20 September 2010

The Homemaker Hunt

Starts :Sept 10th
Ends : Sept 30th

You are looking for


000 hint :- Come inside, have a seat, look around,.. so close to you.

001 hint :- "They say a bad day fishing is better than a good day working. Is this still true if all you catch is an old shoe?'

002 hint :- It's niether out nor in.

003 hint :- ADILT SIM ....look for the roses

004 hint ;- you will find more than treasure here.................................

005 hint :- Running upstairs is not a good idea if you aint fastened your boot laces!.

006 hint :- Strolling through the garden gate.

007 hint :- FInd the stairs in the back of the first floor, come up and find the little boot with sometung more.

008 :- Beach Party Bingo

009 :- What a hairy situation

010:-up the stairs at the main store, one two and three
on the third floor at my desk you will find the boot and gift for thee

011 :- Take time to smell the roses

012 :-look at the base of the big coconut tree

013 :- At this tree so sad and dear, youw ill find your present here

014 :- Bartender give me the boot i've had too many beers!

015:- It's Pancakes that get stuck up there ...not boots :D

016:- come watch and you make find me

017:- Careful you don't trip over that chair ;P

018:- This boot is being toasted or roasted in the camp fire

019:- Lucky Logo?

020:- click hunt giver

021:- Bella Looks Bootiful (three boots on this sim)

022:- Camoflauge Boot?(three boots on this sim)

023:- "This boot got swept under the sofa during housework"

024:-waits to be fished out

025 :-What's the Target?(three boots on this sim)

026 :- Look for the sexy black dress

027 :- look out for the sharks!

028 :- Magic Mushrooms?

029 :- The perfect area for a boy to study in.

030:- "When the machinery stops wprkong, the first thing to do is check for clogged parts!"

031:- Snuggles high up under the pillows

032:-Homemakers are sexy in "Luverly" Lingerie - Look Downstairs

033 :- This boot just knows where everyone is in this place.

034:- How about a trip to San Fransisco?

035:- Can't walk ON these flowers but look up and you'll find them. The hide the Boot well!!

036:- look for the monkeys

037:- I like to sit on top the bar and watch the world go round..or is it ME going round and the world staying still?

038:- After a long day I just want to put my feet up.

039:-I like ta hide between the barrels

040:- After all this hunting, a good soak would be great.

041:- This boot is just one fat one for the ladies

042:- Candles and roses are the way to a girls heart

043:- This one goes right round baby, right round

044:-Kickin back having a Picnic!

045:- See hint giver

046:-Inside a reflection, there is always filled a room with many....

047:- Not Santa's Stocking

048:- "Look high and LOW - but walk UP to find the Homemaker Hunt Boot"

049:-Just hanging out with the sexy chicks!