13 September 2010

Seven Deadly Sins Hunt

Start : 13th Sept
Ends : 20th Sept

Your looking for red apple (I think)

01 : The mail is here
02 : I sit on the edge waiting for someone to reach up and grab me
03 : What is the Luck of the Irish?
04 : Little apple watching the big apple
05 : Very tempting indeed
06 : Bunnies Like apples
07 : Can you see the lust in my eyes?
08 : You'll find the apple you seek if you join before midnight.
09 : You light up my life
10 : Hear the ticking of the clock near the clicking of the...
11 : Covered by light
12 : I don’t know what it is, but it’s green
13 : Avast! Trim ye the top sail!
14 : Where fish are missing
15 : The Lust Apple loves Cabaret
16 : Make a little kiss in a magic bottle
17 : My SECOND favorite Holiday is Valentines day! I like to wear my special boots just for that day.
18 : What could be more lusty than sexy lingerie? This apple didn't fall far from the tree ;-)
19 : The harvest is in; it's a lust for the eye!
20 : My shop is small so search it all .........
21 : Mmmm Alot of ...sexy ladies around here
22 : The hypnotic apple
23 : Sit down
24 : Everyone has an inner artist that is dying to come out and express itself
25 : Look for the Macintosh
26 : May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future
27 : Roses are red. So are apples. But sometimes they aren't, are they?
28 : Elbows off

Before people moan about this AGAIN to me, 1. this is from the official NC i was sent. 2 if you have an amendment, please sent it to me inworld on a NC and without attitude, thank you.