1 June 2010

The Believe Hunt

Starts : June 1st
Ends : June 15th

You are looking for a sword with wings

01: This skully girl loves swords
02: I wonder where I am?
03: This guy is form the past?
04: Its curtains for you
05: Check out his guns ;)
07: Hit the instore hint giver
08: Skulls and swords are a good combination
09: This one is e zee to find
10: Have hope hunters
11: Store your sword away somewhere safe.
12: Climb up high to spy your prize
13: Oh Deer, I think your barking up the wrong tree
14: Finding it is heavenly, not finding it is hellish
15: Hit the hint giver instore
16: Hit the hint giver instore
17: Don't hurt your neck looking for this one
18: No one ever wants a half avatar, only a full one
19: Perched, is it a birdie
20: This one doesn't mind getting wet
21: How i love art
22: Watchung over the dark angels
23: Take a seat and admire the fabulous finds
24: Make mine a beerbarkeep
25: No hint needed, it is rather large
26: Hit the instore hint giver
27: It watches over you from on high
28: It welcomes you
29: Hunting is thirsty work
30: Teddy is looking after it for you
31 : I love fairlytales
32: Take a seat
33: Wonder what hangs here?
34 : Hit the hint giver for a clue
35: Who planted this here?
36: Watching over new arrivals
37: We all have a cross to bare
38: She is such a plain jane
39: The elves keep it safe
42: Hit the in store hint giver
43: It makes a pretty picture
44: Lets warm up by the fire
45: I love to be out in the fresh air but I do like my shade
46: No hint needed
47: Hit the hint giver
48: Hit the hint giver
49: No hint needed
50: The whole world loves a rainbow
51: Join in like everyone else
52: Look HIGH and low
54: Baby kitties like to sleep
56: Mind your head being so high.