a vacation, but I'm not sure he'd look good in shorts and a thong.
61. [could not find]
62. Chillin with the non rubber duckies!
63. [couldnt find]
64. Duckie got cold, so he's looking for sweaters and scarves.
65. [no hunt sign, no duckie]
66. Duckie was looking with the intention to buy his girlfriend a bracelet, but this wont fit her.
67. (1 of 2) Duckie thinks she's a butterfly. (2 of 2) Duckie doesnt like the rain, so she uses these.
68. Take Duckie's spray can! He's writing all over those Tanks!
69. Duckie on Display!
70. What are you lookin at, Pig?
71. Duckie likes his candy.
72. [Drops hunter onto empty lot]
73. Duckie strives to be like the freebie of the week.
74. Dance with Duckie
75. [couldnt find at new location]
76. Duckie likes grunge.
77. [couldnt find]
78. [Couldnt Find}
79. [no hunt sign, no duckie]
80. [drops to an empty lot]
81. [Couldnt find]
82. Duckie feels really small, but likes sneakers too much to complain.