19 March 2010

Mad March Hare Hunt

Start : March 20th
Ends : April 20th

Your looking for a multicoloured bunny rabbit (my fav animal so YAY)

HUNT HQ can be found HERE

#000 - Hint: The signs are everywhere, you need only look, while passing through the doorway the little hare shook.
#001 - Hint: Only one thing can come between a naked redhead and her stilettos
#002- Hint: all girls like to sip champagne
#003- Hint: There's no roses to make a ring around here, but this hare likes flowers. Looking up look down and you'll see him cowering in fear.
#004 - Hint: Back and forth it goes, but where oh where to swing a round. Maybe this little hare knows.
#005 - Hint: ooopss bunny needed the potty
#006 - Hint: A-Tisket, A-Tasket what a cute little basket.'
#007 - SKIP
#008 - Hint: This little hare likes to find updates for these doors and gates. Find him there while he waits.
#009 - Hint: This little hair likes pink, it makes you wonder why, time to pop in a dvd and get ready for a cry.
#010 - Hint: Even the mad Hares need to rest their wild hairs, to bad this one didn't know what he sits on wasn't the couch, silly rabbit.
#011- Hint: The leaves are such a pretty , bright green, they make a cool , shady place to hide.
#012 - Hint: Got my hands up,they're playing my song, and now i'm gonna be ok Yeah! Its a Party in the Usa. Yeah! Its a Party in the Usa
#013 - Hint: hides and keeps an eye on the boards Hunt
#014 - Hint: Banging on his drums like a rock star, this hare didn't have to go far, and neither do you.
#015 - Hint: This bunny just loves flowers
#016 - Hint: Nope, this isn't my soap box.
#017 - Hint: Down and down you go, where you leave, only the mad hare knows. Follow it wise, but don't go past it or you'll miss your prize.
#018 - Hint: a musical hare
#019 - Hint: You've been a bad bunny! Go to time out!
#020- Hint: This hare likes to watch li ke a ninja as you climb.
#021 -Hint: Did you hear? The mad hare pays visits to her majesty the dark elf quite often!
#022- Hint: Maybe if i hide here, the lady in red wont see me, hehe.
#023 - Hint: Shed a little light on the matter
#024 - Hint: is walk along the stream go over the fallen tree dont disturb the campers, and there he'll be
#025 -Hint: This hare had too many questions, glad they had answers for him, silly hare and his hair fetish.
#026 - Hint:St. Pats days over.
We put away the clover.
But some things Irish
Are still quite stylish.
We've hid our Hare
With Irish care.
Remember pot's of gold
They never grow old.
#027 - Hint: This hare is no har-e-potter but it sure does like his room.
#028 - Hint: Hope he brought his scuba gear
#029 - Hint: Wander past the rose garden and you will see
lovely gowns fit for a tea
then in the lavender patch munching away under a sign
the hare of March you will find
#030 - Hint: This one wheelie easy.
#031 - Hint: No hint needed
#032 - Hint: look down to you
#033 - Hint: No hint needed
#034 - Hint: With tears in his eyes the hare does weep, so does that friend of his, the willow.
#035 - Hint: does he really likes Slave Bracelets ?!
#036 - Hint:
#037 - Hint: Even mad hares have family. This one's gone to be with his own.
#038 - Oh my! This hare has stumbled on the secret to eternal youth!
#039 - Saint patrick's dinner sure looks delicious.
#040 - I'm under your clothes, perving your carpet, oh ho-ho~
#041 - birds of a feather flock together, well so do the hare, but one is a bit more mad than the others ;o
#042 -
#043 - Remain standing at the entrance, and wait until all rezzed
#044 - Hit the hint giver for a clue.
#045 - Wonder where the stairs is
#046 - Go down the ramp and look for those lucky chairs, he is keeping an eye on them to
#047 - Hint: Hare will know something about his Future,takes a look into the crystalball
#048 -
#049 - The Hare sleeps under the mushrooms, watched over by the Chesire Cat
#050 - likes to relax near the water
#051 - makes office work "Serving up in the upstairs"
#052 -
#053 - It's around NATURE...
#054 - this little guy is a bit shy...well thats what shrubery is for :P
55 hides behind the purple curtain and peeps at the slave girl
56 hides in a corner..wow this is a cool chair
57 Shy little bunny likes to hide under things
60 cant see the sign but the hare went up two flights..follow him
62 loves to hear the splash of water
63 needs to spend a penny
64 looks to the sunset
65 Nada got new product
66 walk up ...up ....up....

The blanks will be filled don't fret guys and gals.