9 August 2010

Strut Your Stuff Hunt

Starts : Aug 10th
Ends : 24th Aug

Your looking for a green butterfly with painted wings

01 : I love to put holes in jeans.
02 :"Look high, look low. Look all around. You're not likely to find me on the ground!"
03 : shy li'l guy look behind
04 : Rushing water all around...which pond do I reside?
05 : check hunt giver info when you land
06 : is down go to 7
07 : little flutterybye would rather travel on wheels than wings
08 : has to check what outfit to wear....some many in my closet
09 : The butterfly is flying around searching for things he loves most... flowers."
10 : here kitty, kitty. kitty.
11 :Fly with me
12 In nature, "Lover" rhyme with "forever". Lovebirds know so well.
13 Where do butterflies go when it rains? ;)
14 drafty under here...
15 Can't accuse him of being a wallflower..but he sure looks potted
16 Say Cheese :-)
17 the cross points the way up and up and yes up
18 going to bake bread ;P
19 On top of the Word, the earth must spin you will find your stuff
20 A rep is the key to your stuff search the desk that they inhabit
21 butterfly likes the sweet corsagen
22 Newly made, just like newly emerged butterfly.
23 store is on next floor hint ;- inside looking out
24 Right behind the Elventrees you will find butterflies or bees...........................................
25 My its chilly up here ;P
26 look in store hint giver :D
27 "You'll find me in a place where many things can be attached"
28 OK , so it's not a butterfly bush...guess i'll have to make do
29 waiting for folks to come sit with him
30 clinging to the rails for dear life!
31 All this flying! Sheesh! Need to take a break in a tree or something. This guy likes the great outdoors
32 he's a kinda wallflower who likes to hide in corners
33 At the feet of a strong heavenly helper
34 is down
35 so many lovely terraces....soooo many trees :D
36 Wes Craven said there were people here, but I didn't know about butterflies.
37 is down
38 "its so Demure"
39 Strut Yourself with some "Bling
40 Likes to see his reflection in the water
41 Likes a grassy spot in the shade
42 Is a window gazer ;P