15 June 2010

Fasion is Love Hunt

Starts : June 15th
Ends : July 15th


I shall be blogging this tomorrow (17th June)

1 (1/2) Shelve your enthusiasm disco diva (2/2)
2 Do u like gifts and discounts ? Go there
3 Are you an animal lover?
4 You need to iron your pants
5 Ear it is!
6 Second floor. Well look in the corners.
7 omg you saw the fresses for kids? comon take a look at them
8 Are you very lucky?
9 I must BOW to this woman, she looks good in green.
10 This one will get you hot under the collar
11 I love men you know
12 'Yellow in Yellow'
13 Assistance please
14 Girls love to accessorize
16 Time for a well earned rest
17 Oh deer did you find this one?
18 The flock guard it well
24 hint-look down
25 hint-Please look at the ceiling
28 hint-Eye Love Fashion
38 hint-look for the girls if using dress