14 August 2010

Holywood Walk of Fame Hunt

Starts : Aug 14th
Ends : Aug 29th

01. Check store hint Giver
02. When you wish upon a star, you start by looking up!"
03. Top O the morning to ya
04. all this walking is tireing, find a seat and have a rest
05. these shoes were made for walking
06. A Chinese Dragon on a Dress
07. Check store hint giver for latest hints.
08. Look over there at the flames you can wear!
09. Have you seen my Mommy?
10. Love hides in familiar faces.
Love comes when you least expect it.
Love hides in narrow corners.
Love comes to those who seek it.
Love hides inside the rainbow.
Love hides in molecular structures.
Love is the answer.
11. Would you like to join our subscribomatic
13. furniture store, star in my heart
15. Check store hint giver
16. Looking down from the window.
17. What can I buy out of this gumball machine?
19. Look for this "special star"
21. Classically Chained
23. look high, look low, where it's at, when you find it you'll know
24. "By the door, and you'll have to look no more."
25. My fish likes to nibble on stars.
26. Our Stars get votes!
27. Check the instore hint giver
28. Rain, feel it on my finger tips
Hear it on my window pane
Your love's coming down like
29. Look up, Look down
30. wowww i'm star, so look up in midle store and you find me.
31. Check the store Hint Giver
32. climb the stairs to get to the stars
33. Climb to the top of the starcase and so some stargazing. I'm very easy to find.
34. Beware the JabberWocky
35. 'look on the south wall for ur gift
36. The Dahllywood Walk of Fame is one of stairs, not stars.
37. The clothes in the dryer won't be the only steamy thing you'll find here.
39. you don't need a hint for this
40. Before you leave... where do you normally see the stars?
41. Hint giver at the store
43. Been there, SCENE it"
44. Scarlett will not be parted from Rhett for long... find him and she will not be far away.
45. Find Mrs. Tweety and see whats happening"
oh and FYI
47. This Buddha has his own star.
48. You Should Be In PICTURES
50. The stars are on top instead of hanging like clothes.
52. Can't act? This star you can buy
58. Bottoms up
59. Star Light,Star Bright,first Gold star I see when i walk inside the door
and it's hidden to the left of the door......on the left hand side of store on the vendor,,,actually right on top of one of the stars near the bottom
61. The best seat in the house to stargaze from!
62. Stars make great Impressions.
63. Not set to give contents yet (i think)
65. Just keep walking
66. That's not a traditional hair ornament!"
68. omg! What is this baby doing to ...
69. I am out of your league but you can wear my jugs
72. Walk above and you`ll find what you are searching for
73. Sometimes, you just have to look forward.
74. Find the STAR....You don't have to be an IDOL...or a Cheerleader.....to fit into these shoes. The STAR you seek can be found near a seat.
75. She's simply glowing!"
77. You May Want to walk a Mile in these .
78. This star is a real beauty and someone to celebrate.
79. look on the map
80. Have a seat and wait to get lucky
83. Check store hint giver (the guy behind the counter)
85. hmmm Hollywood walk of fame hunt!
Over by the movies & comics would be the obvious place :)
86. "Remember to always be safe"
88. You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?"
89. Follow the light to find Jeannie's bottle.
90. "Hooray for Hollywood! Walk UP to catch this rising star"
92. It seems we're all just looking for a way to get to heaven...
93. Look among the Apple Blossoms!
94. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an action hero that died too soon!
95. There's more than one way to see the stars
96. there is a new sheriff in town
97. Go look by the Photo Gallery
100 :