2 September 2010

Back to School Hunt

Starts : 1st Sept
Ends : 30th Sept

Your looking for an apple

01 : there will be many but I am not too far from my sisters and brothers :P
02 : Look behind the blackboard!
03 : hanging by a thread
04 : "Hey there Georgie girl"
05 : "Go to the head of the class - you are a STAR pupil!"
06 : Tennis Anyone?
07 : "Off with their heeeeeeaaaads!"
08 : Walk in the store and take the teleport to the luckiest place in the store, there you will find what you seek!!
09: Nestled gently in a canopy of shade,lies a treat so sweet for a wearisome Hunter.
Rest here and take heed to this aid, To find a gift of sheer awesomeness for my Customers.
10 : Click the guy behind the counter for hint
12 : Curtain of secrecy
13 : "An apple for the teacher is quite nice, or a coffee mug for teacher's breaks!"
14 : Feeling lucky? if so take a seat!!
15 : It's time to go "Back to School".
16 : SCUPLT your way back to school!!
17 : An apple a day keeps the GROUCHie away.
18 : gatcha!
19 : What lays behind KidS!?
20 : love reading a good book
21 : Are schoolgirls supposed to be nice or naughty?
22 : I'm near the school fruit
23 : Dont forget to wear makeup!
24 : Tick Tock I Hear a Clock.
25 : Take a walk on down the hall and find the bisque curved chair Take a seat, look straight ahead, and find your gift in there.
26 : When you say, I do.
28 :#1 Its not a ordinary laundry basket!!! # 2 Between two red goodies its the most sparkling
29 : I have big eyes
30 : I am in the bedroom
31 : Teacher says to go sit in the corner!