11 May 2010

Looney Lambs Hunt

Starts : April 20th
Ends : May 20th

Your looking for a lamb

000= "Little lambs love to nibble on free golden blossoms."
001=That Lamb looked thirsty when I first saw it, it's probably looking for water.
002=he look behind the Plant wich Journey want to make
003= sheep is an art critic who hides in corners
004= This little lamb hides in a place where he hopes he will get lucky
005= likes to eat flowers but is very shy
007= 7 Pinguin Baby loves sheeps^^
008= Heading east...... follow the stair..... turn to the right.... you'll find him there...he would like to allow to sting an earring
009= Sheesh, how did you climb that ladder with those stick legs!
010= Little lamb has shrunk in the wash now he hides between the rocks
011= Ooopsss waterlogged sheep
012= Do Lambs and Kittys get along
013= he like Birthday Partys, no gift
014= get high up, and search to the smallest one Loony Lamb
015= rise the stairs, past the boxes, and look to you at the backgrounds
019= Behind the watery plants, there is a treasure.
020= Follow up the stairs to the 3rd floor you will find a looney lamb and more.
021= Pampas Grass hide him
022= he likes to see the ladies dressed in leather
023= is a duplicate go to 24
024= Hide the sheep wolf on the attack
025= waiting to have his appendix taken out ;P
026=Go cuddle a lamb.
027= Up the stairs and to the right Hidding beside that which is requested, who would request a Looney?
029= wants to have diamonds in his eyes
030= he is a very bad boy so he is in the corner
32="Star trekking across the ewe-niverse."
33=is down go to 34
35=Can we get a drink here?
36=Follow the sound of falling water here behind lies your quary
37=think the lamb drunk Wonderland potion and shrunk look high for him
38= is down go to 39
40= This silly little lamb is all tuckered out after all the hunting around, he has decided to cuddle up for a Nap and rest as he waits for you..
42= It's unlikey I'm in the sky or those of you to see. Try, instead, below the ground, where the river becomes a "T".
44= Take a break by the chair
045= "Look high, look low. Look all around. Good Luck! You're not likely To find it On the 'Ground'!"
46= Here comes the lamb.
47=Sheepy hangs from the blanket like a bat
48=I think I'm the odd man out.
49= What's that lamb doing on a llama?
50= Little Lamb searches for a new Ewe
51=smells fishy
56 is no longer in hunt
57- Love the smell of meadow grass and the tickle of lady bugs on my nose
58= Lights out lambchop
59= likes to look at the fairy stuff
60= lamb is a builder look for him buying sculpts

bonus lamb 1=Nobody likes wet wool. Glug glug glug
Bonus lamb 2=You've made your "entrance" and things are looking up!
bonus lamb 3= look for the hay
bonus lamb 4=
bonus lamb 5= little guy is just sorting through his record collection
bonus lamb 6= walk up the stairs he likes kids
bonus lamb 7=
Bonus lamb 8=
Bonus lamb 9=look for the black sheep
Bonus 10=is a prickly sheep
bonus 11= has a room with a view
Bonus 12=
Bonus 13 _
Bonus 14
Bonus 15
16 is missing
Bonus 17

I will fill in with SLURLS and hints when I have finished the hunt below