14 September 2009

The Pretzel Hunt

Start : Sept 12th
End : Sept 27th

Your looking for a basket with pretzels inside.

1. Old Nashville Saloon Sing us a song you're the piano man...
2. Dakota Trapping This pretzel is guarded, beware.
3. Sand's Plants There are many oak trees, each with their own secret, one's secret is a twisted pretzel.
4. Tomuli's Restaurant Who doesnt like to dine alfresco?
5. Kottos Games Factory Nothing better when you're chilly, than a warm pretzel.
6. Kattastrophe Come sit in the pit.
7. Takeshi Newman Games Follow the arrows.
8. TiMo Habitat Picnicing near the stream.
9. Viviane Fashion Some flip, some flop
10. MANDRAGORA Head to the Eden Motel next door to claim your prize
11. MysticHope Sit around the feature, pull up a bench.
12. Francinati0n Dont forget to water the plants.
13. FG Underground Excuse me while i fix my makeup.
14. Made by Margerita Oh Yummy, pretzels and strawberries.
15. Blood Royal Have a seat.
16. Seventy Seven Pretzel texture?
17. Pirate Life Every pirate needs a parrot
19. Junemoon Pretty Horsey
20. Vivis Schmuck Muehle Check out the view from the windmill, you can see everything from up there!
21. Tree Houses Gate of falling water.
22. The Outdoor Shop Hidin with the dustbunnies
23. Stigma Fashion When you grab your dancing outfit, grab a pretzel too.
24. MRC Fashion Designs That light looks a little funny.
25. Everything for Everyone A bed with reeds hides a pretzel.
26. A/P Creations & Friends Vogue and People are my fave.
27. La Luna Darn, got some salt on my keyboard.
28. DAWN 3D Why do birds hate windex? Makes windows too transparent.
29. INDI Designs One for the Ladies, one for the gents. Find the Hunt sign instore.
30. Aimesi Design Relax and check out the skins.
31. Sand's Plants Sand in my toes, palms in my hair.
32. K2K United MM Oven baked goodness
33. Dark N Crazy Set the table before dinner.
34. Pillow Dreams Aw man, i hate snakes
35. Swanson Just waiting to bite your ankles.
36. Sugar & Spice Just lounging around.
37. Reaktor Omega Just waiting to see if i'm lucky
38. 3p Designz Watch the water spray.
39. Macho I'll take it wrapped for a gift please.
40. SkyHigh Dont wake the puppy
41. Fior di Perle Just wanted a landmark... I fell.
42. Diabolus Design It's Spelled D-I-A-B-O-L-U-S
43. SLC Mainstore Cant Miss me.
44. Little Bertha's World Hmm... what can i look for here?
45. BDSM Dreams Pretzels can be pillars of society too.
46. d4y Freebie Stable HAY!
47. Never Ever This hunt is just a barrel of laughs
48. Amethysta Designs Squirrels dont just eat acorns you know.
49. New in Creation and ONC The pretzel didnt stray far from the sign.
50. CaroX In Memory...
51. Yesss Designs When you water the plants, dont spill any on the pretzel!
52. Nanashi.. On the other hand, it's new and blue.
53. ACC Who did you *drag* along on the hunt?
54. Angel Dessous All you need to do, is find the sign - easier said than done.
55. [b.nuts] Bad Pretzel, belongs in the corner
56. Cave Grotto Waterfall Volcano 3 Crows, a Smiley, and water. Does life get better than this?
57. New in Creation Sometimes a Pretzel just wants some privacy with his favorite mustard.
58. Ibizarre Just waitin to see if midnight mania will fill up.
59. Triple xXx Up we go.
60. Spidey's Freebies Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up...
61. Dark Sun Club Pretzels and beer?
62. JP dsg Plenty of seating to enjoy a pretzel with friends.
63. Voom Tattoo's Hated climbing ropes in gym class
64. Home of DeMieStyle Just keepin the pretzel warm
65. B& T Fashion Pretzels for dinner?
66. Estell Creations Time for some Illumination
67. Bubbles Follow the arrows and stairs, if you stop half way to take in the view, you'll be amazed to see a snack.
68. Elfenland What do you call this place again? The surface of the sun?
69. Curtain Time for a nap!
70. Dead Rabbit Walking under a ladder is bad luck, but using one is just good sense.
71. New Babylon Military Pretzel!
72. BB in Yebizah Pretzel on display
73. Lookatme Designs Allow the lanters to light your way.
74. Tam Tam YAY! Oktoberfest!!
75. Mondira Fashion Have a seat and bring some friends.
76. NGM Next Generation Machines Can you beat the top score?
77. Hasi's Mainstore Oooo Presents.
78. SJ Design I've put a spell on you, and now you're mine.
79. Lyrik Walk over Pegasus One step at a time.
80. Vamp Berlin Now, how did that get up there?
81. Fior di Perle Skins Ask Gina.
82. Joline-Style Glad I wore my comfy jeans for this.
83. vitage Can see the whole store from up here!
84. Robs Design Ah, Shaded by a plant.
85. IrEn Tables were made for pretzels, not for butts.
86. NADAS What would you like to watch?
87. Ultraviolet SUN Designs Everyone loves a good freebie.
88. glauchauer engineering Round and Round and Round and Round....
89. Moonland Shopping Heart of Hearts
90. Delicate Style Each journey begins with a first step.
91. SOS Mall Walk the streets of the mall, dont mind the alien, he's just listening to his iPod.
92. CJ Design Definitely need to relax after eating all these pretzels.
93. M&M Deco TIme for a picnic!
94. Balut Designs Cubed!
95. Chaos I'm worn out.. is it warm in here?
96. SD Flowers and Art Toes belong in the sand.
97. Homers Poofer Shop Cant miss it.
98. CyberStar BodyArt Just waitin to get inked.
99. Black Kitty This pretzel can fly!
100. Cher MOON Mirror Mirror, on the wall, who's the yumiest pretzel of them all?
101. HotchPotch A gift for you.
102. MyHeart Can never have enough hair.