14 March 2010

Easter Egg Madness Hunt

Starts : March 14th
Ends : April 10th

Your looking for prim easter eggs

001 : Its a bit big to of come from that birdys butt
002 : Beware the witching hour!
003 : No hint needed
004 : Pure bliss!
005 : Apples taste good (set to sale for 1L so beware)
006 : Wow that egg is wayward!
007 : Time to fly the flag for your country
008 : Always sit at the table when you eat your eggs
009 : Check the in store hint giver
010 : A very supportive egg indeed
011 : Time to join in with everyone else
012 : Blue and gold looks cute on my finger
013 : Time to join in!
014 : Do you have a subscription to egg monthly?
015 : Hit the instore hint giver (takes you back to 1)
016 : (a)If tended to properly, this egg might bloom like tulips in a greenhouse. (b) Such a pale, plain egg needs a bunny to paint it more colorfully.
017 ; You might find Aphrodite's egg while looking for a dropped contact lens.
018 : Time to join in with everyone else
019 : I hope you find what you "Desired" before you exit stage left
020 : This is one hot egg.
021 : Just move along to the NEST store
022 : A seaside view, shade, butterflies, and an egg. Must be spring!
023 : Hit the instore hint giver for a clue
024 : "Strike this pose together"
025 :


026 : What's round and pink? No, *besides* the egg?
027 : Ask at the reception desk.
028 : Eggs & Crossbones... doesn't have quite the same ring.
029 : "Are you feeling lucky?"
030 : : Nobody puts Baby in a corner. An unhatched egg, on the other hand..
31 : Look high, not low...somewhere on a ledge of sorts!"
32 : Columns point to heaven.
33 :
34 : Why would they stick that funny-shaped poseball way up there?
35 : Sit down and relax.
36 : If diamonds are a girl's best friend, her fiance's is an egg.
37 : Peek around every corner.
38 : High and mighty!
39 : Sometimes a sample is as good as the real thing.
40 : Take a trip on a star to a second story and look for a big choccie bunny.... The easter bunny spilled his eggs so you must look to find the one you seek.
41 : One slipped out of that basket.
42 : No far from the sign, but you need to cross the purple courtains
43 : I'd rather be "Spending My Life" cuddling with my sweetie than looking for this egg.
44 : This one is going to be cleanest egg in SL.
45 :
46 : The store is downstairs in the building; the egg is benched.
47 : Where Bunnies 'Boing' and Bounce around, there maybe something on the ground.
48 : Sittin on the dock of the bay, watching my egg roll away! o.O
49 : What's that under her skirt? I think she dropped something.
50 : This one's not too hard at all, especially if you can see through walls.
51 : To find the next one that you lack, look behind the dolphin's back.
52 : In-store hint, "Happy Rez Day!"
53 : Instead of graves, crypts, and tombs, some undead have living rooms.
54 : Silly rabbit, eggs are for kids!
55 : This sign is heavy, I'm not that strong, I can't "bear" to hold your egg this long!
56 : In-store hint, "Go upstairs, isn't hard to see"
57 : Give the store time to rez when you enter. Not really front, but certainly center.
58 : Take to heart what logic gives: eggs should sit where birdies live.
59 : Unless you want a purchased surprise, open the door before you buy!
60 : Don't go far and find it you shall. This one is the hobo's pal.
61 : no hint needed
62 : Ladies and eggs will never be messes if they pick out one of these dresses.
63 : Share your Spring Feelings with someone.
64 : Colorful frosting, add some fresh berries, roses and eggs.
65 : An egg with lofty aspirations.
66 : Don't forget to include the egg on your invite list.
67 : Join me for tea under the arbor.
69 : Do me a favor, reach up there and change the record for me?
70 : In-store hint, "Im squeezed between the Party Hat's!!!"
71 : In-store hint, "Reflecting the light of the Snowglobes"
73 : Don't leave without signing up!
74 : In-store hint, "Do you need a CERTIFICATE for this hunt?!"
75 : Take a moment to water the plants.
76 : I hope it doesn't fall from there.
77 : Have you been living under a rock?
78 : Melts right into the background.
79 : Are you interested in a 50% off sale or do you think you're above that?
80 : Up!
81 : In-store hint, "Look to my garden and then a flower of the Easter season..."
82 : It's not simply a huge pink paperweight.
83 : These boots were made for walkin', but watch for fragile objects underfoot.
84 : For kitty to crawl through to.
85 : Another plant could use some watering.
86 : Like a piece of chewed up gum.
87 : In-store hint, "I never knew that rabbits could lay eggs"

Thank you Lette for your help