15 January 2010

Heat Wave Hunt

Starts : Jan 15th
Ends : Feb 15th

Your looking for a yellow sun.

001 : Tom looks hot in those Jeans!
002 : Watch your step, you may miss the sun shining!
003 : Look to the heavens to find your prize!
004 : Roll em up, you little red devil
005 : The angel looks down upon it.
006 : Some say caddy corner i say kittie corner
007 : I feel illuminated!
008 : Your such a big KID!
009 : Look in the direction of where you usually find stars!
010 : Time to sit and relax hunters!
011 : Read the signs they point the way (was an empty gift when I went)
012 : Tessa has some style, she looks radient in those shoes!
013 : Time to kick back and relax!
014 : Don't lose your head looking for this one!
015 : Be careful that love doesn't knock you down this valentines day.
016 : Read your signs (not set to sale)
017 : Love is never lost on me, so check the beautiful view!
018 : I feel so static today, perhaps a good hug will help, lift me with your strong arms!
019 : If you realled WANTED to find this one you would look down LOW.
020 : Come and play in the night garden with me :)
021 : Follow the SIGNs, they will lead the way.
022 : I hate the fumes from VANs, they really make me cough.
023 : I love a touch of sun, especially feeling the warmth over my head!
024 : Diamonds are a latexy girls best friend!
025 : Hit the hint giver on the hunt poster board for the most up to date hint.
026 : Wow that is MICROscopic!
027 : I like my bread buttered with a bit of sunshine!
028 : Take a seat and watch check out the view!
029 : Watch them dancing :) So beautiful.
030 :Let's sing... "Right smack dab in the middle of town, I've found a paradise that's trouble proof"
031 : Remember to always fold your clothes
032 : The sun shines on this high flyer in red.
033 : Reach high for the sun
034 : This one is so illuminating.
035 : Don't you love Amethysts?
036 : Beware the witching hour!
037 : Pull up your pants and get on with it, the LEFT it out for you to find!
038 : A leopard never changes its spots, especially when its left RED in the face
039 : Find the sun, it usually shines through the window :) (this was empty when i hunted)
040 : Remember if you look UP to the sun, don't look directly at it.
041 : Careful spiders tend to live up in them!
042 : Girls in overalls.. thats so manly.
043 : Don't get this one round your neck.
044 :'I am the sun, i am the light'
045 : I think i'm going to have a breakdown!
046 : She holds the sun in her hands
047 : Look to the skies where stars usually are found.
048 : Voodoo surrounds this prize so beware!
049 : Relax and enjoy the sun shining down upon you
050 : Hunting is the root of all evil.
051 : Take a seat and relax
052 : Don't let this one SNEAKer past you!