13 May 2010

+The Macabre Hunt+

Starts : May 13th
Ends : June 3rd

Your looking for an apple

001 : (1/2) Harry potters favourite place to hide (2/2) Mind your head storm trooper!
002 : A girls gotta love lace
003 : Was not hidden when i got here... by the sign... may be moved
004 : Caged beauty protects the apple
005 : The King wears his crown proudly
006 : Hit the in store hint giver
007 : Anyone for a cuppa?
008 : Time for a reading?
009 : Drugs are bad... mmmmmkay
010 : Where are we again?
011 : Whats on the box i wonder?
012 : Illuminating!
013 : This seat may leave you blue
014 : Time to join in maybe?
015 : Get out of your skull ;)
016 : Naugthy naughty apple
017 : Listen to the stickman for a hint
018 : Which one is real? the apple never falls far from the tree
019 : I am so tired, i'm gonna have a rest
020 : your the apple of my eye
021 : Angels like to party too!
022 : Hit the instore hint giver
023 : Sometimes not even with the brighter light we see ...
024 : Music Touches the Heart
026 : Twas noontide of summer, And mid-time of night; And stars, in their orbits, Shone pale, thro' the light
027 : Finding this one is a breeze... block
028 : What any well dressed fetishist goes to war wearing.
029 : Hit the instore hint giver
030 : Hoist the colours yo ho
032 : Take a bite but which one?
033 : These are new, your so BEHIND with the times
034 : Cinnamon has it!
035 : Use your brain while looking for this one
036 : What a sweet guy
037 : The evil thing above the sign, keeps shrieking 'Nevermore'. Next to it there's the apple so fine, that will open your new door
038 :"Was Poe Steampunk...?
039 : Care not to get wet looking for this one
041 : Perched up high. Oh my oh my! Enjoying the finer things in life.. Hey.. Wait, thats not a Da Vinci !!
043: So now death's worms beneath the tree transfer their hunger to the apple instead of her.
044: The Raven.
045: Look at all this Hi-Tech stuff.
046: Look down and behind, search 'til you find it . Sit if you’re lucky, no one will mind it.
047: SKIP
048: While you're there could you blow the dustbunnies out of the corner...thanks.
049: A rose for the dead, a skull for the head.
050: Climbing stairs will get you there .. an apple you will find nice and warm ....might turn out apple pie if there to long.
051: I didn't know we were going to bob for apples!
052: Up in the tree, its in her hand. Amongst the painted faces, you must land.