9 January 2010

January Snails Hunt

Starts : Jan 10th
Ends : Feb 10th

Your looking for a snail (that the hunt people lovingly have called Norbert)

001:- In the absence of lettuce these two will do ;)
002:- Norbut likes to play MM then settle down for a rest.
003 - Norbut loves to sit back and watch the ladies try on the teeny-tinies.
004 :- No hint needed
005 - Perfect place for a hungry snail
006 :- Norburt is a musical snail
007 :- norbut is always hungry
008 :-a Watersnail only loves the Mermaids
009:- I wanted to climb another set of stairs
010 :- no hint required
011 - You will find your present behind the snowtree and fairyplay. You only find your presents when you 're thoughts are wispering.
012 : -the Snail has looked at all the couches and has remained at the last
013 ;-no hint required
014 ;- was the Snail in the Pub ?
015;-land and see lol
016 :
018 :- Look inside the nature! You will find Norburt!
020 :
021 : left side at the stairs,behind the winter holly
022 : see the snail climbs to the top to see the textures
023 : get in the shop will see it
024 :- i'm hanging out w/ my favorite purple friend...and i think she's thristy
025 : no hint required
026 :
027:- I am a snail for Pete's sake! I like it wet and dark.
028 : Go through the furniture department , to get a nice look at beautiful garden
029 : no hint required
030 :- Snails like it wet and warm, Norbut is no exception. He's found the perfect little spot
031- no sign no snail
032 -sign but no snail
033 : get at the entry
034 : look for the sign
035 : no hint required
036 :The snail walk up the stairs ,then she must make a brake at the Plant
037 : Midsummer Night Creations
038:- clawing up the walls
039:- look up above the door way
040 : Sit and dream or light the Mushroom
041:- climb the stairs and look for the directory
042 : Norbert is a dirty little boy
043:- look high this snail likes to climb
044- After climbing up the stairs to slap the MM board i just had to find myself a quiet place to rest and a bit to eat.
045:- Norbuet enjoys a game of chess before goes to sleep but he doesnt climb the stairs to bed
046 : a shy snail get hiding under comforts
047 - Don't get your feet wet look for a boat to go rescue this little snail from the hungry ducks.
048 - It's Curtains for Norbut... or is it?
049- Look for a cool dark place with smooth walls
050 - A set of stairs you must climb to a prince of blood but only half, a set awaits, seek Harry in player hurry for harry is the way . Black as night you find the stand, that brings you to your final prize.
051 - On a Rise but does not fall, to the right but only one is all. To the pane by black you must seek, to the rise that does not fall.
052 : (told snail is full but dont see it yet?)
053 : get in the right shop and look around
054: turn around before you leave
055 : You may hunt high and low but this snails not slow, he's just hiding in a cosy comfortable place.
056 :- Light brown slats between two dark.
057- .. I think there's pests in the plants ....
058 : Snail learn from Rabbits to read a Book
059 :- I am very close to the moon
060: Don't think its taking part in the hunt!
061:- This little snail is too tired to climb the stairs.
063 :- Search in the elven sky village
064 :-.. Click the Hint Board at the TP Point
065:- Norbur take the tp then hides away in the shadow
066 :- If you're feeling lucky ..sit on this chair
069 : You're most likely to find snails near plants after a rain... So with that in mind...when was the last time it rained indoors?
070 free
071;- Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
072:- " Traveling snail needs to rest in the shade"
073 : Frankie says relax!
074 : no snail by pass this one
075 : go into the shop to look for Norburt
076 - The view of the water rushing over the rocks is great from here
077 - up the stairs by the fountain, my eyes are all on you
078 :...take a look around the shop
079 :...this snail is shopping and got confused (BY PASS)
080 :- Norbut got scared he looks for a high place
082; Look for the sparlking fountain
083 :
084 : gone to sleep in a dark corner
085 :