23 August 2010

For the Love of Science

Starts :
Ends :

#1. "Take a crate"
#2. Boxy Love
#3. Out like a lite
#4. "strike a pose"
#5. Put yer lil blue luv on a shelf
#6. towards the end...tables made me happy
#7. Shut yer Clam!!!
#8. Sometimes I dont feel sTABLE.
#9. You're such a pane.
10. "What happens when the queen goes off the rails?"
11. "looking for the bot makes my eyes sore"
13. "put yer issues on the table and walk away"
14. "it's time for a swim"
15. I'm hiding behind the curtains....can you see
16. This hunt is spiralling out of control!
17. You BETTER subscribe!
18. Fountains of robotty goodness
19. "pay up"
20. Cleavage FTW
21. "I love my big dead friend <3"
22. "Blinking madness"
23. Large & in charge....of plummeting to my death.
24. "what has 4 legs, no feet, but has shoes on it?" (it's not yer mom)
25. I'm by by by by by by by a bunch of legs
26. "Im on a rock mother trucker on a ROCK"
27. "robot is in my heart"
28. "in the V club"
29. "Make up....for a robot?"
30. "shoes make the man...and the robot"
31. Back door betty?? Yup.
32. "dont get to comfy, im lurking behind you"
33. "...some sneaky person keeps getting into the beer crates and stealing bottles!!"
34. Mr Rogers isnt the only one who can rock a cardigan!
35. Stacked to the rafters
36. "go stand in the corner"
37. Elephants and Robots...only tasty ones
38. GOTCHA!!!
39. "ask sarah if she has it?"
40. "sometimes you feel like a nut"
41. next to something cuddlyish
42. have a seat
43. Im drunkish...hope i dont rust
44. Im a social climber, my calves hurt
45. climb down turn around Im looking down
46. hang me on a wall, I'd be art.
47. I can see it all from up here
48. A bot on a wire
49. the stairmaster
50. all tied up